PRIMAL. Astounding Results


On the first day I ran Primal for roughly 2-4 hours. Was more or less skeptical. Right after the listening session, I left to the grocery store. I… had a swagger in my walk that was non-existent pre-subliminal. I slightly tried reverting to my self but would find my self reverting back to the swagger walk. I later realized that this was because it had become part of my subconscious… (Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire. Your work is pristine & excellent).

In the grocery store, I dismissed it, because I thought watching the videos of bad-asses with amazing body language had rubbed off me.

I only realized recently, just now, that it was indeed from Primal. How? After the grocery visit, I did not listen to it for about 3 days. The swagger walk waned.

But today I listened to it again for an hour - got up - realized that I had that same confident, arrogant, graceful, walk… Amazing. And of course, it gives you a deep sense of calm and destroys things like social anxiety. I can easily converse with strangers now.

When previously I was in a shell… drowning in the feminine conditioning, which shrouded my beautiful masculinity. Primal got an AK, started spraying it on my shell, letting the light shine in.


  1. Primal improves your body language DRASTICALLY & FAST.
  2. Deep sense of ease.
  3. Destroys social anxiety.

This is literally Allah’s blessing to me. A tremendous blessing.

This was from a mere 6-8 hours of listening. I will keep updating if I notice any significant changes.

If I got the changes from these subliminal exceptionally fast, LMK. Because I suspect such.


TLDR; Primal is making my subconscious spit out HUMILIATING deep buried memories.

Due to a trauma at the age of 5, I would be extremely closed off, and anti social, WHENEVER I would be in school. School specifically. Because of this, I internalized and accepted things WITHOUT even realizing that I internalized or accepted them. Bullying, getting my crush stolen by me, harassment & humiliation.


Let me tell you a quick but entertaining story, which this subliminal caused my subconscious to spit it out into my conscious. My crush, super cute blonde with big cute blue eyes gets with some jock. Irritating, but cool because he made moves and I didn’t; fair. As I was walking down the quite school hallway, he was standing with her, kissing/hugging or whatever. I passed by them minding my own business, but he casually put his foot to trip me, I stumbled. And guess what? The audacity of his action did not register in me one bit. I did not back kick him with my heel which may have broken his spine, nor did I bash his skull in. I merely unconsciously internalized it, and kept moving. Like. A. Peasant. A slave.

Now that I know… Thinking of putting bullets in the AK to kill this mafuka. (Relax, I’m not.)

And if some of you thinking I was some nerd, I wasn’t. The trauma, and growing up without the guidance of a father had me fucked up. BUT NOW… I SEE IT ALL…

P.S. I’m running this with the masculinity sub


I feel you on that brotha. I didn’t have anything like your story happen to me, but in high school a “friend” of mine who was the biggest dickhead I knew to used to make fun of my voice in front of people in school. I have a really deep voice naturally and didn’t always talk loud or project myself enough for people to hear me. He would mock me and try to imitate my voice for laughs and this used to make me really self-conscious about my voice. This really messed with me. I was hesitant and anxious to speak up and answer questions in class. Didn’t like presentations or public speaking. Constantly thought about how others perceived my voice and if they liked me or not because of it. I am much, much, much better now with my self-confidence, self-esteem, and voice projection, but wouldn’t be surprised if there’s still some deep-seated lingering trauma from that that these subs are healing.


I can 100% relate on the voice thing. Because I have the same thing. I have a nice deep raspy voice but have been_constantly_ made fun of for my voice, 4 whateve reason. Now I can’t speak up properly sometimes.

But God blessed us with these subs :sunglasses::+1:


My need to please women has surfaced, and this time it’s truly visible and trasnparent (other times infront of a girl it would be unconsious, for e.g. just simply tryna please her). I can see it clearly now that I’m infected with this disease of wanting to please, appease, serve and obey women. Please note that emperor and ascended turned me into an alpha male with perfect frame and game for 3 days then this happend after primal and its making me miserable, small, sad and depressed

Is this primal breaking me down for my rebirth?

@SaintSovereign Really need your insight bro


All the alpha subliminals have a module for releasing past trauma - Emperor, Ascension, Khan etc… It’s actually called rebirth!

Keep pushing on, good results so far.


All our subs will bring things up to the surface, release unnecessary baggage, question you, test you, again and again, until you become the man you want to be. This can result in reconciliation or simply in becoming acutely aware of the issue.

Use this opportunity and take action towards remedying it.

Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

That’s great to hear brother idk for me I just couldn’t handle primal. Whenever I use it I feel like a sex addict craving to get off by a women. With my battle with my porn addiction primal makes my urge to fap unbearable. Who knows maybe I would have seen results simliar to yours if I kept at it but I just couldn’t handle the sexual urges especially while doing nofap and having 0 sexual prospects. I do love reading about the og subliminal club subs such as primal, ascension and mogul. These 3 are the forgotten gems of sub club


Exactly friend. Primal turns you into an animal when it comes to sexual desire. I haven’t been journaling because my results have been too personal; but I have been listening to Primal.

In brief, it turns you into an absolute savage when it comes to women. In a way that you will appreciate and relish.

On another note… if anyone has dominance issues with women in the bedroom specifically or in general then this is the sub to use.


Have just finished 4 months with Primal in my stack, and sexuality did really come to the fore during that time period. Friday I transitioned to Primal Seduction.


Yes I think it is better to get these issues healed and aligned first, before improving one’s dating life. I had similar problems with Emperor, hence I dropped it.


Can anyone tell me the difference between Primal and Primal XXX? Don’t just tell me its an experimental build, I know it is.

@Fire @SaintSovereign


Interestingly at the very end of my run of Primal and now as I have gone a week with Primal Seduction, I have found myself to have few sexual thoughts or motivations, except in dreams, which are filled with them.


Bumping for answer @Fire @SaintSovereign


It was an experimental build. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what was in it, it’s been awhile. Most likely the same script, just a more powerful scripting method.


Any plans on upgrading primal ?


All titles can and will be easily updated when Q launches


Upgraded as of last night. :wink:


What would be a good sub for “nice guy” syndrome? I’m new to subclub and also want to know about stacking (what it is) superchargers etc? Also I was in same situation as YoungStallion. But I’m doing semen retention and don’t want any sexual urges more than already what I have. But I do want to attract more women into my life and do cold approach and have absolutely zero social anxiety, i also want to be more dominant with alpha characters in social settings as ive got many of them within my cousin’s group. My main goal is to become social dominant and attract women as well as erase subconscious blockages and also stand up and say what’s on my mind with calling out bs and games from Chads, jock etc.


Have a look HERE.