Primal Seduction: From SirChiropractixalot To Sirgetchicksalot


Everyone’s ears are different, but -60 shouldn’t hurt you. I listen to mine at about that level. However, if you experience ANY adverse effects, such as ear pain or swelling, stop listening to ultrasonic immediately. Typically speaking, it’s the -50db and lower region that you’re entering the danger zone.


Do you mean “-50 and higher”?

I’ve not experience any adverse side effects even listening at -40. Should I tune it down -50 to be safe?


How lower the number(or higher since it’s a negative number) the louder the ultrasonic is. So -40 is louder than -50.


Down to the last 24 hours, but can only see the effects of all this listening to PS next week. I am really satisfied with my consistency. It’s been like a month and 3 days of constant exposure. At least 12 hours a day since I started, first with PS US and then PS IT.

I will do another 24 hours just to make up for the times technology screwed up by pausing the subliminal when it wasn’t supposed to, or the volume that I’m listening to may have been too low taking into account the distance from my phone speakers to me (like when showering).

It doesn’t add up to 24 hours, but I just want to make 100% sure I hit at least 273 hours of PS IT.

After that, my plan is to stack it with Aura and Libertine, with Aura being the priority. I want to see if I can walk into a social setting and get the attention of all the hotties just by projecting a masculine, open, inviting aura.

@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire:
How do you guys recommend stacking these subs if I have the goal as outlined above?



Primal Seduction x 4
Aura x 6
Libertine x 1 – just before going out.

You want Aura and Primal Seduction to have almost 1:1 play time.


Thanks for the recommendation!

What difference would it make if I had:

Primal Seduction x 6
Aura x 4
Libertine x 1 – just before going out

On Libertine: I understand that it’s design to supercharge Primal Seduction/Primal/Sex & Seduction. What would happen if I did not listen to Libertine once just before going out?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Well, Aura is only 30 mins (I think), that’s why I had the additional loops. Even though it’s a short script, you might want more exposure.

Libertine isn’t a requirement by any means, but it takes multiple listens to easily slip onto the state of mind you need. It’s up to you.


Could you give me a rough estimate of “multiple listens”? Eg: Are we talking 4-6 loops a day for a week?

I’m gonna follow your recommendation nontheless.


I hit 273 hours of exposure of PS IT yesterday evening. Now doing the extra 24 hours to cover all the bases.

edit: Stopped at 288 hours. Decided to give myself a break of 7 hours.


Amazingly, I asked my subconscious what’s the next best plan of action, and it seems that @SaintSovereign’s recommendation of PS US x4 with Aura x6 was right on the money!!

and yes, I could have edited it with the post above, but I think I deserve to post whore for a bit given my efforts. please don’t ban me mods :rofl:


Back at it. I took a 9 hour break as I had to take a darn exam which did not allow me to bring my cell into the testing site. I’m glad my consistency in the past month have allowed for these forced breaks.

My aura definitely could use a lot of work. I honestly feel like I’m pushing those that I would like to be social with, away. I was seated between 2 female classmates for a good hour, but none of them said a damn thing. I’m not sure if the exam stress got to me which made my aura practically non-existent, but I suspect not because this has been a problem previously.

@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire:
What are some concrete actions we can take to improve our aura? Like for PS we can go out and socialize, for Spartan we can work out, do yoga, weights etc


Obviously I am not Saint or Fire. I think the aura in my experience depends on your mood. If your happy, carefree and in a good mood its reflected in your aura.


I agree 100%. I was stressed the f out man :confused:


Your aura will benefit irregardless of what subliminal from working out and eating properly. Furthermore, spiritual practices/mental alchemy will also have an effect on your aura. The subliminals will also strengthen your aura over time, however they will also modify it to fit with the subliminal in question.

I would recommend to focus on working out, good nutrition and proper sleep. Those are the bases you’re going to need the most, no matter what you decide to pursue. Then afterwards you can decide. :slight_smile:


Working on it.

Is it possible to develop an aura so magnetic that women feel compelled to initiate conversation leading to a sexual relationship? And is this the aura associated with Primal Seduction?


Current listening stack:

PS IT x4
Aura US x 6

35 hours of exposure so far.

No tangible results yet, but I am not worried at all. I know these subs take time to manifest tangible results, and I am on the right path towards the end goal. If it needs to take 6 months, it needs to take 6 months.

I will start incorporating some energetic training to accelerate my results.


Yes the it is possible to have an aura so magnetic it attracts the attention of women around you. They will make excuses to start talking to you in coffee shops, touch you when they get the chance or at the very least smile at you.

I forgot to add it in my journal for a week I ran the aura module at six loops alongside emperor. It literally raised my status through the roof.


Are you listening to Aura on a regular basis? If so, how many hours in a day?
I would like to know how your much attention you’re getting from women from venue to venue.


Meditate, and while you do, focus on cultivating your personal energetic pattern. Run a program like Libertine or The Elixir.


As i said i was running the aura module at 6 loops. Its not like women were throwing themselves at me. I just got increased attention.