Ninja's 2023 Journey

Hey all

Hope you all are having a good year so far

My year has been kinda bumpy especially with my subs that i have stopped and started.
I managed to start a new big stack of subs with 4 customs but i am more excited than ever to get this journey going…

I also broke up with my gf, i needed space and time to work on myself. I hope she can move on and find happiness but i am just not interested in a relationship, i have to much i need to work on personally.

That may be selfish but sometimes in life you need to be selfish and take care of yourself.

I am excited to start this new journey with my stack and see where the roads lead me …


As an update as what’s been going on the past few months…
I switched my stack up and customs probably 2-3 times since my last post even made many different customs bc i just couldn’t make my mind up about what i wanted to run and how i wanted to affect my journey. I started getting more work at my job and the offer to move up but i have to go to college and take some accounting courses… I would usually dread that but I am actually really excited for it because i feel as if it is going to spin into many other avenues.

Things are going better in my life with start to get my head out of my ass and work on myself more…

I am starting to see that the way i was going through life just wasn’t working and not possible to maintain in the long run… So heres to the next 90 days to jump start my new direction and begin to change things…


So lets start this new journey by telling you all what my stack consists of.

Now i know peope will shake their heads at my have 4 customs and also 3 of them having 3 cores. But i will manage it. 1 of the customs which i call as almost a booster is just that it is to be a booster to every part of my life.

Let’s start with the main one which will be in it for the long haul. With the results i have seen so far with this after just a week i am ready to run this the next 3-6 months. I had originally had this with PCC and Emperor but wanted to take a simpler more foundational path. I can always go back to Emperor but i need to get my foundations planted. After years of running all kinds of subs on and off i see that i should have started with this and worked my way up to Emperor. But at the same time it isn’t to late to start fresh with experience.

The Alpha King
1 Ascended Mogul Core
2 Godlike Masculinity Core
3 Primal Core
4 Carpe Diem Ascended
5 Dominion
6 Eye of the Storm
7 Financial Success Reality Shifter
8 Furious Ascent
9 Gloryseeker
10 Gorgeous Manifestor
11 Invincible Presence
12 Jupiter
13 Lion IV
14 Overdrive
15 Plateau Transcendent
16 Spiritual Freedom
17 Sultan
18 The Way of ROI
19 Transcendental Connection
20 Void of Creation

I have seen many results the past week since starting to listen to this but that could also be from my emperor custom i had ran for 2 weeks prior to buy this. Or it could be a mixture but either way i can see this sub is going to be a life changer for me and upgrade me in ways i have always dreamed of.

The next one is something i’d like to refer to as a kitchen sink jack of all master of none… But i can work with that

Jack of all Trades
1 Limitless Core
2 Power Can Corrupt Core
3 Renaissance Man Core
4 Achilles’ Heel
5 Alexandria
6 Dynasty
7 Leader of Men
8 Lifeblood Fable
9 Machine: Action
10 Natural Winner
11 Organization Perfected
12 Remembrance
13 Subconscious Flow
14 The Lines
15 Trailblazer
16 Tyrant
17 Ultimate Writer
18 Virtuoso di Matematica
19 Victory’s Call
20 Unlimiter

I am hoping this bad boy will help me with school, work, and learning . Ofcourse i built this to work in tandem with my first custom. I am sure some of the results i have seen have been because of this aswell.

My third custom which i built back in March will probably be in my stack for the rest of the year honestly. I will be honest i only started working out a bit this past week so i haven’t really begun to see what this awesome custom can do. I am sure i will be able to test this out more as the months go on.

1 Spartan Core
2 Legacy of a Spartan Core
3 APS: Arms
4 Asclepius
5 Deep Sleep
6 Energetic Development XI
7 Entranced
8 Extreme Exercise Motivation
9 Focused Arousal
10 Fusion Optimized
11 Harmonic Singularity
12 Inner Blaze
13 Long-Range Seduction
14 Omnidimensional
15 Potentiator
16 Pragya
17 Serum X
18 SPS: Endocrine System
19 SPS: Immune System
20 Yggdrasil

As for my last custom … i forget what is in it besides the main cores which are RICH, Love Bomb for Humanity, and Limitless Executive. I built this back in November i think.

