Pheromones as self-improvement?


In my own personal opinion, pheromones is somethat that most, if not all people, have an opinion on. I also know that most see them as a tool or booster to attract women, being better socially etc.
But could it also be seen as a tool for self-improvement?

I think yes!

There is however a big BUT. You have to adapt and improve. Most people if they are a bit introvert or possible even beta, they would like to elevate their status and become the alpha. Become the “life of the party”. I’m not saying everyone wants that, but I think it’s fair to say that most people wouldn’t mind being the center of attention, especially among women.
But it requires that you like this and actually, also have the game and the personality in order.

Pheromones are meant to enhance the way people view you, and if for instance a person apply a strong alpha like Bad Wolf, but does not possess the mind or the way of being alpha, then it will send out conflicting signals - people will simply not understand you.
I’ve experienced this, and believe me, it’s not funny at all.

Therefore, I think that pheromones can be a thing that causes self-improvement. Not because of the way pheromones work, but because of their requirement to function as intended.

What do you think?


There has been some self affects that I’ve experienced while wearing pheromones like feeling upbeat, happy more confident approaching women, so yes I think you can see it that way.

But I think the main goal of wearing these products is to attract other people, I personally would not recommend BW to someone that was a beta male type.

Some users report feeling depression after applying Androstadienone or products that have that particular molecule in it, I’ve never experienced this myself though.


But do you expect that a pheromone works just out of the box for you? Or would you adapt to it?


11-06-18 @ 9:20 AM:
@ fayzmayn: What you are referring to is a lack of congruency to the vibe the product is projecting off of you. I experienced this when I first got into 'mones back in 2008. My first product ever was A314, back when it was the respect monster that it used to be. It was great not just as an alpha/status product, but also as an attractant of high quality women, as it pulled in 9’s and 10’s just by being in their immediate vicinity. The failure came from me, as I was not congruent with it’s super alpha/status signature. And as a result, the women would have this funny look in their face afterwards, as they were confused, because the way I acted around them was totally beta, which was 100% the opposite of the alpha signature the product was projecting off of me.

So yeah, 'mones just like subs, are tools that can be used to help tilt the odds in your favor when it comes to bettering your chances with the opposite sex, but it is entirely up to the user to drive those tools accordingly in order to gain the social/alpha/status respect, and/or romantic/sexual attraction.

From experience, alpha/status type products are the hardest to be congruent with, because if you don’t adjust your personality accordingly, it will create conflicting signals, and people will feel weird/creeped out in your presence. This is where users report the so called “ghosting” effect or worse yet, the dreaded sh!t testing barrage some members have experienced with such alpha products as Wolf/Bad Wolf, and vintage A314.


@DssMaster Oh yes, that was the word I was looking for :wink:

What is your favorite if you are still using it?


I’ve been experimenting with Voodoo, and when paired with Emperor, it’s been making me incredibly outspoken. I’m also setting hard boundaries with a few of the higher ups at work on a rather sensitive topic. Interestingly enough, they’re not really fighting back. It’s as if Voodoo is smoothing out the “aggressiveness” of Emperor.


11-06-18 @ 2:00 PM
Depends on the occasion; if it’s an alpha/status signature I want, I go with Ascend oil with cops. That one never fails to get me the social respect from guys, where they seek my approval and want to treat me like an old time buddy. Also works well on older women when it comes to respect, and also status/social proof (because of the cops in it).

If I’m going out partying or going to a bar, and want something to create sexual attraction, I’m going for AV and/or DP. They are great for getting not just attention from the ladies, but also creating sexual tension to escalate things further. The problem with those two is that they are “hit or miss” type of 'mones, as it depends on where the women are in their cycle. And you can’t wear them too often, as it seems they build up on you, which is the reason why so many members claim they are inconsistent.

Currently I’m playing with my own blend that I’m experimenting with, since I’ve grown tired over the years of trying different formulas that work inconsistently. And so far things are looking really good with progress.


Just received these from Grondyke. Pheromones in solid cologne form in tiny dispensers.

The different types are Bond, Durden and Maverick.


Let me know how they work brother. Been curious to try them out.


I’ve been curious about mines myself, though I’ve found it hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. What has anyone had good results with. Please note that I don’t know any of the acronyms associated with it.


Here’s something I never knew existed :stuck_out_tongue:


For me pheromones work but are very focused and hard to be congruent with the vibe.
Subs on the other hand change you from inside and are permenant. So why not have permenant change instead of temp? Subs are also very wide improvement.


Why not do both? I don’t think it’ll make you explode.


SubClub subs are cheaper on average and probably are more effective in the long run.


Have you tried both?
What were your experiences…?
Problem with both is you may get used to lots of attention…and when u not using them you doubt the sub …


Pheromones also cause burn outs …


Doesn’t having your face in that position all the time also cause burnout?


Sure does…:joy::joy::joy:


Aqua Vitae from LA mones+ True Love
from True Phermones

I don’t know if these are still around.

The combo transformed my world. Self effects +how others viewed me
the status is insane, and I would sleep with woman way ‘out of my league’ .
and that would want to hang onto me like I was super high value.
I knew my way around nightlife at the time but night and day with this combo.
I was broke and living at my moms at the time lol


did you ever try Bad Wolf or Overdose? Or anything else from there you like in particular?