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Hi, I’d like to open up this thread for people to discuss experiences that they think are a result of specific modules.

Such a point merits its own thread because with the journals in “Journals - Quintessence,” people will talk about their experiences as a whole as they use their custom. This is very nice but will make it fairly difficult for people to draw an understanding of what specific modules translate to. Unlike with the predesigned subliminals like “Khan” where people can search for Khan journals and look through people’s experiences with Khan, there isn’t a straightforward way to view people’s experiences with module X by looking at people’s experiences with customs.

Another neat feature of this thread is that by calling out specific modules it will show up in search results when people want to look up what people have experienced with the audio. Here’s an example of a callout from “Main Discussion Thread - Q”:

Let’s discuss!


I like the idea, but how would the users know that the result experienced is directly caused by a specific module?


There are various modules for which this will be obvious. “Male Enhancement,” for example, is a process which likely isn’t being helped by other modules (or even non-subliminal factors) very much. EGO ADSUM, as referred to in the opening post, has had a profound effect on a user. Based off my exercise history and what my results have been in that department, I’d be able to tell whether the muscle-building modules have an effect.

Of course, people have a lot of things going on and it isn’t an exact science. The same could be said for subliminals in general. Still, the thread can prove to be useful!


Male Enhancement is obvious, but other modules may not be. For Ego Adsum, how would we know if the positive results are indeed from it, or from other modules that remove limiting beliefs eg Inner Voice?

I agree that this thread is better than nothing, but we need a larger sample size to accurately analyze the data.

When it comes to these kinds of modules, it’ll be important to also consider what else is in the user’s stack. One will likely draw different conclusions if EGO ADSUM is the only module of its kind in the custom sub vs. if the user has other modules (such as Inner Module) or is running another sub like Sanguine Q at the same time.

By having this thread we are taking the steps towards having that larger sample size!

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Prominent idea, @SubliminalUser, I’ll be following this Thread closely.

It might also be interesting for people to discuss which modules they recall are in which programs. I recently came to the conclusion that Ares for example is a part of Ascension, as the description says it all.

From what it looks like the following modules are also contained within Ascension, just so that we can have an idea of there execution; Dominion, Invincible Presence, Aura, Godlike Masculinity, Rebirth, Limit Destroyer, Ares, Joie de Vivre, Ultimate Gratitude, Productivity Unleashed, Carpe Diem Ascended. These are just the ones that are quiet noticeable and are in the description, but I cannot confirm that these modules are actually in there as only Saint or Fire can do that.

Yet it will be helpful when creating your Custom.

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Is anyone actually stacking their customs alongside other subclub products ?

Want to hear from those who get results from male enhancement :smiley:

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I’ll be stacking my custom with Khan ST4.


@SubliminalUser your using serum X and face morphing looking foreward to hearing more on this one bro.

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I feel like Inner Voice and Negativity Displacer is already working for me, probably Omnidimensional and Yggdarsil too :slightly_smiling_face:


Those people running a custom with Blue Skies: What results/effects have you noticed so far?

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What I believe is Blue Skies

When its strong or hitting

  1. Energetic Connection the universe from the top of my head and sometimes it totally opens to the point where I feel totally immersed in life, like deeply part of it in a where I am an individual but completely part of the whole
  2. It really feels like my life is in the clear, like I’m safe now, failure doesn’t exist anymore, fear is funny, and when I think of my future is nothing but perfection-like nothing but blue skies ahead
  3. Self Love
  4. Recognizing the love of what I’ve done, who I am, what I am up to
  5. Increase in a sense of spiritual energy
    6 Everything is perfect. I can’t explain this enough-it’s like there is nothing but blue skies ahead, like I see how my life and thinking about the future is made to avoid pain because I’m worried all this stuff where I am not enough, or been a failure will happen in my future and that’s gone-and it’s just blue skies lol The title really is perfect…


  1. Intense pressure at the top of my head or Ajna chakra
  2. Feeling sad/depressive-this could be Khan Stage 1 but the reconciliation on that is more of a self questioning, nothing matters feeling

This is my sense of what is Blue Skies, could be placebo influenced by the title, could be components from other subs, but I would bet money, this is all Blue Skies, merger of the worlds make it easier to discern what module is doing what.


I’ve been needing all of those benefits. Amazing stuff—I’ll really be able to confirm this with my custom where it will be the only emotional healing module in it. What power level are you using Blue Skies at?

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Wow what an incredible module

Thanks for sharing all of that with us @Azriel

@Friday-most welcome!

