Best Quotes You've Come Across


I have some from Bashar:

All expectation needs to be let go of so that you can simply allow what needs to be there to be there. Paradoxically, by needing something to happen, you fill the space in which the thing can actually occur and thus there’s no room for it to occur. You fill that space with a need for it to happen. No longer having the need for it to happen empties space and what needs to happen will happen.

You are so powerful you are not aware of how powerful you are. That’s how powerful you are. It’s so automatic and so smooth. You are such a creator to be able to do this so automatically you don’t even know you’re doing it.

Love is the most powerful lubricant there is. And in that sense therefore it allows you to become as slippery as possible and reconfigure yourself most effortlessly.

Mastery over physical reality doesn’t necessarily mean that you alter it. Mastery over physical reality means you don’t care if it changes or not. When you understand that you can be in bliss regardless of what’s going on in the physical reality then you will have mastered physical reality.

Just because there are negative beliefs doesn’t mean that you have to experience the discovery and transformation of them in a negative way.

It’s not that you’re not attracting it, it’s that you’re keeping it away.

The power of feeling powerlessness is enormous. The power that it takes to feel powerless is enormous.
If you feel helpless, if you feel powerless, you are using all your power to create that feeling.

Do you give unconditional love to yourself? Yes or no? If not, is it a surprise if the reflections of love [you get from others] are conditional?
If you require unconditional love from someone else, your love for yourself is not, by definition, unconditional because you require it from someone else. The definition of unconditional love contains that you do not need it from someone else. Otherwise, it’s not unconditional. Paradoxically, as soon as your love for yourself is unconditional, it is likely, not absolute, but likely that you will receive the unconditional reflection from others around you, but you won’t care if you do or not. That’s how it works, because it’s a self-fulfilling system.

It’s only the resistance to the way you’re experiencing it that makes that experience longer to change.

Many times the greatest fear is the greatest excitement. You don’t dissolve the fear, but transform it into your excitement. You only have one energy, you’re 100% that energy. You experience that energy as excitement when you filter that energy through belief systems that are in alignment with your true vibration. You experience the very same energy as fear when you flow it through belief systems that are out of alignment with your true self. That’s what fear tells you - you have a belief that’s out of alignment with your true self. It’s a messenger.
The thing that’s your highest excitement is not actually the thing that scares you. The belief about the excitement is what’s generating the fear. It’s not excitement itself, it’s not the thing itself, it’s the belief about the thing.

If you let it be that simple, then you will experience it as that simple.

The idea that you got “not very much” from your imagination is a judgment. Again, you may be assuming that it is more complex than it has to be.

People have no way of criticizing you because they are not you. And when someone really does criticize you in a negative way, they’re actually criticizing themselves and just projecting it onto you. The issue is really about them, not you. Come from a state of compassion and centeredness and you’ll see that it’s their issue and they simply feel the need to project their criticism of themselves because they feel a lack of self-worth, because they are too afraid to examine that belief within themselves so they will use you as an excuse to not have to. By trying to make themselves more superior than you, by letting you be the one that they criticize instead by turning the light the spotlight on themselves, because they’re too afraid to. And the reason they’re too afraid to examine that issue of self-worth or lack thereof within themselves is because they’re afraid if they investigate that idea, they’re actually going to find out it’s true, that they are worth nothing. But it can never be true, that’s the secret. Insisting on your lack of worth is actually the most arrogant thing to do. You’re arguing with Creation. You’re needed. Otherwise, you wouldn’t exist, Creation doesn’t make mistakes.

So what? Lighten up on yourself. Even when you are in the depths of despair, laugh about it. It’s a funny place to be.

Why is this here? It’s here to serve me. How do I know that? Because it’s here, because there is no other purpose to it. How do I know there is no other purpose to it? Because I said so. Who’s gonna contradict me? No one. Why? Because I am All That Is in my universe. Because everyone else in my reality is simply my version of them. So if anyone contradicts me, I’m contradicting myself. It’s a reflection.

The need for protection invites the idea of attack.

There is no mistakes. It’s just choosing something you don’t prefer. If you make a mistake, don’t make the mistake of judging yourself for having made the mistake. Making a mistake is not a mistake. Judging yourself for having done is the mistake. Make no mistake about it.

The only things that you can ever lose are things that don’t belong to you anyway.

The only reason anyone would act in a negative way is because they believe they are disempowered. When you know you are in power, there’s absolutely no reason to act negatively.

Sometimes one of your greatest difficulties is allowing things to actually be simple.

Those that need to make you inadequate, feel inadequate themselves. Have compassion for them and show them by your choice to be who you are, they can choose self-empowerement, too. That’s how you help humanity.


