Oneironautics! (The Lucid Dreaming Thread)

Hey everyone, I’ve seen lately that quite a few people are mentioning things related to lucid dreaming and overall interpreting dreams. From experience, I know that this kind of discussion is quite out there. When left for mention only in individual journals it’s a little sparse and is mildly interesting at most. However together, we can bounce off some very interesting ideas. @King mentioned using lucid dreaming for manifestation and that’s pretty exciting.

My Background With Lucid Dreaming

I’ve known about LDs for a while. In fact, my last adventures with it ended right before the start of this year. I was recording my dreams for about 1.5 years. I even did some basic dream analysis using data science techniques on my laptop (mostly categorization in different ways, such as the category of dream signs). I practiced reality checks for quite some time. Of course, I also tried out such dream techniques as MILD and even used some lucid dream supplements a few times. All these did lead to better dream recall (at one point I was remembering 4 dreams a night) and some lucid dreams, but overall it was still way too inconsistent and infrequent. And so I stopped earlier.

With the upcoming subliminal, I will be returning to the world of oneironautics. What’s your story and why are YOU excited? :smiley:


I have been wanting to do LD’s for the longest time. I suspect I may have done a few. However, I have issues with recall, so I don’t remember 95% of my dreams.

I also rarely sleep long enough, although it is more now that I don’t have to wake up early to pretty myself up and do a commute to work.

I do sometimes have semi-lucid dreams, where I don’t have total control, but I can influence within the context of the dream. So if in a dream I ended up at a fork in the road I can choose which direction I go, but I can’t turn around or change the road. As a result, I am still surprised with what shows up.

Strange thing is that I recently started taking magnesium-supplements and running Emperor Fitness, which is making my sleep so deep I lose all perception of time and take about 20 minutes in the morning to get completely back into the present.

I would love to consistently have LD’s though, it helps so much in self-development because you can influence/determine the outcome of your actions. So you can take an action and create the result you want, thus giving confirmation to your subconscious.

Saint is more about the “next” levels, like remote viewing and astral projection. But I think having the foundation of lucid dreaming will come in handy there. Plus, it does have its place, even if I use it for “recreation” sometimes.

Oh, who am I kidding. Most times. :slight_smile:


Haven’t watched Somewhere in Time yet, but I heard it’s a good movie about a guy who lucid-dreams into the past by using hypnosis. Would be fantastic if I could lucid dream like him.

Very good soundtrack in any case.

Ah, the time when trailers did not need special effects to draw an audience.

Actually I think his process is more like subliminals than hypnosis. If I recall correctly, he creates a room styled for the era, then repeats affirmations to himself over and over until he convinces himself that it is his reality. At that point, he has traveled through time. It may actually be closer to how the universe actually works than most people think.

Pretty sad movie, I saw it a long time ago.

Would you be so kind to share you system? I started to do the same but am not 100% satisfied with what I came up with

The way the data is prepared is this:
A single row contains the dream sign, the dream category and date of occurrence.

The code does a group-by on the rows by dream sign for a given date range (e.g. last week) and then uses a bar plot library to display bars for each category of sign.

Does anyone have any interesting LD experiences to report yet?

I have been working on the night shift this week, so I have not been able to properly test out Ultima Dreams.

Just greatly improved dream recall so far; 5 dreams in one night.

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I have been recalling a lot of my dreams actually, but just didn’t find most of them worth writing down.

You should still write them down. When you do, it’s giving yourself a message that you want to remember them. Which in turn helps you remember more.

5 dreams in one night? Wow. I’m lucky if I catch the last 20 minutes of the final dream.

Any tips in regarding how to use Dreams Ultima? Or just play it an hour before bed and let the Ultima get to work? Gonna try it tonight.

Listen to it while falling asleep.

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Alright, let’s see what this bad boy can do.

Just noticed a lucid dream with 1. 1x Legacy + 2. 1x ME. Felt like I went through a really fast REM cycle (No deep sleep) and woke up refreshed in ~three hours. It was like I didn’t fall asleep at all, and wondered if what I did in the dream was actually real.

Any updates on this thread?

It’s been a while since I’ve run DREAMS.

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Anyone running Dreams with DR to get to the bottom of their mind?

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I think the first step is to master lucid dreaming. Haven’t been running dreams for a while- should get back to it.

My dream last night was sort of symbolic.

Significant advancement in lucid dreaming.