Primal Seduction: From SirChiropractixalot To Sirgetchicksalot


Hi everyone!

This is my journal detailing my experiences with Primal Seduction :slightly_smiling_face:

I started yesterday (04/10) and have listened to it for 16 hours (9pm-1pm next day) so far.

No crazy experiences so far, I’m not sure if setting the volume to -40db caused me a headache (I rarely get any), so I tune it down to -50 but the peak at 20kHz is still there.

I’m utilizing the “Set and Forget” Method that was recommended.



Great job on starting a journal! First things first though, you’re not actually tuning it “down”. Infact you’re tuning it up! The lowest “noise” is from the highest value (>-80db) to the lowest value (0db). I hope I’m not misunderstanding you here. For a clear example, try playing the masked audio and adjust it while looking at the Frequensee app. You’ll see what I mean.


I made a typo!! -40db made my head hurt, so I turn it down to -50db. (darn negatives flipping)


So I’m not sure if I understand you correctly or not but if you’re peaking out your subs at -20 dB on Frequensee then I would suggest turning it down. If it’s steadily peaking between -40 and -50 is about the level of your average conversation. Unless you are hard of hearing, this should be more than enough. Peaking at -20 is loud enough that you are risking potential damage unnecessarily.


Thanks for your concern Bro. It’s peaking somewhere between -50 to -40db.

Does this look right?


Perfectamundo bro. I went back and reread what you posted, I read 20khz as -20. My mistake! You got the settings in a good spot. Excited to read about your results :slight_smile:


No worries, I appreciate your feedback!


Did 12 hours from 7pm to 7am the next day. I know its recommended to go up to 16 hours so I’ll stick with this for a while (a month) and see how it goes.

I am listening to it Ultrasonic, Masked only if I am on the plane or in public places.

So far so good, I dont notice anything from females, but I am not going all out to notice anything either. I’m literally Setting and Forgetting. Internally, I do not notice any changes. Will report back if I do.

cheers to all reading this. I wish you guys well :slight_smile:


Do you listen it with your PC’s speaker or phone speaker?


Phone speakers for the sake of portability.


@Sirchiropractixalot once you start talking to women you will notice they show more interest in you.


Traveling commitments made it impossible to get 12 hours straight, so I planned on 7 hours and then 5 hours. But to my dismay, while I set the timer of my mp3 player app to stop playing after 7 hours, it stopped playing before that and I don’t know when exactly it stopped playing!!!

So from now on I will not use the timer, and instead use a stopwatch to time how long each session lasts.

The subliminal is starting work. I feel very little if not no anxiety at the talk of speaking my mind. However, I have not had any dreams since starting. hmmm…


Everyone dreams, every night, almost without fail. The issue is whether the dream is impactful enough for you to consciously remember it the next day. The lack of dreams isn’t an indication of whether it’s working or not – vivid dreams are usually just the first sign that something is being dealt with.


Good to know, thanks!


2 successful 12 hours in 2 days. yay.


At the time of this post, I have been exposed to PS for 73 hours and 45 minutes +/- 10 minutes.
I use a Stopwatch app to keep track of how long I listen to each day. So if all go according to plan, I will reach 100 hours tomorrow night. Very cool.

I no longer feel intimidated at the thought of walking up to a female who I find sexually attractive and talking to her. I find myself to be in a good, sociable mood more often than not.

I am going to tinker with Libertine and Iron Throne once I hit 500 hours of PS and see if there are any differences. Will update once I get in social situations to see how effective PS is for me.


Since the last time I posted here, I’ve accumulated 100 hours + 45 hours, and more. My stopwatch app doesn’t go past 100 hours so I didn’t know how much it missed, but I’m estimating 145 hours +/- 1 hour all things considered.

I’ve not had many significant dreams since starting PS, the 2 that I remember was one about me not writing down my answers in an exam, and hence failing the exam, which on realizing the severe repercussions of my actions made me hate myself… then I woke up.

Another one had to do with critiquing this girl that I like on her hands on skills as a manual therapist.

While I still have not had the chance to interact with females that I find sexually attractive and see how’s the sub been working, everyone that I’ve met so far have been very pleasant to me. A cab driver offered to give me a free ride to the airport as a friend, patients at a clinic that I was observing feedback that they liked how I interacted with them (which probably contributed to me getting a job offer from said clinic).

I’m not sure if it’s the work of the sub, but I’ve also cleaned up my diet going with 80% greens and kombucha to go along with it, which in turn improved me energy levels tremendously. Added on to the fact that I KNOW that everything that is happening in my life is exactly the way it should be, I actually look forward to interacting with females that I find sexually attractive.

The plan is to still continue to hit 500 hours of PS, then switch to Iron Throne. ho hum.


@SaintSovereign and/or @Fire:

Previously I asked about listening to an Ultrasonic and Supercharger at the same time, and that’s not recommended as the Supercharger also has some Ultrasonic script in it. Got it.
What about listening to the Ultrasonic and Masked version of the same subliminal at the same time? ie US on speakers, Masked with headphones…
Would that accelerate results? In my specific case, I’m thinking of Primal Seduction. Let me know, cheers.


No – you’re most likely going to get headaches and fatigue. Possibly even hurt your results. The best way to get better results is to align your life toward that goal. If you’re running Limitless, actively study a topic, for example.


Got it. So for Primal Seduction, that would be socializing with women more often, and going through self development courses related to charisma etc?