The best quotes I have ever come across all came from my dad. I call them his words of wisdom:

  1. We are all created equal. But some are more equal than others.
  2. Women. You can’t live with them. But you can’t live without them.
  3. The golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.


The great truth is there isn’t one

  • Tell me again all the crimes I’ve committed, and I’ll tell you the price of victory.

  • You can sit on a throne, that doesn’t make you a ruler. It only means you have an arse.

  • They already call me a villain, what will they call me when I succeed?

  • The greatest trick the devil pulled off was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  • The cure to love is marriage.

  • Killing one man without just cause is the same as killing all of humanity.

  • Say, “Who is Lord of The Heavens and Earth?”. Say, “Allah.”.

  • I would not ask of anyone, what I would not do myself.

  • Breaking out was nothing. WATCH ME BREAK A KINGDOM.

  • Surpass the frailty of your form.

  • Peace is the greatest lie of all.

  • True warriors are born in blood.

  • Teach them to fear us; cut the courage from them.

  • Fight as a hero or die as a coward.

  • Die with fear in your heart or win with blood on your hands.


I’ve used the first one myself. The second one we all know of course.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

  • Henry David Thoreau

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.

It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

  • Howard Ruff

You will succeed because most people are lazy.

  • Shahir Zag

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

  • Earl Nightingale

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.

  • Seth Godin

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

  • John Maxwell

Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.

  • Ziad K. Abdelnour

And for comic relief:

Life’s like a penis; When it’s soft you can’t beat it; When it’s hard you get screwed.

  • Samuel Shem

Oh, and maybe…
Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

And one we often use in IT:
Assumption is the mother of all f***ups.


Am a fan of Bashar, so some more from him:

Challenges help you grow, helping you discover more of yourself from another point of view. Don’t give them a negative definition and you won’t experience them in a negative way. You will still experience them in a challenging way but that’s not negative. They are windows into more of who you are. The only thing you will ever discover in the unknown is more of yourself. That’s the only thing that exists there.

None of physical reality is real except the experience of it. That’s the only thing that is real - your experience. Physical reality on its own is not real. It’s a projection, it’s inside of your consciousness, it’s a reflection.

There’s no such thing as inherently difficult situation. All situations are neutral. They don’t contain automatic difficulty. There are challenges but that does not mean they are negative. If anything is experienced as difficult, it means you have definitions (beliefs) that are making the experience difficult. They are filling the experience with difficulty.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just negative beliefs.

There’s no such thing as idle curiosity. It’s either important for you to know or not.

Things become magical when you let go of fear.

You can handle everything that happens. If you couldn’t handle it, it wouldn’t happen. You cannot actually receive more than you’re ready to handle, it’s not possible. But you can believe you’re not ready to handle it.

When you create the idea that you cannot handle something, you’re actually putting out that vibration. Therefore, that’s actually what you’re getting. You’re getting the experience of not being able to handle it, but it’s exactly equal to the vibration you’re giving out. Just rearrange the equation - “of course, I can handle it”.

You’re never not abundant. You’re always abundant in something, even if you’re abundant in lack. Use your abundance in something else. Choose what form the abundance expresses itself. You only experience what you put out.

There are no boring situations, just bored minds.

Excitement is your physical body’s translation of a communication from your Higher Mind, saying: do this now. When you take the action, you’re going: I hear you, loud and clear. And you taking action is your response to the Higher Mind and then you start the dialog rolling. And now the Higher Mind can send you more things, bigger things to excite you, because It now knows you’re willing to take action on them. Any time you resist, any time you hold back, Higher Mind says: not ready, not gonna give you more till you’re ready for more. It can’t give you more than you can handle.

A habit and a pattern is something you don’t know you’re doing by definition. Once you become aware of the pattern or the habit, you don’t have it anymore. Becoming aware of the habit is the end of the process of letting it go, not the beginning. And if you know that, then you will see it is gone. If it continues, it means you still have another belief you haven’t found that says that for some reason you have to keep choosing doing something you don’t prefer to do. Find that belief, and let that go.

True knowing is synonymous with behavior. The things you know are true, you just do. Action and knowing are synonymous. If your behavior doesn’t exhibit it, that means you don’t quite know it yet. If you don’t do it, you don’t know it.

The actions you take will help you align with other people of like vibration and will shift you to a version of Earth in a parallel dimension that will be more and more and more reflective and representative of the vibration you make within yourself by taking action, by answering the call to action. You never change the world you’re in. There are an infinite number of versions of Earth. Everything that can exist, exists already. The taking of the action in the direction of your preference is the actual mechanism that allows you to guide and steer yourself through the shifts through parallel realities that are more reflective of what you want to experience.

