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The Q soft launch has begun! Post questions about modules here. We’ll get to them ASAP.

Main Discussion Thread - Q

I think one of the most important things is to distinguish similar modules. You said you are going to work on the descriptions anyway, so can you help us differentiate how modules of the same category work?
This was a bit confusing with Khan, Emperor and Ascension for example


I will begin by saying THANK YOU so much for the amazing work. You officially revolutionized the whole fucking industry! and I am already struggling to fit in my 20 modules.

I have a few questions:

How would you describe the difference in healing between Februus and I AM? I AM seems to break you down more. Is there something in I AM that is NOT in Khan St1, or is it really “just” a part of Khan St1.

Will Physicality Shifter - Sexiness be sufficient enough to change the face like the Facial Morphing module? I am looking to gain greater cheekbones and hollow cheeks. I don’t have space to use both modules.

What benefits will the module Omnidimensional provide and what results can one expect? Maybe for example in the context of social/seduction or learning. Is this module included in Quantum Limitless?

Are any of the modules “Instant Spark”, “Sexual Manifestation”, “Seducer’s Gaze”, “Earthshaker - Sexuality”, “Focused Arousal”, “Lion IV”, “Temptator” in Khan St4 or are they all exclusive? If you would run Khan St4, which of these modules would you not include in a Khan St4 custom because they are somewhat tackled by Khan’s core scripting (when you don’t have space for like 2-3 of those)


Looks amazing, thank you for the hard work

Do the Emperor Core module still have mogul, ascend, sex mastery, god like masculinity, wealth destroyer etc
and the Stark core module still have iron throne, daredevil etc?

or are those cores separate from those others

I just want to avoid redundancies

also looks like the website down on my end


Ya it is down on my end too

Did you see emperor in the qstore?


nah, didn’t get there yet,
I asked that question after the website went down
the answer may have been there, do you know?


To add to this, does KhanQ and StarkQ core include Inner Circle?

Will you be able to consciously guide “Inner Voice”? In the descriptions, it is written that it will make it more positive and profound. But will it also help with speaking to oneself (inner voice) in a more cocky and fun tone, and breaking that logical mind pattern?


Difference between Yggdrasil and Jupiter and the other manifestation enhancers? Are they just different approaches or is there a strength difference?

The gorgeous something something seems to only be for men is there going to be a way to filter for women/unisex mods?


Secondly would be nice to eventually have a guide or something that tells you if the content your modules overlap and by what percentage. So maybe you can see at a glance what enhancers you don’t need because of the cores you’ve picked.


Blue Skies sounds pretty awesome for a module same with Carpe Diem


I thought Blue Skies was deemed to be too unstable? :thinking:


Probably a modified version of it.


Yes, the original Blue Skies was written and personalized for Saint Sovereign. The module in the q-store is a modified version without the personalized scripting. But I am sure Saint Sovereign will elaborate on the scripting and Dark Philosopher on the effect he got from running it.

Also, I remember Fire saying:

So we are in for a treat :smiley:


Yes, the “controversial” elements were removed, as it wasn’t giving the desired effect anyway. The good effect came from the rest of the scripting.


What’s the best way to add in the male enhancement module? Create a separate physical type sub or include it in the main alpha/social type sub that’s being created?f


Can sultan be used by everyone or is it male focused? Would secrets of Akasha be better? Removing the status part?

There’s leader of men which definitely seems male focused then alpha and alpha of alphas. What if you just want to be the guiding whisper in the dark or behind the throne?


How does one take action on Long Range Seduction?


Will Ares also help with stress?


NOW he wants to take action in seduction. Figures. Just messing with ya. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing visualization exercises? Keeping your target clearly in mind, imagining the scenario you want to experience with them?

EDIT: Probably best to not be selfish in the visualization. Tends to work better that way (meaning that the target gets something out of it too, thus everybody wins).


The majority of modules can be used by women. They’re just written with a masculine slant. @Fire is heading to this thread in a bit and can elaborate.