Primal old version + Positive affirmation


I tried to use the new PRIMAL Q program, but without success. It was giving me a headache, and I didn’t like the effect at all.

But at least it allowed me to return to the subliminal, because I had stopped for a few months after getting very good results with them.

I used the old PRIMAL for 2 months while making 10 minutes of positive affirmations per day in front of the mirror. For those who know this method, it is an old method of a seduction coach, which has completely disappeared today but which has given me extremely good results in my life, to the point where I didn’t had enough time to see all the girlfriends I had.

When I talk to my family or friends about this method, they take me for a fool, but still want to know the secret that allows me to go out with different girls every month during the last 7 years hahaha. I am an asian guy, and from France, asian men dont have a lot of success with women normally, and I think I am the only one I saw for the last 7 years that can do this stuff, without any game, just by being myself.

Anyway, I am 30 years old, and for a few months I have focused on my business having stopped everything, (subliminal and affirmations).

The last time I used PRIMAL with affirmations, the quality of the women I was able to get was a little higher, but the big difference was the connection I had with them, it was just amazing. It was like falling in love with women in 2 or 4h after meeting them.

I plan to use old PRIMAL 6 hours a day while doing 45 minutes of positive affirmation.

My goal is to get multiples relationships at the same time, while being totally honest and transparent with women. I dont want to lie or hide stuff like I did in the past, I was feeling so bad about it.


Have you adjusted to less loops for the Q version?


Was just about to ask how many loops of Q are u using?


I tried PRIMAL Q for 10 days or more to find the good amount of loops. The first day I used it 4 times, and felt totally exhausted mentally and retarded. So I stopped 1 day and used it 2 times for a few days then 1 loop a day. I was just feeling irritated, or nothing at all unfortunately.

I dont want to experiment anymore and I already got great success with the old stuff anyway, so I went back to the old PRIMAL, this one is giving me results in 1 or 2 days.


Irritable can be reconciliation…
From my experience Q needs more rest days…


This isn’t an experiment. We’ve said multiple times now, start with a single loop, give yourself rest days and add more loops once you can tolerate it.

Every person complaining that Q isn’t “working” refuses to follow those instructions. Headaches, irritation and a desire to quit a sub is reconciliation — always has been.

Let this be yet another example of what happens by trying to rush the process. One loop. Then add more later.


I am new to the programs here. I started Q with 5 loops. It was overwhelming. Next day I did 1 and felt better for the next day to run 3. Now I feel a bit overwhelmed and I will see how I am feeling tomorrow. If I feel is too much I will do 2 loops and check then.

I have been doing subliminal programs for the last 3 years. Not long but enough to learn that its about accepting it rather than hating it.


1 loop of primal Q equals 6 loops. So 5 loops would be about 30 loops really


I guess you mean Cory Skyy’s Mirror affirmations, Yes I have tried that too in earlier years and gave amazing results. Though it was time consuming and painful. But after getting into subliminals ,I guess it gave me an edgy presence and attraction was way more powerful then those affirmations and for Primal Q please do try 2 loops a day you might see some amazing success. Will follow this journal.


its been a long time now.

I am using now :

Iron Throne Q 1 loop a day since around 1 month and half
Libertine Ultima 1 loop every 2 days
+positive affirmation

It is been a fun journey with Iron throne. I am with an ukrainian woman, a 8/9, very sexy and sexual that is so into me. I told her that I want to have fun in my life and want nothing at all, she told she is ok with that and just wanted to use me as her sex toy. It is funny cause she is very direct and has no shame talking that way, but look like an angel.

I am with another polish woman too, an 8, I didnt succeed to make her accept the fact I want multiple GF, so we are just having sex 2 or 3 times a week for now until she find “her big love”

What Iron throne changed is the fact, that everyone is telling me how handsome I am ! That is crazy, I never had so many compliments, everywhere I am going. I was at a funeral last monday in the country side of poland, and after it my friend’s grandmothet was telling me how all the women found me so pretty.

I was like “hey comon, the body is still here next to us”.
I thought the effect of iron throne would be more about making me a better secductor. (Yes it did) but what I have the most is the handsomness vibe I have.

I am like a celebrity, I am not even talking sometime at parties, but people are telling me how cool I am, and how they like me, both men and women. This is just so funny.

Last saturday I was in a party with my ukrainian woman, and end up with 3 instagrams and 2 phones numbers (3 guys + 2 girls), they want to hang out with me in the future. I didnt even ask for it.

So far. Everything seems to works !


And I cannot make the difference if the attention and eyes contacts I have come from Libetine Ultima, cause I had it before too. But I feel more sexual with this subs.


What positive affirmations did you try with PSIT? If you don’t mind sharing.


Top stuff!
Any other subs prior to these?



I am using some of ho’oponopo but they are only :
-I love you
-I am sorry
-Please Forgive me
-Thank you
-It is ok
-I am great man
-I do whatever it take to have what I want
-I am sexy
-I am happy
-I am rich.

Just this 10 of them, I repeat them out loud in front of the mirror when I woke up and before bed. 15 minutes each time.


I have tried primal, it is working good too, but I prefer the feeling from Iron Throne !

Before that I tried subs from another compagny that everyone knows here, it was working yes, but my libido was cut by half and sometimes it gave me depression.


@GoforIT What exercises did you do in nature to fix your life?


Cory’s stuff is great, he was one of the of the people that had me become effective in this area in my life. He certainly still around though


These are awesome, thanks


Yes cory skyy is great i bought his magnetic mindset back in the day, yeah he is still around he’s got his on youtube channel posts on there a lot


and Skyy have made the biggest difference on my journey
with the right application and proper use of either any one could go all the way towards there goal
I have not attempted combing the two, but may give it a shot


I am impressed there are other people who know Cory’s teaching. :grinning:

It is him who taught me about subs and law of attraction. But it is true that subs + Cory changed my life. Subliminal gives you this engine and the car to go where you want, but the driver(us) have to learn how to drive it.

So basically I am not doing any cold approach anymore since years. I am going out to have fun (it is raising your vibe), and I am meeting girls like that naturally.

This Ukrainian woman I am having sex with, just was eyeing me for 5 minutes when I was drinking at the river with my friends. I just smiled at her, and with our eyes we communicated more than most other mens after hours of conversation.

Difficult to explain this feeling, but it is just how it works. When I talked to her after that, it was like we already knew each other.

For me the subs are giving you the mindset and belief that make women attracted to you, and affirmation put you in a better mood (like a booster I guess), because we have all our up and down all day long it is normal to not feel great all the time even with subs, sometime shit happens in our day, this mood (energy) will be the extension of all your belief inside you that you build with subs and your lifestyle.

I know it sounds complicated, but for me it’s work like that.

So that is why I had to meditate and be in the wild for 4 days, because I couldn’t be present or be the moment before. I was inside my mind all the time.

Cory just gave me some exercise I had to do that had nothing to do with women, but at the end he was building me as a better man, with the help of subs.

@hndkmv I didn’t do anything special in the forest, just had to go camping with technology turned off for a long weekend, I had to focus on my surroundings, my breathings, and just be present.

I am not saying it is what you have to do, everyone of his students has different exercises to do depending on what they need to improve. Me because I was too much in my head and too much self conscious, I had to do this, I didn’t knew how to turn off my overthinking, and just enjoy the moment :wink: