Official SubTMW Cup - May 2020 - Vote in Progress


The SubTMW Cup of May 2020 begins… now!

SubQuotes has been revamped into a more interesting format… SubTMW.

Simply post about anything subliminal or SubClub related in the “That Moment When” format. This can be your experiences, your results, or even your reactions to things at the SubClub forums. You can read more here.

An example: “That moment when you listen to a loop of Blue Skies and in the first 20 minutes realize how you can upgrade Q to be even more efficient.”.

The voting for the best SubTMW begins on the 25th.



I’ll start.

That moment when you listen to a loop of Blue Skies and in the first 20 minutes realize how you can upgrade Q to be even more efficient.

What, you thought it was just an example? :wink:

Q Module Questions

That moment when you finally realize how effective SubClub’s subs are, as you wake up next to a beautiful woman and feel like the movie Hangover, trying to figure out how you got from who you were to who you are now without even noticing.


That moment when you realise Subliminal Club is one of the best discoveries an individual could make in their entire lifetime.


That moment when @mecharc realizes he only ever needed a single sub to achieve his goals.

Sorry, couldn’t resist after seeing your name twice. :wink:

I trust you’re doing well in the Age of Q, mech!

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The moment when you wake up to a throbbing boner and reach over to check the time on your phone only to realize SubClub’s Sex MasteryX has been playing on loop all night long. Ohh boy! :exploding_head::rofl:


That moment when you play a subliminal to be an alpha male and then you realize that you want to go on the forum and fight with other alpha males.


That moment when you want to ask a lot of questions but then realize that you just need to play Quantum Limitless.


That moment when you want a subliminal that gave you a big dick but realized that you became a big dick.


The moment you realise you have to break your promise of not buying another sub before 30 days pass


That moment when you think you know what the ultimate healing sub is, only to have Saint talk about some mysterious sub he’s running now that’s 10 times more intense.


That moment when you ask yourself whether the Sub Club creators are human or not.


That moment when you figure out the answer to that question.


The moment when you are running Quantum Limitless to figure out the answer to that question


That moment when you wake up from the weirdest dream ever, try to write it down and realise there was more going on than in the past few weeks of waking life.


That moment when you try rip off subliminal club to make a quick buck, and get exposed in the process!


That moment when you want to request for EmperorQ:Terminus, but fret about fucking up everyone’s stack.



That moment when @blackadder releases his Book of Prophecies about the future products of SubClub and the associated trailers.


That moment when you realize you bought years worth of therapy for the price of a good meal.