...- Physical Shifting and Romance Focus

Alright, some experiences over my washout have changed my thinking (only slightly) and I’ve dropped Primal Seduction. The reason is simple, I still want PS, but the core is in my custom and I’d rather dedicate more mental energy to physical shifting and therefore ultimately run more loops of Wanted and Angel.

Total focus on romance and physical shifting with a social core for practical reasons (and a synergistic effect) Ebon Maneuver for protection, and Furious Ascent for speed and general motivation as I do have a life outside these goals to maintain.

The Stack
Wanted, Angel (Custom), Ascension Chamber

Primal Seduction Core
Daredevil Core
ASP Hair
Male Enhancement
Height Inducer
Voice Master
Etherial Presence
Ebon Maneuver
Furious Ascent

Listening Pattern - Standard ZP
Wanted 1x, Angel 1x, Ascension Chamber 1x (every 7 days)
Wanted 1x, Angel 1x

5 day washout

Repeat for 6 months (unless I get a good reason to switch)
Possible Change
After the first cycle, consider adding in Limit Destroyer for boosting and emotional healing–plus I already own it, so that’s nice.

Angel + Wanted gives me a fallen angel/vampire archetype vibe. Someone who’s ethereal, graceful, has a voice, is seductive, yet twinged with a slight dangerous aura. All the physical shifting seems to support that kind of archetype also. Not really sure what the relevance of the archetype is, but I’ve seen some others mention them and that’s the vibe I get.

First Listen

The Big Body Phenomenon
My body tingled, then vibrated, then it was as though my non-physical form expanded beyond my physical form. It was as if I were growing, expanding outward and upward. I felt, quite distinctly, the distance between my head and stomach growing more and more distant. My arms, which were resting on my knees, seemed to stretch and my knees felt further and further away from the connection point at my shoulders. My spacial orientation began to distort, it was as if I were turning slowly around an axis at my center, as if my upper and lower body were rotating around each other like two poles, or like the rotation of the hands of a clock.

Somehow, despite my keen awareness of all these sensations, I managed to “stay” with them instead of collapsing them with my thinking mind. The last time I had this experience was over a year ago (long before this journey into Subliminals and the Law of Attraction) and my conscious mind collapsed the experience.

While I was rotating around my central axis, a voice from within urged me to drop Primal Seduction and to listen to only Angel and Wanted. With some reluctance, I’ve agreed to heed its charge.

When the warning message played, marking the end of my listening time, I got up and was physically light (a sensation that still lingers over an hour later) it was as though I were not bound to gravity in the same way: my steps were lighter, and it was as if I could float away, were I to wish it.

This stack is going to work well for me. Stay tuned for results.

An Apology With and Explanation
I will not be uploading a picture, nor will I be tracking my physical shifting results in much detail. As annoying as this may be (I’m something of a scientist myself, I also love data, graphs, charts, and clear progression), my reasoning is simple: I have a long history of resistance to these goals and the less I think about them, the better.

Every authority on the law of attraction that I’ve ever come across (even many modern occultists) agrees that we must “set and forget” and take action. We need to get out of the way of the subconscious mind so it can work its magic. The conscious mind is the enemy of all manifestation because it pries, questions, doubts, plays logic games, and tries to protect us from perceived dangers. So, in essence, I will not be tracking my physical shifting because the best-case scenario is that it gives interesting data and the worst-case scenario is that it slows down my results because my conscious mind is interfering with the process.

Direction of The Journal
I will run about 6 or 7 cycles of this stack.

This will be a long journal, taking place ideally over the span of 6 months–possibly longer depending on circumstances. In order to keep it tidy and readable, I shall try to limit the number of times I post per week. If I post once a day, that’s 182 posts by the end (26 days per cycle * 7 cycles). It’s not an unreasonably high number, but that doesn’t even account for people replying, asking questions, etc. This journal, even with modest interaction from the public, could easily reach over 500 posts or so in that amount of time. So, I’ll just post twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday with updates and summaries pulled from my private journal.

That’s all for now!

@enigma12 @Dark


Wanted will act on the archetype you most resonate with. So, regardless of what others have experienced, you can expect to manifest some form of what you’ve written.



Fascinating! Well, so be it.


A Quick Update

My mood has been elevated since my first two loops yesterday. It’s pretty great honestly. I’m way more socially free which is awesome. I also got some physical romantic results just a few hours ago. I feel very…free. it’s nice. I think this stack has unintentional healing properties, or I’m experiencing the bloom of Primal Seductions healing from my previous stack.
All for now, will update later this week.

