Primal Seduction + Libertine Ultima for Cold Approach. ( Primarily DAYGAME)

As the title says , am a newbie daygamer (~100 Approaches done so far).

I am 27 , Asian , 5’7 , newly moved to Europe .
My town is small with approx 300,000 people in it . For DG , volume is essential . So , I can’t do much in my town , although I do approach in a different part of my town. Fortunately there is a big city ( 30 min train journey from my town) with 1 million population with diverse races in it.
So , I DG there.
My Game is inspired totally by London Daygame Model with r-selection. that means no 2 sets / mixed sets. I only approach solo gals ( mainly 18-25)

My weekly goal - 30 Approaches.
Mid term goal - 1 lay per quarter with a new gal.
Long Term goal - to reach the gold standard of DG ( 1 lay per 30 Approaches) in other words to get
better with women.

I already started PS + Libertine this week from Monday.
My schedule - Mon - PS (1 loop)
Wed - PS (1 loop)
Fri - PS ( 1 loop)
On the day of approach , I listen to Libertine in the morning.

So far in Europe , I have done 44 Approaches . Got 1 phone number . She flaked.


Today’s session

Approaches - 7.
Phone Numbers - 0.

One gal (HB 7) gave me Hook Point to have a conversation . Others were Blowouts.

Though DG requires some Pre-Approach Calibration to select the target , I think I am wasting many sets by telling myself " that’s a low probability set". I need to rectify this.
I have some Spotlight Effect issues , though I am working on it.



You sound like someone that use to write here on the forum very similarly like you


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If you want to get laid you will need to be doing at least 50 approaches a week. Back in the day i was getting one lay every 40 to 50 approaches.

If you want to daygame only thats great, however if you want increase yiur chances of dates and sex join a gym you can also meet girls whilst working out.

Also consider the bar scene too.

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Ya , I go to gym. I only find 3 - 4 girls working out.

It feels too creepy to approach there . I have to see the girl again . That will be a pressure for both her and me.

My only way to meet girls is DG.

You are right , I have to increase the volume. But even 30 am finding it difficult to hit with my schedule.

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In the gym i just build rapport with everyone there. A simple ice breaker is “hows your workout going for you” or “does that exercise work for you”.


Today’s Session

Approaches - 3
Phone Number - 0
1 Weasel Set.

Today I went out to approach at 7 pm. This is the worst time to do DG. Everywhere I can see only the couple or gangs of girls. I was totally angry with myself for the first 30 mins to not even find a single girl.
After 30 mins , I was about to stop the girl . When I said excuse me , she freaked out. lol.
I have never got this reaction . Its first time.
2nd gal ( HB 7) - Stop & Vibe was perfect . I didnt even open my mouth , the gal excused herself with a smile
3rd gal ( HB 6) - Stop was perfect . Again a polite blowout.

Hereafter I wont step out to approach after 6 pm. Volume isn’t there and I only find couples.

Total Approaches - 47

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Your action taking is amazing. Keep this up and you soon gonna be a master


Today’s Session

Weasel sets - 3 ( not good. have to keep less than 2)
Approaches - 4

1st set - HB 8 - Good Set . Stop was perfect . Eye contact was amazing. She accepted the physicality (long hand shake) and proximity.The set hooked. But finally came the BF rejection. Her feet were planted firm . I had to literally say “You can go” .
2 , 3 and 4 th set - All blowouts.
Good thing today - All gals stopped . I think my vibe was ok - good today.

Total Approaches - 51


A few lines that semi-worked for me back in my approaching days when hit with the BF objection were:

  • Oh I’m not jealous
  • So do I

But you have to say them without caring if they work or not. More for your own amusement in the case of the second one.

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Good ones . Thank you.

But am of the opinion that , if a gal is interested ( ie to sleep with me ) , she would not mention BF.

I have tried -

  1. " I don’t want to be your BF "
  2. " Who said anything about romance ?"
  3. " My mother says if a gal is telling that and she laughs , don’t believe her" . ( still using this one ):sweat_smile:

As cool as they all sounds , 99% they don’t work. BF rejection is a polite blowout from the girls side .


It could be but as I learned doing door to door, many people give a “not interested” response as a knee jerk reaction before they are truly engaged.

Additionally, every girl will have a boyfriend because that’s how they are, they want that stability. It doesn’t mean they won’t “upgrade” to a better guy if he comes along.

As I learned in sales: “All No REALLY means is Not Yet”


Every girl has a boyfriend or someone she is having s*x with. Unless she meets someone better or someone she has a genuine desire for she is not going to give you the time of day.


Just keep on approaching it is a numbers game at the end of the day. Cant remember whether i said lay rate was 1 girl for every 40 approaches. This however got better in eastern europe. Whilst in Prague i got laid after around 30 approaches.

Serbia 1 lay after 60 approaches.

God cant believe i had the energy for all those approaches last year :slight_smile:


Today’s Session

Approaches - 3
Weasel sets - 0

All 3 sets were blowouts.

Today my vibe was off. I was not playful , had a very serious face.
Today I played PS 1 loop and Libertine 1 loop. Seems like I can’t handle it.

Total approaches -54

Yesterday after walking the my usual DG route , I was hungry but it was okay.
Today I walked same route and I am hungry to the extent I got headache.
Just 1 extra loop !!!


Today’s Session

Approaches - 3

I had to walk the first 1.5 hour without any approach .I almost gave up for today to not even find a single gal. Then I saw a girl (HB 6) walk past me.
That set was ok . Didn’t receive hook point. But the primal is kicking in when standing in front of the girl. I enroached her ‘polite conversation distance’ and she stepped back , all the while I was talking to her.
I drew ‘state’ from her and approached next 2 sets within 15 mins

2 nd set - The gal did a Double take on me before approach . I caught that and said STOP . She immediately reacted as though she was caught red handed .

3rd set - HB 8 - We didn’t speak common language. But I somehow teased her that she stole her earrings from an Audi ( she was wearing hoops) and she laughed . I didn’t prepare this line . SS of PS kicking in.

Total Approaches - 57.

I hope Manifestation part of PS plays out , so that I can approach 10 sets in 2 hours during my walk in DG route.

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So you were walking for an hour and half before you saw your first single woman? That would drive me crazy! Do you live in a very rural area?

No No . Its a city with 1M population. Ofcourse , I see people , gang of hot gals.
2 sets are simply not my style. I like to get sexual fast by closing distance or implying she is naughty / crazy :smiling_imp:.

My style of DG requires solo gals.
TBH , I will accept that hot solo gals are relatively rarer in any city .

But I like to consider this 2 hour as a ‘walk’ to not pressure on myself for not approaching if there aren’t any sets.


So you do sexual day game? How do you do it? I was never able to get the vibe right back when I did it

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As you know , women operate in covert language. They know we want when we approach them on the street.

They key is to imply " I wanna f**k you without saying that".

Non verbals do 80% of the work .

  1. Eye Contact
  2. Slow vocal tone
  3. Long Handshake
  4. Enroaching her ‘socially polite distance’.

Verbals - you can load the conversation with words like " naughty / crazy / wet / tasty ". You get the idea.

Be prepared to get far more blowouts but if the girl is amenable , you will sense the lay .

I advice you to read Daygame Mastery , Nick Krauser . But bear in mind , that’s not a how to book. It has to be accompanied with action . Otherwise you won’t get the idea about what the author is telling.

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