Now the other things i am listening to are Rebirth and Sanguine Elixir

My schedule is listen to them each for 5 mins every other day with weekends off.
I wouldn’t recommend any of my schedule or patterns … what works for me won’t work for everyone else.

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So the results i have seen the past week are pretty awesome.
They are to me atleast

  • Started waking up with the attitude that everyday is a blessing and should be treated as such
  • working out 3 times a week, not long workouts but gotta start somewhere
  • working on going to bed earlier and wake up earlier
  • becoming more consistent with things in life
  • more productive at work
  • looking forward to the future and the awesome opportunities coming my way
  • watching and listening to more motivational videos and books
  • Signed up for Tates Real World… looking to see the different avenues of revenue i can get information on
  • Made a pledge to myself to do whatever it takes to change my life for the better and never go back to the person i was
  • I can see my ambition and drive i once had is starting to return
  • People have started noticing me more and being more friendly while also being more respectful

Awesome results, bro! Love your customs.

You know am not a big fan of 3 Cores customs but since you have been around for a while, I think you will do fine since your mind must be used to the density of the Cores by now.

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Hey everyone

Happy Tuesday night atleast here in South Florida

So the past 2 days since i wrote my last post has been a flurry of bad deicisions and trying to make better choices

Like yesterday on monday
I masturbated like 2 times which i felt bad about afterward but i still did it sadly … i even did it this morning but i made a goal to stop it this week and if i can do that for 5 days i get some kind of reward…

What else has happened … I let a few women walk all over me and use me a bit for money which has been going on most of my life, i’ve always been that nice genuine guy that enjoys helping people but i let myself get walked all over time and time again… but today on tuesday i said enough is enough and told each of those women that they need to go talk to someone else because my word is what i’m sticking to. I didnt get to work out monday because of those bad decisions i made but i made up for that today by working out and being more productive at work.
While at work i ended up listening to a lot of videos on masculinity, money and other stuff even dating which for a long time i was really good with but the past few years have been a sore spot.

Sorry for my grammar i have been very careless with my grammar lately but i know i need to work on that

So lets list the positive results i had yesterday and today

  • More productive at work
  • Thought more on goals and what i want in life
  • More assertive with my life
  • Setting boundaries with people
  • working on setting up routines for morning and night to make things easier
  • starting to journal a bit
  • took care of getting into college again and setting up a course for summer that starts tomorrow(wednesday)
  • working on setting up a habit tracker so i can keep myself accountable for breaking bad habits and adding powerful new good habits
  • I haven’t touched my xbox or pc for gaming today which is huge for me… i want to turn my gaming into a reward for excelling in other areas of my life while a place to unwind and relax
  • taking more responsibility for my actions good and bad … we gotta own up to everything we do is we want to level up in life

Honestly i am so excited for my journey with my stack especially to see how much different my life is in 3 -12 months if i keep this stack going

Well hope all you awesome inspirational people have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday and Wednesday


Hey all

Happy Thursday Morning!!!

So a little update since my last post

Yesterday was a bit hectic and fell into the same swing as monday but im not gonna let the fact i keep falling into the same patterns influence my desire to change. But besides doing a few things i am trying to work on breaking yesterday went good.

I didn’t end up working out but i have noticed i am slimming down a bit more and my body is shaping more the way i want. In the same aspect i am also being more confident in myself and telling myself i look good or i am the man or stuff like that to help re affirm how i want to see myself.

Here are some other things i have noticed just the past 2 days

  • Women seem to talk to me more
  • i get more views and like and stuff on social media with more people commenting
  • more upbeat and positive
  • ambition kicking in a bit more
  • women over sharing a decent amount
  • random people reach out to me

I think my flow factor is starting to show up and make itself present

Have an awesome day/night everyone


Soon you may be faced with an existential dilemma that celebrities face, when you have your worldly desires fulfilled, then what?

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There isn’t a limit on what you can achieve and what you can make happen… Once you conquer a battlefield there will always be another battlefield somewhere.

It is like once i have all the wealth i desire then i can always focus on something else like spirituality, becoming famous to help people, write books that people enjoy and love fantasizing over. There is no limit at all.

I think celebrities face that because they get so connected with and drawn in to fame that they forget there is still so much more to life.


