Total ANNIHILATION stack idea (Warning: dangerous/not recommended)

EoG is a bit of a different beast … DR stage 1 does not replace EoG stage 1 … The healing for EoG stage 1 is unique in the fact it is all about wealth related issues… Now you could very possibly gear DR stage 1 towards that with conscious guidance but it is not one of DR’s objectives


yes, you can do that, but be sure you spend enough time on DR st1 because it’s denser and covers larger areas than Khan or EOG st1


Not a fun one that’s for sure… Infact it may do the opposite of what you intend and slow burn everything. It may take even longer to get through then if you ran them all at different times.


Take it from someone that run has run crazy stacks and has given himself recon hell… It is not worth it lol

I still am running crazy stacks but a bit simpler this time around to prepare myself for future stacks.


what kind of crazy stacks/schedule are you riding on right now bro?

Go to my journal … i need to get better with journaling but it is a step in the right direction

I listen to 4 customs plus 2 subs every mon, wed, fri

It works for me … it won’t for everyone

I listen to each sub 5-7 mins

A person I consider a mentor of mine once said (not her exact words): “Don’t try to clear all blockers and limiting beliefs. If you do, you’ll be clearing blockers for the rest of your life. Find the blockers that are stopping you from achieving the goal you’re after and clear those. Then when you have a new goal, clear the blockers that are related to that goal”.
In a nutshell, don’t be so passionate about clearing blockers and limiting beliefs that you don’t have enough time left to do anything else. My intuition is that spending too much time trying to heal is just another form of procrastination. Clear what you need to clear and take action.


Have you tried all the first stagers?
Can you realistically imagine running them all together?

To much is to much buddy.

Go slow, your subconscious is thanking you.


All the best to your Journey


This. Healing works in strange ways anyway. I’ve seen people run wealth subs and suddenly all of their sexual issues vanished.


@HypeDaddySovereign : This :point_up_2::point_up_2:
The first sub I bought from you was Asc Mogul. For money and self confidence issues. It ended up eradicating the lifelong almost debilitating anxiety that I was living with. Totally unexpected.

EDIT: Asc Mogul did what I would have expected from Regeneration.


Ya i can see AM and Emperor doing that lol


I would think A Love Bomb for Humanity would be one that would surprise everyone by what it can do.


@TigerInMyLove give it ago and report back :slight_smile:

I like James he is real gentleman and a scholar.

Hey @HypeDaddySovereign since i added paragon to my stack my dark childhood memories hace melted away also worries about the future have vanished.

Why is this @Lion @James @DarkPhilosopher @RVconsultant

Thanks in advance…


Potential time travel. The recon might hit you so hard, it might kick your ass into the middle of next month.

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Love how this happens


@Prioritas can you provide an explanation ?

I would think it’s because it’s an issue your body or mind feels is most important. More something in your brain needed healing. Or your body for that matter.

As the book title states " Your Body Keeps the Score".


I can see the attraction in running all four first stages. Just utterly obliterate whatever or whoever dumped their toxic unhealthy shit on a person.
Tabula Rasa

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