Ninja's 2023 Journey

Hey all

I am really horrible at keeping up with these but things need to change so i am going to do my best to update this every few days

As of right now I am running a complicated super dense stack with not recommended listening times. So please don’t follow my journal for tips on how you can make your stack better lol.

But what i have noticed is my results are pretty awesome once the ball gets rolling.




I did not know there are ninjas in Florida :slight_smile: . So show us your monstrosity.


So here is the stack i have been running the past few weeks

The 3 customs i have been running are


Demigod: Mindset
1 Ascended Mogul Core
2 Godlike Masculinity Core
3 Limitless Executive Core
4 Alpha of Alpha
5 APS: Torso
6 Carpe Diem Ascended
7 Cashflow Catalyst
8 Cosmic Wealth
9 Divine Self-Image
10 Dominion
11 Financial Success Reality Shifter
12 Inner Gasoline
13 Invincible Presence
14 Joie de vivre
15 Jupiter
16 Lion IV
17 Overdrive
18 Plateau Transcendent
19 Sultan
20 Void of Creation


Demigod: Body
1 Emperor Fitness Stage 2 Core
2 Wanted Core
3 APS: Arms
4 Asclepius
5 Aura of Craving
6 Deep Sleep
7 Energetic Development XI
8 Entranced
9 Extreme Exercise Motivation
10 Focused Arousal
11 Fusion Optimized
12 Harmonic Singularity
13 Inner Blaze
14 Long-Range Seduction
15 Potentiator
16 Pragya
17 Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
18 Serum X
19 SPS: Endocrine System
20 Yggdrasil


not sure what to call this
1 Stark Core
2 Chosen Core
3 Achilles’ Heel
4 Alexandria
5 Dynasty
6 Fenrir
7 Index Gate
8 Lifeblood Fable
9 Marketweaver
10 Organization Perfected
11 Path of Forgiveness
12 Perfect Style & Smell
13 Secrets of Akasha – Wealth
14 Trailblazer
15 Subconscious Flow
16 Transcedental Connection
17 True Sell
18 Tyrant
19 Ultimate Writer
20 Victory’s Call

So these are my 3 customs … still working on names lol

I started all 3 probably the last full week of February
In addition i have also been running RICH Crypto and Ultimate Artist

I just decided to start RoS and Mind’s Eye Monday for a little boost in some areas plus AsC and LD once a week.

Will write more in a bit


Interesting. What is your listening pattern?

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I have been listening to all 3 customs on the same day plus UA and RICH crypto… usually Monday Wednesday and Friday… I usually listen to Demigod Mindset and RICH Crypto before or during work in the AM, then other other 2 at night before bed with maybe UA at the end of work


Did not have any sign of overexposure or big recon, headaches?

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I am so used to pushing the envelope with experimenting that recon isn’t much of a thing to me… I get the occasional headache or low day but other than that i don’t see much of it… I have been sick the past few weeks so the subs could have been adding to that feeling of not feeling the best but that is more to do with my shitty habits i am in the process of breaking and replacing


Ok, let’s say you do not have any big recon.
Are you seeing progress or signs that those customs are working?
I am not trying to be rude or say something bad about it but just analyzing the whole thing.

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I used to switch subs and customs like a mad man but this time around i haven’t got the urge to try any new directions besides adding RoS and Mind’s Eye lol.

I am hoping to keep this stack going till atleast summer or after.

Honestly results at the moment are here and there but i didn’t really expect to see any drastic changes till i’m atleast a month or 2 into this stack…

I will say that since i started RICH Crypto a week ago i have started making money with stock market options that i used to do shitty with. I put like $2k into my stock account 2 weeks ago and turned it into like $10k this past week… had almost $20k this morning but market went the opposite way…

I will list out Goals and results i have had so far a bit later on

I haven’t really had a chance to see the extent of the Body sub i built since having a cold/sinus infection for a few weeks kinda kills any chance to really hit the gym


That is nice to hear, good luck with that.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Make Florida great again! :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone !!!

Hope you all are having a great end to March

I have been stewing the past few weeks on the path I want to go. I have decided to make 3 new customs which i know kinda kills my consistency but ohwell.

I will add my new customs sometime this week…

I have decided that my Goals will be

  • Make $5,000 - $10,000 a month with stock market options
  • Start writing a book series
  • Work on getting fit and in-shape again
  • Become a better employee at my job and become more useful to my job
  • Work on my drive and ambition for life and wanting more out of it
  • And just to build better habits and getting rid of ones that are hurting me

Ok so here is my Writing Custom i am ordering later

Famous Writer
1 Stark Core
2 Ultimate Artist Core
3 Achilles’ Heel
4 Alexandria
5 Current Invoker
6 Index Gate
7 Lifeblood Fable
8 Organization Perfected
9 Path of Forgiveness
10 Perfect Style & Smell
12 Sacred Words
13 Secrets of Akasha – Wealth
14 Subconscious Flow
15 Trailblazer
16 True Sell
17 Tyrant
18 Ultimate Writer
19 Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
20 Victory’s Call

So just to throw this out there …

Is anyone interested in being a sound board? I could use someone to throw ideas at and see what you think lol?

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I am.

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2 healing modules:

Attraction oriented:

Computer programming:

And what more can I say, Stark is just awesome:

Okay. Famous writer custom.

How about Gloryseeker and The Spotlight rather than the healing modules? (One concern I have is that I think healing modules tend to take precedence.)

How are you wanting Stark, Index Gate, and Perfect Style & Smell to help you to be a famous writer?

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This is the final product if the Famous Writer Custom

1 Stark Core
2 Ultimate Artist Core
3 Achilles’ Heel
4 Alexandria
5 Current Invoker
6 Joi de Vivre
7 Lifeblood Fable
8 Machine: Action
9 Organization Perfected
11 Sacred Words
12 Secrets of Akasha – Wealth
13 Story Teller
14 Subconscious Flow
15 The Lines
16 Trailblazer
17 Tyrant
18 Ultimate Writer
19 Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
20 Victory’s Call


I sense UA and Stark make plenty up for Gloryseeker

That is logical. I still vote for what is designed for more positive attention: The Spotlight and Gloryseeker. Also putting in Story Teller is a great idea. (I actually missed that one.)

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Hey all

I ordered my 3 new customs … The first 2 will remain hush hush but I am super excited about my Famous Writer or Artist custom.

On the side i know that it isn’t recommended but i do listen to other subs which will slow down my results but i am ok with it as i feel they will help in the long run.

I started writing out a few fantasy book plot ideas … 2 i don’t think have ever been done not in this genre since they are a bit out there.

Oh my gf said she feels more confident from running Seductress and has got more cars insured this month thanks to RICH.

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