New User. Looking for Suggestions


Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum. I have been a sub user for a number of years. I used subs from a competitor of this company that I will not name. I think all of you will know who they are. They make a six stage Alpha Male sub and currently have an “experimental” sex sub that starts with D.

Anyways I have browsed the forum here and have been intrigued by some of the subs offered particularly the new Q ones.
My main goals in life are to have a vibrant social life where I have many friends and to have wealth.

Which subs would be best for me based on my goals?

I am pleasantly surprised that all of the subs here are affordable as opposed to where I came from where all of the subs are really expensive. I hope to have great results using these subs and to sharing my results with you all.


Welcome! StarkQ for sure. It fits your goals and is the latest subclub has to offer. Not to mention that is also one of the more affordable titles to release lately (compared to multi stagers) so it ticks all your boxes :slight_smile:


I agree with @Neurokinetic!


Discover Menopausal Super Irritability is my favorite non-subclub sub…

Kidding… I only support saint n’ fire :innocent::fire:


Hey welcome to the forum!

I am currently running StarkQ but did run Khan for more than 6 months. It changed my career and my whole social circle, and literally my life…

You can read my review here: Longterm Review of Khan

Based on your goals, Khan (or in a few weeks KhanQ) would be the perfect fit for you as it is the most social dominating subliminal out there and also has wealth-generating scripting.

All the best to you!