Body is looking pretty fly. I have about 90% of a six pack and I’m about 10-15lbs of fat away from being shredded. Its possible I’m feeling growing pangs too: I have a lot of unexplained soreness in my legs.


Would you please enter a support ticket about this? Include what you are listening to, and how often.

Having a medical person check, might be wise, too.

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Sure thing. Besides the stuff I’m listening to and how often, what should I say? Is there a problem? :open_mouth:

Also, can’t get a medical check-up right away.

I would include:

with how often you listen, how many minutes per loop, how many loops per week, and which modules.

Day 5 Update

Little to report, or much depending on your perspective. Much is internal, sort of. I’m coming out of recon. I’ve noticed a lovely pattern that’s held for each cycle of experiencing recon and an ebb in results in the first few days of the cycle that makes me question the products. Then, I regain my wits and remember that recon is a sign that it’s working which calms the mind but not the heart.

Thank goodness for recon to straighten my path.

That’s all for now but make no mistake, the results continue to come. At the moment, I’m in an internally focused mind space, and this stack is welcomely (though rather unintentionally) very healing. I’ve found myself letting go of prejudices that I didn’t even know I held and moving on from pain.


Day 10 Update

Nothing much to share. I’ve been listening consistently but I haven’t been journaling or taking specific actions as deliberately or intentionally as I have in the past. I’ve been feeling a lot of financial strain recently. Bills just keep coming and money just keeps going. There really is no good reason for me to be struggling so much financially as I technically make plenty of money to pay what I need to pay and save.


Romance has been stable yet not entirely satisfying. Went on a “date” yesterday, with somebody else (not a friend with benefits, yet). I put “date” in quotations because the interactions between me and this person are very coy, which is fun, so it wasn’t a date, but it was probably a date. I half expected this person to ask me to stay the night, but they didn’t which was cool with me, everybody has their own pace.

There is yet another girl at work, who seemed to finally make it explicit that she was hitting on me–once I started flirting back she stopped being so cold and we made each other laugh. She’s beautiful for sure, so we’ll see where it goes.

Texted two other girls that I thought had an interest in me and got ghosted outright by one and semi-ghosted by the other so I gave up and let it go. I think some women want you to chase harder, and that’s where I went wrong with these two (once a woman starts making excuses to get close to you, it’s pretty obvious she’s into you), but to be honest, I don’t like that game as much. I like dancing, a give and take, I lead, you lead, I chase, you chase, it’s fun. I’m learning to appreciate just the chase that some people seem to expect, but it’s still not my style (yet, subject to change) and frankly, it’s a bit emotionally exhausting. Coldness can be alluring, but it reaches a point where I just get bored and look elsewhere. I suspect this will change in me, because I’m learning to appreciate all the complexities of love, but this is where I stand at the moment with people that expect to be chased only and do no chasing in return.

Physical Shifting

Have been very inconsistent with my diet, about 10 lbs away from a full-on 6-pack. Physically feel great, my skin is healthier and more hydrated than it’s been in 10 years. My hair is looking good. All signs are positive!


Day 11 Wanted + Angel

Damn it all to hell. I will be updating more than twice a week. Publically updating on this form helps me, it keeps me results and action-focused, so I’m going to update more often and I guess come what may.

I just ran Angel and will be running Wanted later this afternoon. This is mostly for practical reasons, but perhaps spacing them out throughout the day is wise anyway–it allows me several hours to process one subliminal before running the second one. Maybe it would/will work similarly to “daily doubles” (common in competition prep in a lot of sports) where you work out twice a day, once in the morning, once at night. I don’t know. If it feels good, I’ll keep doing it.


Feeling pretty good. I think yet another coworker is into me. This is fun but potentially problematic haha.

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Day 12 Rest – This Stack is Changing

This stack will be changing starting tomorrow. The objectives will remain the same, but I need to adapt to new circumstances in my life so I will be adding a third title because this stack, though amazing so far, is lacking something important–a comprehensive foundation. There is no foundation to this stack, it’s completely goal-oriented (by design). The problem with that (being so strickly focused) is that there is no foundation to change the person striving for those goals.

