Putting Emperor to the test!


Saturday night I decided to consolidate all of my sub listening time into one by purchasing Emperor!

I just got to the “enough is enough” point of things need to change. I have not been fulfilled sexually, financially and personally for far too long. I had been listening for the last three most to Sex Mastery, Ascended Mogul and Primal Seduction so I decided to merge SM and AM into one sub with Emperor and put Primal Seduction to the side for now. That way I would focus into only one sub for the next 3 months.

I started listening to Emperor Saturday night! I must have run 2 loops of the masked version and went to sleep. I woke up several times during the night and every single time I had a vivid dream and this has been going on two nights in the row now. That is the first interesting point.

The second one is that today I went back to work and listened to Emperor Ultrasonic and work for about 4 hours I would say more and less. I got very short tempered overall. It is like I felt a bit angry at all of the nonsense! I have been also very productive and my brain retains things very well. Could it be due to the Quantum Tech. I have also noticed that some women tend to look at me more than others. Either way, I am excited by the prospect of this sub! When enough is enough emperor get you out the dust!



Keep the persistence onward and forward. :writing_hand:


Thanks @WiseWalker! 4th day on the program! Still an intense dreamstate all night long! If I had to sum up the main effect thus far is focus and an emerging feeling of detachment.

What I mean by that is that I am noticing that I am starting to be slightly less self-conscious about what people are thinking of what I am saying. In other word I am not as outcome depend or attached to the outcome if that makes sense. So for instance at work I interview good looking women to become receptionists. Before If interviewed a girl I would be attracted to, I would always think to myself " man too bad I can’t meet her in a non-professional setting" and I would feel the pinch a bit. Today the same situation arose with an exceptionally good looking girl except that this time the thought didn’t even come up.

As far as Quantum Tech. I am super psyched about it because I have been super teased by such program as Quantum Limitless or Limitless in the past and at my job training happens at a super rapid pace and there is little time to assimilate and honestly I feel like I am picking up faster than usual.

That is it for the results so far. So far I am enjoying the ride no doubt! Peace fellaz!


Lovely updates. Eyes on the prize :sunglasses:


Thanks WiseWalker! It has been a couple of crazy days. Not so much in terms of quantifiable experiences but randoms things happened, especially when I am drifting in and out of sleep. I am not looking too much at dreams as I have always had vivid dreams anyway.

Now a couple of days ago I was drifting to sleep but still half-conscious and while I was attempting to recall a piece of information I had learned at work on that day something new happened. I literally saw that information and then, at a rapid pace, a slew of other informations, data, in picture forms, came from everywhere into the picture that was being made in my mind. It was like a intricate web just rushing toward me and it also looked like a succession of pictures, words and concepts. It was very interesting and I remember feeling amazed in the moment. So much for Quantum tech huh?

Also I keep being pulled into profound philosophical thoughts about work, life, social justice. I work for a company who supplies receptionists to private companies. Like a placement firm which monetises the work of others ( sort of like a temp agency if you will). When I started working I was annoyed by the lack of reliability of the hired receptionist but lately I started becoming revolted by the way clients treat them with all of their condescendence and contempt.

Dealing with people like that literally infuriates me and I found myself screaming in my car a few times for lack of being able to tell these people directly. After-all, they are clients of the company I work for and It would be considered inappropriate to confront them!

I find it very difficult for a natural alpha male to work through all of the corporate bullshit games. Especially when one is at the bottom of the ladder/ food chain. Alpha men at the top of the pyramid have less issues obviously but then they play this game of “I am different than the poor and the have nots so I should crush them”. At least that I what I witness at my place of work.

I can’t stand that mentality. Hence I understand while emperor inevitably would drive one to become its own boss. That is what I am aiming for ultimately, in due time! For now i am using the corporate job to get me a lease on an apartment. That is the key for me at this moment.

Today I felt a little down with a strong headache. I am not blaming subs but I am working 50 hour weeks and listening to Emperor V4 all day.

Keep plugging felaz!


