Operation HERO: Mission Briefing

Note: This is all joke, don’t take it seriously lol. I’m just having fun.

-Mission Briefing, deep within Subliminal Club underground-

Alright, here’s the plan boys, we’re going to gather intel on declassified and unreleased product concept, HERO from Subliminal Club.

Unbeknownst to Saint and Fire, we have a mole within their system. He’s a reliable source and told me that the HERO blueprint is kept in a bulletproof safe, deep within the Subliminal Club headquarters. They have a state of the art security system consisting of motion detectors, laser alarms and infrared beams.


@CyberTate is finding security flaws as we speak.

We’ve put together a team of highly specialized individuals for infiltration. We’re going to get in, download information from the blueprint, and get out.

My reliable source told me that Saint and Fire have hired military personnel as bodyguards to the safe.


@Yazooneh. @BombayDuck. Y’all know what to do… take them out swiftly. Make it clean if you can.

@JCast will use his coding expertise to hack into the Subliminal Club network remotely, giving us a birds-eye view of the Q infrastructure.


We will require assistance on the outside as well.

@AlphaMale, increase loops immediately and start overexposing. This will provide a sufficient distraction in the forum.

@Houdini, make an alternate account and start complaining about ZP.

@Inevitable, just… be yourself.

The rest of you, start bombarding support hub with long paragraphs asking for life advice. Overload them asap. When everyone is distracted and the system is crashed, that’s when we’ll move in.


@Lion will take charge.

@Billions will use his sales tactics and persuasion skills to get us in through the front. We will pose as a “marketing team” who has interest in helping Subliminal Club expand.

@Invictus will use his aura and entrancing WANTED powers to distract the female employees. When their guards are down, the rest of us will slip in through the back, undetected.

When we’re in the safe room, @RVConsultant will be using his remote viewing ability to watch our six and alert of us any movement.

@Brandon will study timing of the lasers and skillfully choreograph movements to maneuver through them.


On the off chance that we get caught and they send in the police force… @Sage_Ninjistic will have us covered and create a delay.

I should add that, these are all @Simon’s instructions so we should follow them.

As dire as it may seem, fortunately for us @Malkuth has had premonitions and precognitions of our success.

We will begin at high noon.

Any questions? Anything to add?


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Too many hilarious parts to start so I’m just not saying anything.

(well, I’ve got to say @Brandon’s the coolest so far.)


Holy cannoli am I Tom cruise?! Nice.

Dude I died laughing when I read the @alphamale, start overexposing immediately. DEAD.
reading this while listening to the mission impossible theme was a game-changer




Do I see cross-over potential here somewhere?


yeah show Luther man


What did I just read lol. I love it.


Pretty cute!!!

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The fact that this is my contribution given what happened today between me and a motorcycle cop is extraordinarily serendipitous :joy::joy::joy::joy:

@Alphamale’s part had me wheezing for a moment.

Make sure @JCast stays on task, his role is crucial.


I read the whole context now and it’s freaking funny :joy::joy:



I enjoyed reading this, I like the different elements of the scenario you created there. Nice imagination on ye!

Edit: felt like adding some praise, didn’t think of it yesterday.


hahaha i actually wanted to include like 20 more members LOL got lazy but eh nice to get a good laugh every now and then,

especially in these merry times

cheery spirits to all


Ready for the job sir.

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The realities will cross over @bombayduck you are correct. Members have been sending me messages asking as to why we cannot have a cross over between the Luthers world and the Goofy world. I have discussed this at great lenght with Luther and he is happy to go ahead and give the green light.

Brandon will be making a cameo appearance as an immortal i will not give away to much at this time.


No he will be playing an immortal a man cursed to live forever. A man who is struggling with the demons of his past.


@Luther24 did @aaa not get a part?


LOL! :laughing:

i love your stories

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i don’t know the situation on Hero if it’s a sub or anything like that (i know nothing lol) but if it was…

this song came to mind LMAO

Late at night I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need
I need a HERO
I’m holdin’ out for a HERO 'til the end of the night

yeah… i’ll escort myself out


@Luther24 you are the hero of your own story ! your destiny is to walk the path of the immortals and return to the foot hills of Olympus.

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