Progress with Seductress & StarkQ

Hello there!

My name is Trash and I’m a female student in art school. Ever since I could remember, I hated to socialize with others and I forced myself not to completely avoid people over the time. Talking to my classmates would only make me frustrated, angry and later exhausted.

Current state

First year of my art school is almost behind me. I have joined one of the smaller groups in my school to socialize in. To be honest, except for the fact they are edgy as hell and like to smoke, I have no clue who these people are. It almost feels like there is not much personality behind these two things. I spend my free time drawing or talking to my friend Joe online (Joe introduced me to the SubliminalClub and I’m very thankful for that).

Seductress and StarkQ

I have been running StarkQ for a month now and have decided to get another major program - Seductress. My friend Joe recommended this combo as he thinks it might fit me well. I’m playing two loops of Stark and one loop of Seductress for five days - then two break days.

Main goals

I hope to build a stronger circle of friends in the near future and focus on my personal goals more. Focus and social life is something I am lacking in a lot. Physical shifting isn’t as big of a priority for me atm, but I will try to keep that side of sub effects updated as well if I notice any changes along the way!

I’m curious about how will this journey go myself. I’ll keep you guys updated and see you soon!


Welcome aboard. Have you noticed any effect from Stark yet?


I recommend you change the name from Trash to something else, my friend. Picking an online name is also a subliminal message to yourself.

I undertand it could be a sarcastic or humourous way of saying your forum name but am sure you can help yourself better by picking a name that you aspire to be. Maybe a person who is a role model or even a fictional character who you think is wonderful.

Please consider it.


Definitely! Several people have told me they sense some kind of “change” in my personality. I started to struggle less with leading the conversations and it boosted my confidence when being around others to some level.


I understand what you’re going for… I’ll definitely give it a thought!



Will be exciting to see your journey.

You’ve picked two great programs. So that’s a really good place to start. Wish you many great developments.


Small update into my first week
(( I planned on making an update seven days after the first post but I really wanted to come here and write my stuff down so I guess I’m doing this earlier. ))

My need to learn grows from day to day. I’m trying to invest all my free time into learning through videos, forums, books and even conversations with my friends online. Getting new perspectives is my every day goal now.

I’m slowly getting rid of my bad social habits. I want to stop using some words I use so often such as… like, try, maybe, me personally ( It will take me some time but it is necessary for me to do in order to become better in my social circles.)

I’m picking my outfits with more confidence. I would always wear oversized clothes but lately, I felt a very strong urge to start wearing more feminine / cute outfits. Nothing that goes too far but I don’t feel like hiding as much anymore (which I’m pretty happy about).

There are however some parts of the day I can’t stop thinking of my insecurities. It’s pretty uncomfortable. I could feel relaxed and calm while being outside with my friends, then out of nowhere start thinking about how my skin or hair probably looks. I would avoid mirrors throughout the day at all costs as if I’d be too scared to look at myself. (( These things started happening recently so I do believe that Seductress may have started to fight some of the parts of my mind and is trying to prove it something it’s not used to. ))



(( So I lowered the loops. I listen to one loop every fourth day, Stark and Seductress switching slowly. It did help to get my energy back and I’m starting to see some good progress. ))

I have never felt so good about myself when I’m walking outside. I do all the things the same way as I used to. Get my outfit on, earphones with me and instead of walking down the street, wondering how I look or what others think of me as I walk past them, I enjoy the music, the weather and myself. This weight of "What if I look really bad right now and this random person looks at me." just fell off of my shoulders. I feel this great feeling where I know I look amazing (haha it sounds funny as I write it here but it’s true). Instead of my head always facing the ground as I go, I look around. It has been like this a few days now and Im surprised the subs are doing already such big changes for me.

I also stopped putting on heavy makeup and using only very little every now and then as I feel more comfortable without it lately. So yeah! Thats my progress for this week and I’m very happy about it. I’ll see you all soon!


Congrats on all the progress you’ve made so far! This is amazing. Have you considered adding something like True Social or Inner Circle into your stack? Both would seem in line with your goals, especially Inner Circle


Hey @IronClaws you are making remarkable process. All the main members and founders have been keeping a close tab on your journal.

They are very proud of you…


Ahhh thank you so much! It’s nice to hear that from somebody here!

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I’m only two months into subs and already running two major programs so for now, I don’t think I will add any more. The StarkQ seems to be doing it’s work when it comes to the socializing part. Seductress boosting my ego slightly which is helping with my goals too so I don’t think it will be needed at least for now! If I will be looking for some bigger results, I will definitely go for one of these two! Thank you for the advice!

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Update time! Sleep, skincare and so on…

(( I wrote an update earlier this week but I deleted it because I was not sure if it was even related to my subs - sleeping routines. I’m back now with even more info so get ready! ))

I no longer need my morning alarm
Two weeks ago, I started waking up one hour before my usual time for no reason (6am to 5am now) despite me not always getting a proper amount of sleep. My sleeping routines have been changing lately. Friends to talk to, home works to do and drawings to finish - I know for a fact I can work faster in the mornings so I started setting my alarm to 3am or 4am few times BUT I always woke up one/two minutes before it rang. It got to the point where I’m no longer setting my alarm. All I need, is to make sure I get enough hours of sleep and I know the exact time I have to wake up to! Yep! All whats needed these days. My sleeping routine is different every day but me and my body are now on the same flow with every plan we make!