Let me explain. I’m seducing, I’m physically shifting, I’m being social, that’s all this stack is doing and it’s working wonderfully but me (the current version of myself that I am) is not being worked on in a deep way and still has a laundry list of “problems” and I feel a lack in this stack…So I will be adding…

Adding Emperor - Dropping Ascension Chamber
I loved it when I ran it, I only stopped because it was counterproductive to my goals at the specific time that I was running it. So, I switched to Stark and that helped me graduate college with a surprisingly high GPA. Now, though, Emperor is actually aligned with my current goals and my future goals. Best thing is, I’ve already run it before for a cycle so I pretty much know what kinds of things I will be getting and can only dream of what will happen when I run it for the long term.

Emperor will give me a base to work on the more foundational issues that I’m facing in myself, and I suspect that it will actually speed up the results goals of this program/experiment because of the extreme confidence and calm that Emperor brings. Not to mention, Emperor increases manifestation abilities.

I also feel that Emperor has been calling to me, so it is what it is.

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Day 13 Emperor and Angel

I will be using a new listening pattern that I devised…okay, it was really just a shower thought but I’m going to try it because it makes sense to me and I’m going to share it because it ought to be perfectly safe. Effective? Who knows, if I didn’t think it would be, I wouldn’t be doing it. Safe? Most likely.

New Listening Pattern
It’s actually very simple but I’ll start with the rationale. When running three ZP titles, you follow a simple pattern of:
Title 1 + Title 2
Title 3
And so forth, alternating after each rest day. By the end of the stack, you’ve listened to all three titles (approximately) the same number of times over the course of a cycle. This makes perfect sense if you have three titles all of equal priority. But, there was a thought that was nagging at me, what if you have three titles (the max for ZP (probably for a very good reason)) but not all three titles are of equal priority? Consider for a moment a situation in which you have 1 title that is priority and 2 titles that are secondary/supplemental titles.

Consider the bodybuilder that’s trying to bring up a lagging body part (biceps for me). What do they do? Do they continue to work their entire body evenly from toes to crown and hope the lagging body part catches up? Of course not, that would be both silly and counterproductive.

Let’s push the body-building metaphor further. Would it make sense for the bodybuilder to, for instance, stop working the rest of their body and only work their lagging parts? No, of course not. That would be silly and counterproductive.

So, with subliminals look at the two metaphorical cases. If I’m lagging, I could continue to run all three titles evenly and hope for the best. Eventually, over the long haul, things will even out. Or, I could drop the two other titles and only run the primary title, but then I’m missing out on the benefits of the supplementary titles. Or, in the case of the bodybuilder, I’m putting all of my attention into my lagging parts and letting the rest of me go untrained.

What do good bodybuilders actually do? They maintain their physique and put extra attention into their lagging parts.

How does this translate to subliminal titles?

3 ZP Title Stack: 1 Primary, 2 Supplemental Titles
Enter my solution that conforms (or ought to conform) with maximum loops/week safety standards. I’ll be the lab rat so you don’t have to. Note below that there are no extra loops, indeed the loops lost from the supplementary titles are replaced by loops gained by the primary.

Standard 21-day cycle with a 5-day washout as the frame for the new pattern.

Stack = Primary Title + Suplementary Title 1 + Suplementary Title 2

Primary Title + Supplementary Title 1
Primary Title + Supplementary Title 2
Primary Title + Supplementary Title 1
Primary Title + Supplementary Title 2

5 Day Wash Out.

This is the new pattern that I will be using for some indiscriminate amount of time, how this translates for my goals and into my stack is:

Emperor + Angel
Emperor + Wanted

Emperor is the primary title because it works deeply on the person (me) which is what this stack has been lacking, and Angel and Wanted are the supplementary titles that fulfill my romantic and physical shifting goals.

Feeling amazing after running Emperor and Angel, I’m glad that I made the switch.

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Ahhh the OG side sub pattern I had :joy:

I suggest you to only run this pattern for 2 weeks before washout.
And yes, the pattern can work well, and there has been an unofficial pattern like that for Rebirth (I think @Simon was the one who proposed it), where you use rebirth every listening day, but alternate the second sub you’re running for the day.


Ha! Well, I’m not surprised somebody thought of it first, but now I know that it’s been battle-tested by SubClub OGs, so that’s a confidence boost. Also, perfect. I’ll finish out the last week of this cycle on the slide pattern and washout. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Day 19 Emperor and Angel

It’s been about a week since I’ve updated and much has happened. Currently, I’m in a short period of reflection about things to come, there is a new relationship prospect on the horizon (someone that I’ve had a crush on for a long time). There is a new job prospect that would transform my life as I know it–or transform it even more than it’s already been changed. Lastly, there are serious opportunities for complete transformation available to me right this second, opportunities that I will take.