I founded my business when EV4 was playing. Showed, how powerful and influential EV4 could be when you had the right mindset, followed by a series of compounding actions. Prior to the business founded, I once worked for a large finance firm, specializing in M&A. Big bucks, year end hundreds of thousands of bonuses, but I call it a quits because I felt that I’d something within that needs to be unleashed. Well, turns out the decision was a swift yet right one. Business is now growing exceptionally well and I am happy with what I aimed for. It’s all about actions, mindset and EV4. No actions, no game. (Sadly, most either spent their ridiculous amount of hours here procrastinating).


having a similar experience, been 14 hours on the Emp 4


would you please elaborate more?


Simple. Sitting down won’t bring results. Sitting at home won’t bring results.


Very wise indeed :wink:



I agree.

Action is the last and most important part for something to be manifested in the physical world.

Having thought and emotions focused on one and the same goal, with the according amount of time needed, which is directly proportional to the action you take. Is inevitably going to manifest that goal for you.

So, No, nothing manifests out of thin air. Physical energy has to be used in alignment to the desired goal for the manifestation to come forward.

  • Law of Attraction


Not true. I think this is a clever truism used to blame people when they don’t achieve the results those books promised.

  • I know depressed fuckboys who have slept with 100s and 100s of women.
  • I know very negative, very very rich men.
  • I know some very kind and romantic guys, who adore women yet are virgins.
  • I know some very positive and honorable people who barely have money to buy food.

Your theory doesn’t hold up to reality. So please prove it. But it does sound poetic :slight_smile:


You’re denying the laws of the universe which are way greater than the perception of your reality which is solely based upon results, not taking into account what has brought to the surface that particular result.

For things to manifest into the physical with thought and emotions takes time. Otherwise we could be thinking of planes and they would be instantly manifested out of thin air and it would be pure chaos. Our world is not created for instant manifestation as we have yet to master control over our thoughts.

There’s a difference between an action and the manifestation that let to an action.

Being depressed doesn’t mean you can’t visualize and feel the positive emotion of sleeping with a women.

Being born rich doesn’t mean you’ve manifested it. Nor does taking action without visualizing the results and feeling the emotions to have the universe work into favor of your actions.

Oh this is a good one. Women don’t like guys who are to kind and all about them? Yet you would think this is law of attraction right? In fact it’s the guy standing in his own way to manifest the romantic relationship.

I’m going to leave it here. No need to start a debate over your perception of reality which is purely focused on results rather than understanding behind the process. We’re only receivers of reality which go through or filter of perception, each one of our realities are truths but which truth is more pure? All is consciousness…

The higher you raise in consciousness, the more chakra’s are opened up, the more layers of ‘fake’ consciousness will be peeled off.

You’re leaving time out of the equation. The baseline emotional state doesn’t determine the manifestations nor does the state at which the guy or girl is at present. Same goes for thoughts.

We’re living in a world where time is still apparent for things to manifest.

You need to open your third eye to get the ability to see what is hidden. But it’s not necessary, I’m sure you prefer results without the understanding of how you’ve got them. You’re much of a result based person. Understanding is not a necessity :blush:.

It’s like the story I told about the 7 floor building. An idea or concept gets discussed on the top floor once it has reached the first floor, it’s been gossiped by different people on the different floors, each one of which changing the story around a little bit. This is exactly how are chakra’s work. Opening each one of the chakra’s raising your consciousness higher and higher, peeling away layers of false truths.

Everyone is on their own path :heart:


So the moral of the story.

You disagreeing doesn’t mean it’s ‘not true’. It’s not true in comparison to the perception of your reality and viewpoint of the world.

But which one is more true? :slight_smile:

Consciousness Exploration - Project Disclosure 2020

I find this discussion very insightful and have some questions to you @Hermit but let’s stop spamming @KingR’s thread with that. Let’s move this to Consciousness Exploration or another thread in Emperor’s Lounge.


Sure! Looking from different perceptions is always interesting and insightful.

This is not a discussion nor a debate though rather many different people searching for the truths of reality. We should make a thread to talk through these kinds of topics.

Feel free to use mine Consciousness Exploration - Project Disclosure 2020

Although much of it is wasted time though. Rather many of us should focus on taking action and going after there goals. Wasting time debating over things on this forum is not going to pay the bills nor achieve you success.