You have achieved much wisdom, and the path to even more wisdom is just up ahead. :bowing_man:

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Hey all

So i have made some changes to my stack lol

I have decided to run my 3 customs, drop the booster custom i made, and run Genesis + Ultimate Writer… I have also dropped rebirth and Sanguine Elixir till atleast 2-3 cycles in on this stack… It won’t help much till i have seen progress and things come up that i see need to be worked on.

During the weekend i was in recon city and had a few low moments ended up doing some stuff but started no fap over again. I am on day 2 of no fap which i know is nothing but for someone who got so into it and did it almost every day sometimes 2-3 times… breaking the cycle is incredibly big for me. I am excited to see all the benefits i will grasp from it. Plus fap that much and even at all was depressing honestly i would feel blah for a bit afterwards.

I am actually excited to see how Ultimate Writer and Genesis mix with my customs… I have honestly been waiting years for Ultimate Writer to come out. I don’t mind it adding some recon and length to my stack. I can see that both will be very beneficial in the long run.

I feel as if Genesis is the Stark/Emperor sub people on the forum have always wanted since it seems to hold benefits from both. While it is obviously in a league all on its own, it does have some similarities to both.

I will report results i have seen the past days since my last post… Might not be much since i was in recon city with some low moments.


I used to be the mayor

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Wouldn’t surprise me at all lol

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Hey everyone :slight_smile:
Hope you are all doing well with your stacks and journeys

I have been running my 3 customs + Genesis + UWX since both of those titles came out…
I am in the process of making a new custom with Genesis and UWX but i am going to use that to replace my booster custom.
So i will be running 4 customs and Ascension Chamber… I know it is a lot but after a few months of that stack it will be way worth it.

Genesis i think is the best sub they have released so far in terms of sheer power it brings to the table plus its ability to boost the other subs in your stack.

Like it has made my stack pretty awesome … I have had a lot of recon lately with things going on in my life but the sheer ideas that Genesis and i’m guessing RM and AM are manifesting in my mind are mind blowing.

I am to the point which i know i said i wouldn’t change stacks or customs but the realization of Genesis is making me want to rethink and maneuver in a different direction with my customs…

I have my RM + Limitless + PCC custom that i am honestly looking to cut Limitless out and put in Stark just for the fame and social scripting in Stark plus the wealth scripting and creativity.

But what everything is pulling me towards is becoming more inspirational and motivational with people and helping them be better in life. It is like the subs are all flowing together at the same time and just playing off of each other.

I def think that a lot of it has to do with Genesis but i think RM and AM also are playing a part too.

While i haven’t started really writing anything yet my ideas for books are starting to flow a bit again. And also just areas where i need to improve in life and really get shit moving is like quantum leaping but i have had many set backs lately that i am trying to course correct. But all in all i am on the right track to truly 10xing my life like i have never thought before…

Hey all

Hope you all are having a great week so far with your journeys

I have been washing out since Thursday morning… I know that isn’t really a long wash out but for me it kind of is.

I went ahead and ordered a few customs the past few days lol.

I am taking things in a slightly new direction based off the ideas i have come up with from my listening last month.

The custom that i am Most excited for the is this sweet Genesis custom … The Genesis Legacy

The Genesis Legacy
1 Genesis Core
2 Legacy of a Spartan Core
3 Deep Sleep
4 Divine Self-Image
5 Edge of Falling
6 Extreme Exercise Motivation
7 Financial Success Reality Shifter
8 Lifeblood Fable
9 Fusion Optimized
10 Hegemon
11 Jupiter
12 King’s Radiance
13 Lion IV
14 Potentiator
15 Power Unleashed
16 Serum X
17 SPS: Endocrine System
18 SPS: Immune System
19 Sultan
20 Void of Creation

I went ahead and took out my workout custom since well i haven’t really worked out all that much this year plus i wanted to play with some new modules. I also wanted to see what Genesis could do in a name embedded custom.

Hey all

Quick little report

I just started my new stack and kind of already added to it lol

So my stack consists of 3 brand new customs that took me weeks to decide on and 2 major store titles…

But enough about that

I have started getting pulled in the direction of being a content creator and influencer on social media in the motivational and inspirational side…

I know absolutely nothing and i mean nothing about any of that lol

But sure enough I start looking it up tonight and here goes my mind with ideas and monologues… subs are crazy powerful…

I started listening to customs subs Tuesday night then when I got my third Wednesday I listened to that and also listened to the other 2… Then today Thursday I listened to the 2 mystery store titles.