What’s New?

Well, since the last time I updated, I let go of the friends with benefits. As a testimate to how powerful these subs are in changing reality, not only was letting go of her easy for me, it seems like it was easy enough for her as well–the emperor chooses what the terms of the relationships are, according to the sales page. Why did we break off the fun? Simple, she wanted things from me that I’m not willing/able to give her, so it came to a natural and healthy end.

Things have rapidly escalated in the last couple days with a crush of mine (the one mentioned above in the intro) and I now have a number, and we have two dates set. I have been experiencing a lot of recon around this girl (the more general definition provided by @Theacrobat of recon) the last few days and after obsessively consulting spiritual sources, introspecting, and trying to hear the voice of my subconscious, I think I know why I was experiencing recon about her. The recon came from a lack of understanding of the situation: if I want this girl, I have to be willing to commit to her, she’s not looking for anything casual.

So, after going back and forth in my head about it, I’ve decided that I’m willing to commit to this girl, to date her monogamously, and see where life takes us. This would mean letting go of other prospects that have been warming up to me, (2 mainly at the moment) but I’m okay with that because if it’s with her, I’m ready for another relationship–yes, she’s that worth it and I’m saying that from the perspective of an Emperor (lol) that’s effectively given up on 8 girls in the past few months that have been interested in me as relationship material. To be fair, at the time, I passed on them because I wasn’t looking for a relationship and the situations told me that they were. But this girl, yeah, I’ll commit to her, not to anybody else in my orbit, but to her, yeah, I’ll commit.

So, if my intuition is correct and this girl is looking for something serious, then I’ll date her. If I’m confusing my stupid-ass conscious mind for subconscious wisdom, then we’ll see what happens. Regardless, this one girl, is the object of my romantic focus at the moment. All else be damned.

Physical Shifting
I’ve been off all the wagons recently. I’ve been eating like a pig, drinking too much, and smoking way to goddamned much (tobacco, not weed). Emperor isn’t to blame, but this happened last time I was on Emperor. The reason why (I think) is because Emperor reminds me that I don’t need to change these things to accomplish my goals. I don’t need a 6-pack, I don’t need to quit smoking, I don’t need to quit drinking, and I don’t need to change. Should I change? Yes. Do I want to change? Yes! But, what I’m saying is that I DON’T NEED TO CHANGE to accomplish my goals in love and professional success. I don’t need to change because my habits don’t hold me back from success. They don’t hold me back from success because I’m not a serious alcoholic, I’m not obese (and I never let myself get fatter than around 18% body fat), and smoking makes me look cool–kidding but not kidding. We’re all adults here, let’s just be honest, okay? Smoking is cool and that’s why everyone becomes a smoker. For those that aren’t smokers, don’t start, it is cool, but it’s also a goddamned stupid waste of money that will prematurely age you, and (if you live in the USA) it’s freaking expensive. In the region I live in, my smokes cost about $12 bucks a pack, talk about burning a hole in your pocket.

So, in summary, physical shifting is fine, I’m still not putting on weight easily, but I haven’t been taking action with my physical shifting goals. I haven’t been eating the nutrients my body needs in order to grow taller.

Professional Life
Applied for a new job with the power of the Emperor. Time will tell, but I have some very unscientific reasons for believing that I will get the job. The job will double my pay. Yes, double it. So, talk about a status increase and talk about the budding Emperor.

All for now!


I’ve dropped Wanted from my stack (for the rest of the cycle, will add it back in the next cycle). I adore Wanted, but I really wish there was another version of Wanted that wasn’t based around coquetry. It’s fun, sure, but if only there was a sub that had all the powerful physical shifting of Wanted, without the emphasis on playing the coquette. Idk, I’m tired of playing the coquette, it’s what I did unintentionally my whole life and I’m over it.


You can try switching Wanted with Spartan :wink:

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If you want the powerful physical shifting of WANTED without the coquette scripting why not make a custom full of physical shifting modules with or without a different, more desired core?

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Looking at the sales page now.

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$250 USD, is why. Haha


@Lineer2 Spartan might be exactly what the doctor ordered. What I need right now is some discipline to make these goals fully realize, specifically the physical goals, but also professional goals. The new job would be a real job and will require me to do a hell of a lot more than punching a time clock.