PLEASE READ: Mind's Eye Q: Terminus ^ 2 Experimental Now Available


Mind’s Eye Q: Terminus ^ 2 Experimental is now available for download for those who have purchased Mind’s Eye. Those who purchase Mind’s Eye now will get access also. Grab it from My Account --> Downloads.

Terminus ^ 2 is THEORETICALLY stronger than Terminus by a magnitude. Not sure if this is actually going to work. You could receive outstanding results or nothing at all.

Listen: PLEASE be careful with this new technology. We warned everyone about StarkQ: Terminus and people ran 6-8 loops anyway and experienced fatigue, overload and other issues. Use one loop on the first day and see how you feel. It’ll take awhile for that much information to process, so even if you aren’t “feeling” anything immediately after that loop, don’t run it again. Over time, increase the loops, but don’t go over three loops a day for now. Also, try to take breaks every 2-3 days. Don’t run ANYTHING on your rest days. We’ve recently come to realize that with Q-powered titles, rest / processing time is just as important as exposure.

If you’re going to journal, please put [STACKED] or [SOLO] in the title.

Questions and comments in THIS thread.


Does that mean that the Quantum Limitless Lite in it will be also more powerful?


The entire subliminal is theoretically more powerful.


Wait, Quantum limitless lite is in mind’s eye?


What’s the ideal listen to rest day pattern for a week?
How about
listen - listen - rest - listen - listen - rest - listen


Are you planning to release terminus 2 for StarkQ ? i am getting amazing results with terrminus.