@SubliminalUser Im doing Q

On another Forum from another sub company in the past -it was determined that subs are effective and work quickly for me because I am a Double Pisces with the Hermit and the Moon tarot Birth Year :wink:

I might as well go down how I believe all the modules seem to be affecting-briefly now, more to come soon

  1. Omnidimension-seems to be creating more and more ways in which I recognize subs effects and differences-like infinite -also seems to have me see more and more ways in which I could successfully reach goals or have things happen

  2. Pragyaa-seems to enhance my capacity to listen to subs greatly without reconciliation -I’ve gone from 4-8 loops, 10 tops a day to 15 loop, at 18 loops I started to get reconciliation like my mind was unraveling lol-but I had only 5 hours of sleep, I am 100% back now

  3. Dominion and/or Tyrant seems like I really feel in charge of my reality-it’s my world, sense of extremely high status, like my power and mind are on another level, people are part of my reality-all in a healthy ego way, like on a meta level

  4. Male Enhancement-keep feeling and envisioning I have an enormous member, like energetically getting a sense of it, more comfort with how things are now, when I look naked in the mirror, I feel increasingly proud, seem to hang lower in general

5.Deus-no idea-other than perhaps general effectiveness

  1. Ares- lessens my need to fight or argue where I would have lashed out because I was feeling guilty, seeing where guilt keeps me attached and drives me in to situations from why I work, and how I relate to certain friends, feel more free to simply be me and do my own thing, less afraid of consequences or ‘being in trouble’

7, Merger of worlds-increased speed sub takes effect, ability to discern what is what, and during intense reconciliation I believe I can hear scripting running through, or at least I can hear some deeper thoughts I’ve never heard before, it was not like regular thinking, it felt like me but beyond/deeper than me speaking. More of a sense of self trust for what is happening in my experience-unrelated to the external world or others

  1. Emperor Height Inducer-similar to Male enhancement, I’m getting an energetic sense of being bigger, at time’s I feel my skull is getting crunched, which could also be Physical Shifter-Sexiness, I feel a vertical pull at time’s like I’m expanding. I’ll take measurements of everything that could grow after a month of listening. I know my stats now.

  2. Physical Shiftier -Sexiness- I just look more and more attractive to myself in the mirror, my beard is DEFINITELY growing or forming differently-I’ve grown out a large covid beard, but since starting this custom it seems to shape itself. Similar to height inducer, male enhancement -I get an energetic sense of more of a V-Shape-this also may be in relation to Emperor Fitness. As with all the physical change subs, there is questioning that quality, questioning my beliefs around it being possible, fearing change and then an energetic sense or blueprint seems to be being laying out and a strong sense or visual of what that physical change would look and be like.

  3. Februus- this seems to be working on two levels-1. stuff keeps popping up and dissolving, perhaps because of Minds Eye or merger of world but I can see it visually in my minds eye, concepts, self images 2. I just feel cleansed and more in alignment with who I want to be

  4. Mosiac- I don’t know if this is Mosiac but after I run this sub-it feels all over the place energetically and then it suddenly comes together-this could just be processing and resolution.

  5. Overdrive- not sure, I do feel more consciously like a winner or have a strong sense I will succeed at everything after running my custom (actually Overdrive could have contributed to that Blue Skies sense above) this could also be Khan Stage 1, or Primal Seduction.

  6. serum X-very noticeable-I get an all day pump, on Regeneration-the relaxation helps certain chronic pain but with Serum X seems to help too but with no relaxation, like more power is in that area-could also be Spartan.

  7. Yggdrasil -to early to say


I’m interested in hearing some feedback on anyone experiencing the effects of “Information Releaser”. Does it bring to the surface knowledge that has been hidden in the subconscious to help with a current situation?


Although I’m not sure, I might have gotten a glimpse on it when using Quantum Limitless.

The effects where as following, I could look at a task or look at an idea or question and the most appropriate information would come to the surface. This skill is already quiet common for me, but it really got pronounced when I started to use Quantum Limitless.

Thank you for sharing.

I’ve gained both height and dick size, but neither of these things have “grown,” per se.

With height I believe the subliminal led me to discover 2 things:

I’m severely lacking in Vitamin D and I am at risk of Osteoporosis, which is a weakening of the bones.

One of the symptoms of Osteoporosis is losing height because your spinal column literally collapses as the bones can’t take your weight.

In addition, I seem to also have a minor form of scoliosis, which also reduces height.

So I’ve begun addressing this and I now stand much taller and my posture is much better. I had focused almost exclusively on the muscles of my body for so long, I never ever thought it would have anything to do with my bones but it has helped a lot.

I seem to be taller, but I don’t have an exact measure and won’t be going for a physical for another 5 months.

Male enhancement

I’ve gained .1 in girth, but its mostly because my dick is now able to fill up with blood close to 100%. Before, my erection quality could be anywhere between 70-80%.

What’s weird is that when I measured, I found that the base and top part of my dick had gotten the power up, not the middle or a growth throughout the whole penis as far as I can tell.

As far as actual growth, my dick is sore constantly, and it never shrinks. It just stays full of blood at almost all times, and I’m sure this is what will help it grow to its maximum size.