Official SubTournaments Rules and Structure


Inspired by the Subliminal Memes thread by @Sirchiropractixalot, @SaintSovereign and I decided it would be a good way to make the community even tighter-knit by introducing not only SubMemes but also SubTMW monthly tournaments.

The tournaments will last the whole month, with the voting for top 3 starting on the 25th each month. During each month, individuals will be able to create and post their self-made subliminal meme in the SubMemes thread, while for SubTMW, each person will post their experience or anything SubClub/subliminal related in the “that moment when” format.

There are no limits to submissions! Meaning, you can make as many as you want. The voting will be based on individuals - all individuals that participated will be added to the voting poll.

And yes, there will be rewards.

First place - 30%.
Second place - 20%.
Third place - 10%.

… one time, stackable discount (it can stack with any other discount). It will also apply to the upcoming Q platform.

When the 25th comes, users will be able to submit their favorite SubMeme or SubTMW poster, if they haven’t been added already. Keep in mind, you cannot vote for yourself.

Furthermore, each meme/TMW has a chance to be featured on one of Subliminal Club’s social medias, with credit to the creator (in legalese, we reserve the rights to use the quotes/memes).

Now, if there are any questions, feel free to ask. If the first month is liked by the community and is a success, we can hold these each month.

P.S All submissions count towards the post count for SubClub Elites.

Official SubMemes Cup - May 2020 - Vote in Progress
Official SubTMW Cup - May 2020 - Vote in Progress

WOW you guys keep surprising us daily!