R.I.C.H. Casino needs to be a thing

Not really. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately motivationally speaking and other ways.

if R.I.C.H. casino were indeed a thing, I’d “invest” in that lol

Truthfully though, R.I.C.H. Internet Marketer would be superb. affiliate marketing, eCom, and so on.


How about gambling in the Crypto casino-verse? :smile:

It has better odds. :wink:

Wouldn’t surprise me any :smiley: I’m not well-versed in that stuff yet. It’s not really interested me for some reason. Maybe I’ll get R.I.C.H. Crypto though so I can get better at finding dividend stocks to buy. I love those as you can do dividend reinvestment

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same for me fortune favorites not improving my sport gambling

  • i have to come back and note since running fortune favorite in custom t2 i have seen improvement in my sports gambling

Have you noticed yourself saying “I bet” and other lingo of the similar kind? Something I’ve taken awareness of lately


I bet I haven’t. :thinking:


I’d wager that you have :smiling_imp:

Dimes to Donuts that I can get you guys to bet.

i have come back once again to clarify fortunes favorite still not working , its isnt a right formula for sportsbetting mostly loss no fortune still. will update again in a few weeks

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more horrific luck, ive run fortune favorites alot too. i did seem learning results with rich cryptos. learning more about which cryptos are what not so some results overall . but for sportbetting its been disappointments😳

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I personally wouldnt run fortunes favorite in hopes that it might increase your luck in gambling
I think all that is pure luck and i think luck is more about vibration and alignment


i have to try bro :joy: i hope if i add fourtunes favorite to every custom my luck will change :joy:

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It would certainly go well with the Vegas demographic.

Im back again to note AGAIN fortunes favorite still not doing me favors. but there is some thing I felt and learned, perhaps what it takes to win, and realizing how serious you need to be . Ive run it in a custom alot maybe itll take time to see. but its still been a nightmare on unibet and bet365. and i had reconcilation last week too …

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R.I.C.H Casino needs to be a thing.

I agree!

I’d definitely buy this before heading out to Vegas, especially if it helps you win at craps :laughing:

I basically have bought what i called the rich casino an ultima custom **Although i highly reccomend a rich casino subliminal being made soon as possible ** which was the Virtue Series: Temperance ,Executive Ultima Core , Fortune’s Favorite s , Wealth Limit Destroyer , RICH ULTIMA v1, Emperor: House of Medici Q Core purchase back in january and then they changed to v2 . i found i was getting to aggressive on this mentally and gambleing wasnt working out much i stopped listening to this and move to rich cryptos. you think its still safe to add in to my stack anyone?