Take a little action and watch the magic is all I have to say

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So here are the exact customs I made and started running plus the 2 store titles

I think I mentioned this one before

The Genesis Legacy
1 Genesis Core
2 Legacy of a Spartan Core
3 Deep Sleep
4 Divine Self-Image
5 Edge of Falling
6 Extreme Exercise Motivation
7 Financial Success Reality Shifter
8 Lifeblood Fable
9 Fusion Optimized
10 Hegemon
11 Jupiter
12 King’s Radiance
13 Lion IV
14 Potentiator
15 Power Unleashed
16 Serum X
17 SPS: Endocrine System
18 SPS: Immune System
19 Sultan
20 Void of Creation

I think this one is going to be the best for actual creativity and fame boosting

Stark Supreme
1 Stark Core
2 Renaissance Man Core
3 Alexandria
4 Book Blitz
5 Current Invoker
6 Dynasty
7 Gloryseeker
8 Machine: Action
9 Mimisbrunnr
10 Organization Perfected
11 Productivity Unleashed
12 Remembrance
13 Restorer of Ways
14 Sacred Words
15 Subconscious Flow
16 The Architect
17 Transcendental Connection
18 Victory’s Call
19 Yggdrasil
20 You Are Not Alone

And my Favorite one because I just love Emperor but Genesis is starting to become my new fav

The Chosen Emperor
1 Emperor Core
2 Chosen Core
4 Direct Influencing Aura
5 Carpe Diem Ascended
6 Dominion
7 Eye of the Storm
8 Fortune’s Favorite
9 Gorgeous Manifestor
10 Inner Gasoline
11 Inner Voice
12 Leader of Men
13 Marketweaver
14 Omnidimensional
15 Overdrive
16 Perfect Style & Smell
17 The Single Point
18 The Way of ROI
19 True Sell
20 Tyrant

As for the 2 store titles we have

  • Ultimate Writer
  • Ultimate Programmer

I had 3 cores in each of these before I ordered them but after talking them over with @Lion I decided if I ever wanted to I could always go and upgrade them after a few cycles. He also brought something to my attention that i have the problem of switching more when i have 3 cores vs 2 cores.

I am very excited to run these over the new few weeks and share all the results. I am also excited to see what I can make happen with these customs in regards to getting followers and such on social media for my new influencer side hustle i am working on.

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@HypeDaddySovereign @Fire

Thank you for making such awesome life changing tools

Also thank you for Genesis… it is seriously the most life changing sub I have personally ever listened to so far.

I really hope one day I can get a huge following and help guide people to your company so they can experience these reality changing tools.

Hey everyone
Happy Tuesday … atleast here in the United States

Wow it has been a week since I started my new stack. I have seemed to fall back down the rabbit hole of my old habits. But I have noticed that even while indulging in my old habits, my ambition and drive to break them while replacing them with better ones is stronger than ever. I have noticed that even when i do manage to do an old habit I don’t beat myself up anymore I simply say that I get to start over again but with more experience this time.

I can tell that over time my customs will really shine once I hit 2-3 months of using them and further.
I seem to have a lot of monologues in my head for ideas happening and goals being accomplished. It is almost like my inner voice is completely reframed to a new reality where everything i want is just a step or 2 from happening.

Genesis was honestly the missing link in the sub line up for me … the way it has made my stark and emperor customs mesh is simply amazing. It also has to do with the finding your path scripting in Genesis. I hope they decide to add that to honestly most of the “Archetype” subs, it would change the game in crazy ways I think.

The Ultimate Writer sub is pretty awesome aswell. I am running that on the side and honestly it’s just like word vomit lol. I haven’t written or typed things so easily with out trying in a long time.

More updates later on
Have a wonderful day


If you want a high flow factor using subs or really anything reality shifting wise you need to open up your mind to the possibilities of the universe. The more open minded you are with a new reality being shaped in front of you the higher your flow factor will become.
I think that is why @Invictus has such amazing and reality shaping results is because he believes he is essentially limitless in all manners. Or that is atleast how I think he sees most things