Online, Text & Social Media Game Tactics

Hello Gentlmen. I’ve decided to make a thread where we can all explore, discover, share and help each other with Online Game… Since we have such a great community i see no reason why we can’t help each other get laid or improve using Social media and online presence.

It’s 2019… It has become very normal for people to use online datting apps and social media to gain the attention of the opposite sex. I want everyone to post about their experiances… What could improve at… ask for help on texting and setting profiles… what works and what doesn’t…

Anyone who had a tremendous success with dating apps and social media… how do you do it :slight_smile:

Lets see where this goes :slight_smile:


Ill start with saying that having a solid Facebook, Insta can definitly be utilized in our favour. A large following and a solid profile is instant social proof which makes the owner of those profile stand out above the rest. Shallow or not… it pragmatic.

I myself have started optimizing my social media profiles in order craft a stronger presence. Using better pics, removing lame stuff, sharing good stories and making and effort to connect with people…

Success in any medium or endeavour is all about that first push… once you are past that first hurdle it will snowball harder and harder…

The rich gets richer etc…


BlackDragon has a great manual for online dating. If you’re serious about that, I highly recommend you search for it. I think the name is BlackDragon’s Ultimate Online Dating Manual


I’ve never spend much time on online dating etc. I don’t really enjoy it.

But I’ll follow this thread with great interest :slight_smile:

Good topic — moved it to the Emperor Lounge. Will post my strategy later.


Still waiting for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As am I lol.
Especially with the release of Primal Seduction id like to see your strategy.

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I have never had any success with dating apps like Tinder. Despite having my photos professionally done and profile rewritten by a dating coach. The problem with dating apps is its all based on looks in a photo. Which makes it so artificial.


Well what do you expect tinder is usually for people that want to get laid, and usually when you want to get laid by someone . You want to get laid by people that look good or fit or w/e. Most people wont even read your profile and maybe getting your profile professionally done is a bit much especially for tinder. Now if you were doing match or eharmony then you might want it professionally done since there is a lot that needs to be filled out. But you always want to be honest about who you are and what you look like.

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I also tried eharmony and bumble bee. Nothing came of thes sites. I think online dating attracts narcissistic personalities and those who are looking for external validation. These.sites i believe are a waste of time.


I both agree and disagree with you. I had tremendous success with both Tinder and Bumble back when I was hitting it hard, and while yes, they do attract people looking for validation, they become incredibly easy to spot and bypass.

With online dating, you have to create a system and never deviate from it. Treat it like a strategy game. For example, I had a rule that within 5 messages, I was going to ask for her number and set up a date. If they resisted, in any way, shape or form, I simply closed the connection. Or another thing – I know what I want and what I don’t want. I personally can’t stand a bitchy or mean spirited individual. If someone I was talking to showed signs of that, I would immediately end the conversation and close the match.

This system allowed me to get through the 30-50 matches per week I was getting incredibly fast and spend my brain power on potentials. Remember, science has proven that you can only handle so many interactions and decisions a day. Come up with a way to filter out undesirables quickly.

Later, I’ll post my strategy to building an incredibly potent and effective profile – the same one that used to generate a ton of matches, dates and yes, lays. Hint: when people say, “you gotta market yourself,” you LITERALLY have to market yourself.


@SaintSovereign - a follow-up on this would be awesome.