Putting oneself first, office politics, healing and alpha subs

I was going to post this in a different forum category but since I haven’t done an introduction I think this will at least give you a taste.

First, thanks for the positive forum environment. It is enjoyable to read your experiences and discuss productively. Now I will share some thoughts that I feel have some importance to me after a couple weeks of using primarily healing subs/modules.

One quality I like is that of putting one’s own priorities first. I’ve developed this from life experience, though not to the complete extent I desire. And more recently, I believe the healing subs I’m using are contributing, which include Rebirth, Regen, and Elixir.

The main question I have is about which subs are best for resisting others’ pressuring influence and sticking to one’s priorities and not being afraid of unlikely catastrophic consequences, e.g., becoming homeless or a loser for life.

I would say a lot of people I deal with have the “alpha” mindsets of Emperor, Khan, and Commander naturally (technically they may not be true naturals, but they insist on trying to act as such). I like assertiveness of sticking to my own plans confidently (more Ascension-esque?).

So which of the subs are best for resisting IRL bossy Emperors, Khans, Commanders? Perhaps one could do it by becoming one. But that’s not my priority now; my priorities are fitness, ongoing self-employment confidence, later social gregariousness, seduction, and entrepreneurship. Since Ascension is compared to No More Mr. Nice Guy, I’m thinking it might fit what I’m talking about. I could also be totally wrong about the thought of doing life in the order I described and maybe I should be building the empire now; my usual thought is that such will demand more time and stress that could be used for other goals.

I seem to be getting good results with the healing subs. And I don’t intend to change this schedule until a minimum 26 day cycle is complete and possibly another cycle after that, though there is room to slightly alter the schedule. But I’m also curious which subs you guys think is the maximum best for the sticking to one’s own priorities without fear. Emperor possibly, but I don’t know about that especially considering my goals are not so empire-building-oriented right now.

Like, “*****, I’m gonna get my taxes and laundry out of the way to relieve my mind before I worry about your personal goals.” In other words, I don’t seek to order people around but to keep what I care about most the highest priority with least stress and anxiety.

After writing that, I’m like, yeah, maybe I should stay on the emotional healing because I am rather bitter. If you are curious, I’ve spent a lot of years doing things I felt were not the right path for me but I was manipulated by fear. “You will be an unrespectable low-life if you don’t do X.”

Now I know there is such thing as Dragon Reborn and that the recommendation is for doing it like a year, but another thing I’ve learned in life is that it’s often imperative to do what you want now rather than being stuck in “I’m not advanced enough and need to follow the ‘safe’ route that others conscientiously advise.” I believe there’s some kind of balance. Healing, grinding, and leveling up can be good but eventually you have to decide it’s time to head into the dragon’s den.

Interested to hear your thoughts.


I’ve always thought that working for someone else without having another stream of income is not wise. I don’t care how alpha you are, whoever pays your salary owns you and ultimately controls your destiny. If you’re thinking about resisting people influence, start building your own stream of income outside of work. If you don’t, the person who pays you got you. They got you 100%.

Become the same type of person. You won’t gain any alphas respect by being a beta. I’m saying there is anything wrong with being a beta. My idea of an alpha is someone who takes charge of his own life, builds his own resources and stands up for himself. Therefore why wouldn’t you become an alpha male.

My solution for you : Forget about Dragon Reborn if you’re a newbie. It’s too much for you.
Stack : Mogul ZP + Regeneration ZP. (One is for healing and one is for money)
Run that stack for 6 months.
Then run Ascension + Mogul ZP . (Ascension for alpha foundation as preparation for Emperor). Run that for 6 months.

Those two stacks will take you a year. I don’t believe in changing stacks every few months if you want solid and durable results.
Take consistent action on creating an additional source of income.

Next year, you can go the Emperor route if you chose to. Or you can stick to Ascension or build a custom.

But for right now, get some alpha programming and build your own money outside of work. Then you’ll how your whole outlook on life, work and relationships will change.


With ZP, you don’t need to commit to 6 months. You can do the 21/45 rotation and assess how it’s going for you.

I’d go for Emperor if that’s what you wanna do, honestly.

@Yardbird used the older Emperor for his “day job” and got phenomenal results.

Check that out at Yardbird's Emperor Journal: Building a Better Life just for an idea of what’s possible with the Emperor mindset in a non-empire-building context.

