Private Alchemist Forum Now Open


Private Alchemist forum is now available! To get access, simply send me a PM with your order number and I’ll add you within 48 hours. Thanks!

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Hi @SaintSovereign, all versions of Alchemist have forum access? I kind of remember that not all of them have, not sure where I read that though.


The description reads:
“Private alchemist forum for those who have bought Alchemist, Alchemist Core or Alchemist SUPREME.”

I’m guessing that means Alchemist Core, Explorer or Supreme. In any case, since Core is in there, the answer would be a yes, all 3 editions.


I got it wrong then, thanks for answering!


Let the voodoo begin :smiley:


You just had to use that word, didn’t you? Don’t make me post Sinatra songs to lessen the impact now, you hear? :wink:


LOL that made me chuckle.


Hey Saint. I’m new to this forum.

I’ve recently purchase the Alchemist but I’m not sure how to PM you here.


Top right corner, just beside the hamburger menu. You can click that area / icon and you’ll see a dropdown menu with your messages and the such. I just sent one.


I purchased the Alchemist, but I can’t seem to PM you for whatever reason.


Sent you a PM, @SaintSovereign (Order # Included).


sent a pm with order # included


Sent a PM with order # included


@SaintSovereign Sent you a PM with order #


@SaintSovereign, sent you the PM.


Hi, guys! It’s two weeks already since I asked to join the private group and nothing so far.

Have you all of you guys been invited for this group, or any body waiting too?


I gave Saint a gentle poke, shouldn’t be long now.

Reminds me of that old emoji of a smiley with a stick poking. Fun times.


Thank you!


Added. Thnx!


Would really like to be able to share in this forum.

NOT time for Alchemist for me right now, though. Hope this discussion forum, or some other beneficial iteration of it, is going on when my time with Alchemist arrives.

In the meantime, journey well!