Platespinner Qv2

Hi, I am running two customs

One for physical shifting and one for my game.

  1. Emperor fitness stage 4
  2. Spartan
  3. Height inducer
  4. MAle enhancement
  5. SPS Reproductive system
  6. Physicality shifter sexiness
  7. Epigenetics
  8. Serum x
  9. Facial morphing
  10. APS: Torso
  11. APS: legs
  12. APS: Hair
  13. APS: Head
  14. APS: Arms
  15. SPS:Muscular system
  16. SPS Fat burner
  17. Deep sleep
  18. A/SPS Organs
  19. SPS: skeletal system
  20. Godlike masculinity

Is my physical shifting custom

  1. Khan stage 4
  2. Inner circle
  3. Tyrant
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. Potentiator
  6. Alpha of alpha
  7. Long range seduction
  8. Flirting and charisma mentor
  9. Focused arousal
  10. Panther
  11. Inner gasoline
  12. Natural winner
  13. Lifeblood fable
  14. Furious ascent
  15. Gorgeous manifestor
  16. I am
  17. Instant seduction tactician
  18. Yggdrasil
  19. Fearsome
  20. Ares

Is my goals and personality custom

My goal is to consistently make 10/10s chase me, Yes I believe in it, and yes I know my flaws and my strengths and this custom was made to tackle those and pave way.

Day 1: 1 loop of my game custom
day 2: 1 loop of my physical shifter

Honestly I might be seeing an anti reconciliation thing but I feel it’s working already, I’ve lost 1 kg of just weight in my first day however, my mewing process has been accelerated: To be more specific, I feel the power of my tongue pushing against the roof of my mouth strengthen significantly DURING my loops even on my old custom which had facial morphing, but this is it on steroids.

I feel a lot of sensations in my brain just tingling whilst I listen and the first day I had a very strong headache akin to listening to Q for 6 hours or so.

In terms of game this has got to be the most alpha ive ever felt, it’s becoming comical how comfortable I am interesting and teasing and pushing/pulling women smoothly, the most thing I notice on this custom during and for a few hours after is that I also feel like I’m having tons of fun, I jump around a lot and feel a lot free-er, like I embrace solitude despite it never being given to me due to my magnetic personality.

WHO AM I? for those who wanna know where I picked up from
9 months: EF/KHAN with intense gym no breaks
2 months: custom with khan stark and ef

spartan also gives a very strong effect whilst working out that surpasses the one from emperor fitness, an intense lust for the physical pain of the gym and a wanting to prove my ferocity.


to talk about my custom a bit more: I have only recently after 1 year of subs realized just how much control of my fate is in my hands, I have started to plan!

I enjoyed making this custom as this is the first time I actually looked onto the future with a natural eye, one where I had full control, I wanted a custom filled with limiting belief breakers and pusher forwarders.

I also want to be able to have fun with women, as I now just started a month ago to understand just how pleasant the sexual market place can be once you just accept yourself as what you are and have fun trying to conquer some beauties, no strings attached, complete freedom.

I made this custom to be able to let absolutely zero chance for fate to control my freedom with women, and how often and quickly i can replace one woman with another, and how i can sit back and enjoy my silence even when I have been overpowered by this slight chance that I do end up with no women in my vicinity, or without the current logistics.

I AIM TO MINIMIZE ALL THIS: I want to approach and have fun, I want to build a life, with good people! I want to qualify women and only allow the brilliant ones into my life.

I’m excited to see the long term effects of furious ascent, panther, potentiator, I am, inner gasoline, and lifeblood fable and natural winner


@Ninjistic here fam let’s gooo

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We in this *****!!!

Imma read this post after I finish this project, brb

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take your time brother, ill keep you updated when the physical shifts happen

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really looking forward to this journal :slight_smile:

I think I’ll add Godlike Masculinity to fitness custom-great choice.


Looks incredible and perfect for your goals. Best of luck on your journey @Yazooneh


Alright, I’m stoked. And yo, reading your intro posts, I’m definitely interested in the physical shifting but I’ll be just as in for the gaming stories and you plucking some of these beautiful flowers the world has been gracious enough to nurture to fine beauty. Keep me updated my guy, I like your vibe.

List item

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Looks great man, excited to hear how they do for you.

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Putting good energy out there for your future conquests, my dude :fist:t3:

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I’m looking forward to finding out your results.

how are customs made exactly?
i visited the website added 15 modules $15 each… am I supposed to buy them?

What does licensing mean?

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(Someone correct me if I get this wrong)

Licensing is the process of purchasing each of the modules in your cart.

That isn’t the entirety of purchasing a custom however, you have to go to step 2 in the menu options and add the ‘Build’ option into your cart which is like $99, I think. I don’t recall what it’s called.

Then you purchase it all together

Tagging you in case you have further insight @Azriel


You buy the modules then you build it by pasting down the list for the Q engineer
In the build section
They check if they’re licensed then put the custom together


@Ninjistic that’s accurate from the past

These days I would purchase the modules first, and then purchase the build option. Two separate purchases
I remember Saint saying something about needing to do this first in the future and I don’t know if that’s been implemented yet, so easier to do it that way imo.


Good to know before I licensed my modules. Thanks dude.

I hope that helped @Prome

thanks for clarifying… so licence the modules…

$15 * 20 = $300 and then $99 for building…?

So total 399?

damm that’s pricey…!!

How much did ur customs cost you?

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One would be inclined to think so, unless one were reminded that many of their competitors prices for a normal sub alone is sometimes close to that price…

Plus, Quadpay will help too.

you own the modules forever, and then u only pay to build a custom with them

this makes sense now… buy once, reuse in different customs forever