Emperor ZP is something else, too. read that as “deeper, better, faster, stronger” :slight_smile:


@ksub @Palpatine I appreciate what you guys are saying so far. Let me add context: I have 2 active clients that are probably not going away soon, another trying to sign a deal with me, and I can definitely find more. I also can live on savings for a decent number of months with no income.

What’s most disadvantageous about the current situation is a lot of the work has come from freelance websites where your reputation can be easily hurt with reviews. And, it doesn’t have the advantages of a complete business, such as being the king and scalability.

Following what @ksub said, I’d probably get my tutoring business going first because it should be a relatively easy business to develop and market compared to other ambitious things. Then I would have some great advantages over just contract work. I do think there is a lot of potential with that route though I am slightly concerned with my dedication to it and other life enjoyments that could be done in the present. I’ve suspected my self-employed mindset could be better optimized which would allow me to make the most out of working for other people, which @Palpatine 's route could be for, but I also know I don’t want to work for others in the long run.

I see each option as a tradeoff between effort, reward, and certainty: I know I can do contract work pretty much unlimited (I’m in demand) so that would suggest I strengthen my business mindset to benefit most from it, but running my own business(es) would be better in the long run though I doubt my personal willingness to be dedicated enough and am concerned how it will cut into other things. I could probably get some kind of business off the ground in a year, but it’s a risk it could take a year (or longer). I’ve been doing a lot of improvements, such as becoming self-employed in the first place, so I question whether I should keep pushing in career improvement right now or detour another way.

Power Can Corrupt. This title will make you aware of other people’s influence on you, prevent negative ones and in turn help you influence others where needed with Charisma, Wit and Presence of mind and body. It is based on the 48 Laws of Power but don’t let that drive you away. It is very positive in its effects.

Emperor. For pure productivity, power, alpha-ness, focus on goals and wealth, and a strong mindset, this will take you far and help you achieve your ambitions no matter how high they are.

Emperor + PCC is a deadly combo. I have run it myself.

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@Lion : What do you think of a Chosen + Emperor + PCC combo?

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I like this idea a lot because it would allow me to be assertive/unfearful (Emperor) and cunning (PCC) at the same time, gaining the most benefit from contract situations with clients. As I plan to come back to entrepreneurship later, this combo could serve my present and future aspirations fittingly. I assume I would use Emperor Qv2 so both subs can be run every other day.

Personally I get the impression that Chosen makes you more “nice”, and I kinda like the idea of telling off certain people and putting them in their place when when I feel they’ve acted disrespectfully. One of my clients is decently alpha himself and I think he appreciates a powerful, edgy confidence.


I think that’s an awesome stack. Especially for leadership roles

You can run Emperor ZP + PCC Qv2 this way:

Day 1: Emperor ZP x1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: PCC Qv2 x1
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Emperor ZP x1

(The zero point primer in Emperor ZP will “zero point-ify” PCC Qv2 as much as possible here)

When PCC ZP releases you can do:

Day 1: Emperor ZP x1 + PCC ZP x1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Emperor ZP x1 + PCC ZP x1
Day 4: Rest

All the best, my friend!

@raphael Is that really better than hitting both every other day?

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Chosen can make you nice and likeable but I don’t believe it makes you weak. If you pair it with Emperor, you will be able to tell people off when you need to. Trust me, I have. :joy:
In my case, when someone tries to disrespect me, there is this thing that switches on in my brain and says :" Hell no! You’re not going to do me like that"!
I’ve been running Chosen since Jan 1st. I ran Emperor for a long time prior to that. Chosen hasn’t weakened the Emperor gains. I feel like a Chosen + Emperor combo would give you the personal charisma and warmth that Emperor doesn’t have and the internal strong frame and intimate “can’t mess with me” self confidence that I don’t find (yet) in Chosen.


Zero Point is way better than Qv2. ZP versions of the title are a total rewrite from scratch and as such are a different beast in the method and (beautiful) madness of it.

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I’d do it anyway. It hasn’t been out long enough to know for sure, but I’d bet that six months or a year on a ZP sub would yield some truly next level results.

45 days is more than enough time to know if one wants to keep running a sub. That’s a game-changer for me


Yeah, I got that. If you don’t like what it’s doing, by all means stop.

I think @Lion has answered your question. Use these two subs for maximum benefit.

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