When you do not believe you are connected, you thus do not believe you can create things you desire in your lives with great ease and effortlessness, and things become worthless to you if you don’t create suffering in order to get them. “No pain, no gain,” as you say. When you are told a story in your world, and that story contains pain and conflict, struggle and strife, you say, “Oh my! Very realistic story!” When you are told a story where it says, “And they lived happily ever after,” you say, “Huh! Fairy tale! That’s not real life.”

Every individual is as powerful as he needs to be to have anything he desires in life without having to hurt anyone else, or himself, in order to get it.

Whatever vibration you choose will be the reality you get. Remember: no circumstance has built-in meaning; all situations are fundamentally neutral – blank, empty, zero – zip, as you say. You give them the meaning. Because of what you have been taught to believe these things mean, the meaning you give it is the effect you get. Positive meaning in, positive effect out. Negative meaning in, negative effect out. Simple physics; simple mechanics. You experience the reality you are the vibration of; you cannot experience the reality you are not the vibration of.

I feel so incompetent… That means you believe you are. No feeling comes without a belief already being instilled within you. There is no such thing as simply feeling something for no reason – out of the blue. Feelings are not generated out of thin air, out of a vacuum. If you are feeling something, it is because you already believe that something to be true.
Feelings are a reaction to a belief; they are secondary to beliefs. Feelings are not the primary experience of reality; beliefs are the primary interface. First you believe something is true; then you get the feeling; then you have the reinforcing thoughts – which may re-reinforce the belief; and then you regenerate more of the same feelings. But the feeling that you are incompetent comes from the fact that you simply choose to believe you are incompetent. It’s your choice to believe that, but you don’t have to.

Listen to the way you sometimes phrase things, as well. Many times the way you phrase things is an indication of the way you really believe. “Okay, I can handle it!” Right there it lets you know: the way you are saying it means you think it’s overwhelming to begin with. And that’s what the real belief is. The belief, therefore, is not really that you can “handle it” – because if you knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that you could, you wouldn’t have to convince yourself. If you find yourself using phraseology that indicates you are attempting to convince yourself, then you do not believe it naturally.
Let yourself know that you do not have to think twice about something you already own. When you phrase things in that manner; when you say, “All right, I can handle it,” then you are indicating that you do not really believe it is handleable. You do not have to “handle” things in that way. You already control everything. Therefore, if situations occur in your life that seem to be nonpreferable manifestations, you controlled it for a reason, for a positive reason, into that format.

The only reason you need patience is because you are impatient to get somewhere other than here. But if you understand that here is all there is and you truly appreciate what here is all about and live in that moment, you will not care about being anywhere but here and any when but here. You will be having so much fun just being who you are, where you are and when you are that you will never want to be anywhere but here and now and you.

One of the most difficult things that happen on your planet is the ability to believe that things aren’t difficult. That things are truly simple. Because of the belief systems that you have brought up yourselves in.


That’s a lot of Bashar. Did you buy all those sessions? I wouldn’t mind watching more, but since they all cost money.

In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate.

  • Isaac Asimov


I’ll throw in one from Bashar:
The first step to true enlightenment is to lighten up.



Amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic.
– Elizabeth May


Heal the boy and the man will appear.

I heard Tony Robbins say that.


You are defined by what you are willing to struggle for - Mark Manson


There is a simple realization from which all personal improvement and growth emerges. This is the realization that we, individually, are responsible for everything in our lives, no matter the external circumstances. We don’t always control what happens to us. But we always control how we interpret what happens to us, as well as how we respond. Whether we consciously recognize it or not, we are always responsible for our experiences. It’s impossible not to be. Choosing to not consciously interpret events in our lives is still an interpretation of the events of our lives. Choosing - Mark Manson


I can’t judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in.
– Charles Manson

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:

Some say all you need to do to change is choose to be changed. It can happen in an instant and you won’t even remember what you used to be like. We all exist in the present, from there we create our past and future, whatever that was or will be.


“Why shouldn’t truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to make sense” - Mark Twain


“Pain is temporary, Pride is forever” - Don Diablo (Dutch DJ)


Whether you think you can or cant, you’re right. - Henry Ford


A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom. - Joe Dispenza


“People rise out of the ashes because, at some point, they are invested with a belief in the possibility of triumph over seemingly impossible odds.” – Robert Downey Jr.


Nice. Was just thinking that somebody would quote him just before I saw this post.