Optimal sub(s) to run for sales skills?


Hey guys,

Currently running EV4 and had great results. (More dominant socially, don’t take other people’s bs, well-respected, etc.). I’m starting a role with a high potential for income that will heavily involve sales skills. It’s in a good market with a good company so I’m very optimistic. It’s commission-based so it’s feast or famine out here especially with my loan situation.

I’m wondering what the best sub(s) to run to develop my sales and soft skills further. I was gonna just run EV4 + True Social but there’s a more optimal path. I’d like to keep Emp in my stack but not opposed to removing it if it won’t be optimal.

Ideas I have are: Emperor, Khan, EOG, Daredevil, PCC, QL, and Spartan. I’d like to mix and match 2 or 3 of these.

I like Emperor and it’s empire-building. Khan would be nice because although it is power and sexuality-based, and sales skills and gaming girls go hand in hand. EOG is for wealth accumulation. Daredevil to master social interactions and soft skills. PCC for general workplace BS. QL to learn the ins-and-outs of the industry, skills, and the whole lot of technical stuff I need to know and master. Spartan for the alpha warrior mindset to push through adversity, get what I want, and achieve my goals.

My ultimate long-term goal is to start my own profitable business or investment hustle. Medium-term goal (if that’s the term) is to be one of the top performers of the company and consistently make over 6 figures in 1-2 years.

Thanks guys. Very appreciative of this amazing community. I give SubClub and Emperor credit for this new opportunity.


Saint promised a sales sub in the past, it never came to fruition.

A PCC- style sub based on negotiation, soft manipulation tactics and such would be ideal.


If you have a decent foundation in masculinity, I’d go for DareDevil + PCC.


@DarkPhilosopher That sounds epic. I’d say I have a good foundation in masculinity.

Do you think keeping Emp in there 1-2 loops would work? I like the results I’m seeing and worried of losing “gains” as one would when they stop going to the gym. A concern with Emp though would be me quitting the job and going against my non-compete by starting a rival company :sweat_smile:.

I do still have insecurities so I like New Beginnings lite in Emp as it works on that. That’s also why I’m enticed by Khan because of St1.

Still, Daredevil + PCC sounds powerful.


Your muscle gains don’t go away when you stop going to the gym, they go away when you stop using those muscles. Any sub (including Emperor) gives you the tools you need, much like a gym does. As long as you then continue to use those tools you won’t lose your gains. So keep behaving like an Emperor and you’ll be just fine.

That said, if you feel like you should run it a few times here and there to help remind you, you can, keeping in mind to give the majority of your time to the other subs.

If you wish to prevent branching off on your own, make it clear to yourself that to do so is not your goal right now. Set your goals. If you prefer to grow within your employment, Emperor will let you do that.

The only time it may push you to leave is if your job is holding you back and offers no room for growth. Emperor doesn’t mind it if you prefer a job right now, it does mind it if you are stuck with no room to improve.


I really appreciate the advice and clarification. You’ve been around here longer and clearly are more knowledgable about this.

Assuming no one else suggests something that really blows me away, I think I’m gonna go with DD + PCC. I’m gonna let Emp and Sanguine play for a few more days (read: waiting for my paycheck) and then I’ll see what that stack’s really all about.


Many people in emperor thought that their conversation skills dropped regarding to what people consider social acceptable. In sales you need to have diplomacy but emperor gives a more raw talking if it makes sense. I dont know about PCC since i didnt read any journals for long time but when i was reading every journal i saw significant improvements in some blogs with EOG and Daredevil. I can vouch for True Social and Libertine aswell


PCC will greatly help with negotiation skills.


Hmm, I was set on adding 1-2 loops of Emp but that is a good point. 1-5ish loops Emp is good, but I just did like 15-16 loops yesterday and I didn’t feel like talking to anyone this morning. So you think 1-2 loops might hurt my sales skills?

If that is the case, I’m thinking about adding Asc Mogul or GLM to my stack. Both will further develop my masculinity which I like. The benefit of Asc Mogul is that part of the focus is on money which is nice. The benefit of GLM is that it will be less dense allowing Daredevil and PCC to shine while still giving me that masculine edge. Thoughts on this?

EOG is also intriguing me. Gonna have to read more EOG journals first.


Yes, PCC will have to be in my stack. Love 48 Laws. Having that in my subconscious will be a game changer.