Skin improvement!
I’m starting to notice some changes - I’m struggling with my acne but it’s getting better now! I’m using pretty much the same skincare products as I used to so subs are doing some crazy things. If it will be getting better, I may show some progress pictures later on.

Calmer approach and conversations
I have barely dealt with social anxiety in my life but the fact I didn’t fear of telling people anything is sometimes self distructive. I’m starting to think of the effect some topics or opinions will have on others and when I do, I realize that most of these times, It is better to keep them to myself. Crazy right? Haha I basically discovered America again. I have noticed that my tone of talking went lower. Conversations turning more comfortable and don’t feel so rush anymore. Only slight changes but I know I’m on the right path somewhere I want to be so thats great!

All for now hope to write here something exciting soon again haha! Take care guys.


I’m going through the exact same thing right now, and loving it! I actually noticed the pattern happening at first and wanted it to continue so I decided to write out every night before bed “I wake up naturally feeling overjoyed and excited to start my day” 50 times in my notebook, like Bart Simpson repeating lines on the chalkboard. To me, waking up naturally means without an alarm, and I wake up right around 5-6.


Week update

Day 1 - (Seductress 2x, StarkQ 2x) Woke up 06:16 AM - (( No need of waking up early ))

  • Feeling relaxed.
  • Been told that I’m becoming more feminine. Made me happy.
  • Didn’t care about taking off my mask in public when needed. I felt proud of that.

Day 2 - (Seductress 1x, StarkQ 1x) Woke up 04:23 AM - Alarm set 04:45 AM (22min difference)

  • Morning felt very good - did a lot of work fast - day got me exhausted.
  • Just want to rest my mind.

Day 3 - (Unexpected Rest Day) Woke up 05:26 AM - Alarm set 06:20 AM (54min difference)

  • People asking me if I’m tired / got enough sleep.
  • Not having it today - will hide behind school and sip my coffee till classes start.
  • Regret choosing this outfit - makeup style - REST DAY

SIDE NOTE : 4 loops two days ago was too much apparently - at least now I know where is my limit. I’ll see if 2 loops a day are not too much either.

Day 4 - (Seductress 1x, StarkQ 1x) Woke up 06:35 AM - Alarm set 06:50AM (15min difference)

  • Well rested, confidence back, feeling good.
  • Guy threw paper on the ground and saw me looking at it. He then asked if he should pick it up. / Later he kept on annoying someone and I told him to stop - he said okay silently and ran away as if he regretted doing it. I didn’t expect anyone to listen to what I say and actually doing it like I know better.
  • Got mask on mask kisses from three girl classmates each different time as they walked up to me. I’m confused.

Day 5 - (Seductress 1x, StarkQ 1x) Woke up 06:15 AM - Alarm set 07:00AM (45min difference)

  • Hang out with friends after school - had fun.
  • One of the girls is starting to like me. I can feel her looking at me when she thinks I don’t know. Asked me few times if I don’t want to hang out and wanted to pay for my coffee and food.

Day 6 and 7 - (Rest Days)
1st day - Woke up 07:16 AM - Alarm set 08:00 AM (44min difference)
2nd day - Woke up 05:15 AM - Alarm set 07:30 AM (2h 15min difference)

  • Warm weather is getting me exhausted. Focusing on my work and sleep in silence.

How do you know someone is running StarkQ? They wake up way before the alarm goes off lol.

Excellent results so far :ok_hand:


It’s crazy because I’m on Khan and i wake up 1hour before the alarm :roll_eyes:


Haha what?! Waking up early on Khan? You are a Krazy Kind of Khan lol


LATE HOURS NOTE :pushpin: NEW GOALS :pushpin: - Sunday 6/20/21

Before I forget about these few points completely, I would like to say that overall this last week was pretty difficult. I don’t know if it was the fact I got on more loops than I could take or if it was something coming from far away my direction for a longer time now. Will go back on one loop a day. (5 days subs + 2 rest days)

I have two more days of school and then I go home for two months.

I want to close myself in my cold room, hide away from the sun and get better.

Goals for this summer :

  • calm myself down emotionally - get my peace back
  • continue subs slowly
  • sign up for one / two summer courses
  • home workout
  • drink water
  • stop eating out of boredom
  • draw what I want

I know I should try to socialize in order to get better at conversations but I also don’t want to push myself to it for now as I need to clear my mind properly.

Extra goal

  • Read more books for my self improvement in socialization / psychology - Please give me some good book suggestions if you guys have any I’d be super happy. Thank you so much for reading!

@IronClaws you’re making amazing progress and there’s definitely ups and downs with any subliminal journey. It sounds like you got pretty good results right away.

I learned from another thread that that’s pretty normal. Your brain adapts to the subs super quickly, but some of those benefits fade away at first. If you keep up with it, you get those originals changes back and they become more permanent.

In the first rush of subliminal excitement, it’s almost like your brain is “trying on” the messaging. It takes more work to make it permanent.

Just telling you what kind of results and excitement you have to look forward to, based on the beginning of your journal!

But one more thing. Subliminals work better when you take action. I’m sure you’ve already been told that but it’s just a reminder for you. Keep on pushing towards your goals and you’ll get there