So my current plan is to run whatever sales-focused stack I choose for at least a year or when my financial situation is prospering. Then I’ll switch to Alchemist/Khan/maybe QL. Probably shouldn’t run those 2/3 simultaneously but I’d like to hit all of those at some point.


That’s a very interesting word you used right there @i_am, the word hustle.

To me, when I think of a hustle, I think of pushing against reality for many hours to make your goals happen… A type of business where you have to Go, Go, Go non-stop transubstantiating energy into money and revenue… A type of business where if you stop putting energy in, all the wheels halt, the grind stops, and the results wane.

And to me, a business and an investment should be less of a “pet” and more of a “baby”: Where at first you build all the momentum needed for it to work, then it will do the work for you, rather than you needing to be active to keep it profitable.

Am I getting this wrong? Or what does the word “hustle” mean to you?


@AMASH My usage of “hustle” was pretty ambiguous. I had real estate in general in my mind. Whether that be more passive investments like renting out houses or more active hustles like flipping them. Narrowing down the area of focus would be ideal though.


Yes. I find clarity to be one of the most powerful mental powers anybody can ever use.

It’s under-used though. Glad to know you’re an individual who values clarity.


So PCC is a lock but does anyone having any insights on how Khan would play into my goals? I’m curious if Khan already has the equivalent of Daredevil’s scripting included. I have some time before I start the role so running ST1 wouldn’t be an issue.


Khan includes lessons learned from creating both DareDevil (regarding the social aspect) and Iron Throne (push to action). It should make you quite charismatic and social. It will be your responsibility to keep business and personal separated. You’re a salesperson, not a phone sex operator. :slight_smile:

The one thing of note is that there’s no guarantee it will happen right away. People like AMASH have seen amazing results from day 1, I myself became highly productive on ST1, passive on ST2, pretty much balanced on ST3 and didn’t see the social benefits until ST4. Although I am probably not the best example, I’m running a complex stack.

I think the speed by which you get results on Khan is largely dependent on how experienced your subconscious is with processing subs.

And PCC will definitely help you with negotiation needed for sales. After less than a month of being on PCC I convinced one store to refund my shipping costs and another to send me a free product.

Oh, if only I had an affiliate link, I’d give it to you. :wink:


Hahaha, yeah that’s what I was thinking. I’d have to consciously focus on the sale instead of setting up dates with all the female clients. I jest, but honestly doesn’t sound too bad :wink:

Seems to me that Khan offers all of the benefits of Daredevil + thorough healing + sexuality + more. But Daredevil might see quicker results since it’s only a single stage and offer less reconciliation. Wouldn’t hurt to try Daredevil first then go for Khan later. Would probably enhance Khan tbh. But I don’t know if I could handle any hard-hitting reconciliation once I’m already on the ground running with this role.

I’m getting pretty excited for PCC the more I hear about it. Sounds like a tool to help me cut through the BS and get what I want easier.


hey i have the same feeling with emperor, i am also in sales but my convo is so limited and direct. ive been listening to emperor for about 2 weeks now…

btw welcome to the community, im new only 14 days in here…

i might stack PCC, as of now im currently doing only Emp 4


@deylon Yeah I’ve really noticed this today. Some days I’m feeling social but usually I’m standoffish to newer people, direct, to the point, etc. This can be nice, but not ideal at all for sales. Per @AMASH’s theory that running a sub for 60 days will ensure that you retain it’s core, I’m gonna run Emperor for another week or so (to account for some weekends I’ve taken off) and drop it. I’ll have to revisit it once the time is right (I might even experiment with running only certain day(s) of the week).

Welcome to subclub to you as well. I’ve been running Emperor and Primal Seduction for about two months now so I’m relatively new here as well. Emperor was great so it’s bittersweet to let it go, but it’s necessary. I messed up with PS and assumed it would be as strong as EV4 so I ran it even less the Emperor since it wasn’t my main goal. I started amping up the loops of PS recently and saw great things. Might have to keep that somewhere in the stack for at least a month or so. But sales is the main focus right now.


That’s fantastic man, that you’re focusing on the process of facilitating value exchange, which expands the range of options for people, and gets them to the next level in some area of their lives. That’s what sales is to me, in a nutshell.

And to get this even better, @i_am, what could be 3 simple things you can begin on today that make sure you get to your goal in mastering sales and seeing results faster, and to have a firmer foundation?