New to the Forum, Any Advice on Life Reset?

Good afternoon everyone, I’m 27 going on 28 and I’m looking to begin a reset on my life.

I lost my job at the beginning of the month as a result of my own actions and insubordination with the mandates they started to roll out in my workplace ([email protected] requirements, mask mandates, bi-weekly mandatory testing). I only moved out of my parent’s place two months ago, so the stress of finding a new job ASAP was as high as ever. As a result of the destabilization that was brought into my life from losing my job, I once again fell down the rabbit hole of pornography as escapism, and discovered the degenerate subculture of hypnosis porn. This has had me doubting basic concepts of who I thought I was and I need to find a way to get a hard reset to get back on track. I was given a few free copies of the Subliminal Club mp3s, so I could use your wisdom on which ones to start with.

In addition to getting my mindset right, I could also use advice on how to move forward in my new career. My new job is as a plumber’s helper, and my goal is to attain an apprenticeship to be able to learn this trade and learn useful skills to provide for myself and create a stable base. I’m currently stuck doing inventory and organizing back in the shop, and I’m getting very little time in the field to actually get hands on experience in plumbing. My concern is I’ll be left to do menial tasks instead of getting the proper training I need. Should I bring this up to my manager or should I be patient and wait for the team to see my work ethic before they give me field experience?

Thank you for your time.

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Welcome to the forum!

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that one lol. I’m a hypnotist, so that phrase intrigues me.

As for subs, I’d probably go with Ascended Mogul as a baseline sub to help with the job stuff. It will help with other stuff, too, as a nice added bonus.


Thanks man, I appreciate it. As far as the hypnosis porn goes, It gives me MK Ultra vibes, and I truly feel for the men who get caught up in that filth. I’m just glad to be able to put it behind me and move on. It’s been a crazy week I tell ya what.

To add one more thing to my introduction, I just found out my best friend passed away for unknown reasons two days ago (he was in the military), and I’ve been grieving with the loss. I started to contact old friends of mine that I distanced myself from for years about the news, and they were both saddened by it as well as glad to hear I was doing ok. Is reconnecting with friends you fell away from after a tragedy like this the right thing to do? It definitely feels like it.

Please forgive the size of my introduction, you guys seem highly knowledgeable and based. I figured if I was gonna vent about my personal situation, it would be to you guys.

ascension or ascended mogul is the BEST base you can ever ask for, but if you had to take advice for someone here over a year id recommend getting a basic healing program and sitting on it for a few months, followed by ascension or ascended mogul, followed by a proper stack of something like emperor, or stark, or khan, alongside another complementary sub, and by that time you woulda learned enough about ultimas to complement your stack with a good ultima

total time spent building a base will streamline your growth once u get to the big programs with the big goals

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Do you recommend Rebirth to start? For the record, these are the audios I have on file:

Ascension v2
Mogul v2
Ascended Mogul v2
Limit Destroyer
Emperor v2
Godlike Masculinity
Sex and Seduction

Welcome to the forum

Yes Rebirth is a good place to start. There is nothing like a good healing session before evolving into a new you

When you are in a better place, support Subliminal Club. @RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher

Look at the message below. Be warned


I understand you might be a little cash crunched right now because of your employment situation but please invest in the subs over here.

I would recommend you to delete the files you got (sounds pirated to me) and just purchase Ascended Mogul to get yourself started.

You are in an emergency situation in terms of career so forget healing for now and immediately go with Ascended Mogul for a couple of months to reset your life. It has enough healing to help too.

Later when the money starts to roll in, you can invest in more titles here. They are the most competitive prices you can get anywhere and the most advanced too (plus you get free upgrades for life when you purchase the titles).

Begin your life with integrity with forgoing getting things for free and consider paying for it like you are investing in your life.

And welcome to SubClub!


Sorry to hear about your challenging situation. As members have already said start with a sub like ascension. Its affordable and will help build a solid foundation what I suggest further is to use it standalone for 6 months before considering any other products.

You guys are right about deleting the free files I have. If my suspicion about malicious hypnosis is correct, then some or even all of those files have been corrupted by bad actors who only seek to harm and destroy. I’ll invest in the Ascended Mogul audio and go from there. After a few months, I’ll report back with any results I see, on top of the usual self-improvement habits. Thanks for the heads up bros.


That’s good to hear. Good luck on your journey :+1:t4:

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It’s great that you are taking advice in the right spirit. You will go far, my friend. All the best.

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Thank you @StateOfBeing @Lion @BlackTiger @Yazooneh @Palpatine for your input here!

@Strike-a-Light I’m sorry to hear about all the abrupt changes in your life.

There is a concern for the integrity of the files if they are obtained elsewhere.

If you buy them via Subliminal Club website, the file should be as it is intended to be, including having the most recent technology.

I would encourage you to re-read this thread and then find out if your question got answered.

I would encourage you to pick one subliminal, and listen to that for at least 30 days before deciding if you want to add another one.


And now that RVC has given the serious answer, I am free to go into this one. Hypno porn is pretty much femdom erotic hypnosis. The hypnotist starts by telling the listener when to masturbate and when to orgasm, and with repeated listening installs triggers to the orgasm to eventually reach on-demand erections and hands-free orgasms. Cock Hero with a twist.

The good part is that it teaches the brain to take control over the excitement and the orgasm and can theoretically train a very cool skillset.

The bad part is that 9 out of 10 times the fetish is when the listener gives away all control to the hypnotist, making it a very dominant/submissive relationship and can even goes into topics like sissification and perceived gender (preference) change. For those having gone down that rabbit-hole, they actually require deprogramming to take control back because it feels so good not to have it.

It comes in both video and audio media and is surprisingly popular. shivers

Of course, I heard all this from a friend. And maybe he was wrong. Or maybe this is not at all what Strike was talking about.

It sort of makes sense. When it comes to men, initially the hypnotist would have to take control of the orgasm, even if they later transfer the trigger back to the listener to use on themselves. Otherwise the excitement takes over and it leads to premature… turning off the hypnosis session. The listener needs to accept the challenge of allowing an external party to control their arousal and climax.

Technically, performing erotic hypnosis on women is pretty much the same, but since women’s arousal is more cerebral than physical and most women (so as not to insult the exceptions) have their most powerful orgasms when surrendering to the experience, it feels more natural compared to having a female hypnotist take control of male arousal, which is more physical and becomes more powerful if dominated (think edging and using the PC muscles to prevent ejaculation).

Thing is, I would love to have a sexy female voice guide me into a trance and then start telling me an erotic story, leading up to an eventual climax. If done right it could teach stamina as well. Or be used as a lead-in to dreaming.

Unfortunately you don’t see a lot of that in this particular fetish.


I guess I’ve never hear it called that. I actually DO that kind of hypnosis with women on occasion. Install triggers and other fun stuff, but I always give them control of it. Sometimes where it works for both of us, or sometimes just them.

It’s fun stuff.

With one, I had it set up where any messages I sent her that was in parentheses would be totally invisible to the conscious mind, but the subconscious would understand and respond.

That one was an experiment to see if it would work. It did. talking stuff like (at 4:30 PM, I will call Palpatine and say hi).

She called…“I don’t know why, but I just REALLY wanted to call and say hi”


Come to think of it, there’s also the standard porn where the female actor pretends to be hypnotized. That would be the mind control fetish, often preferred by men who feel that women have all the power. That’s probably what Strike meant. But I think it’s more amusing than degenerate. Especially since you get all the silly stereotypes, like walking around like a zombie with arms raised in front, or ending every sentence with “master”. That’s hilarious, them pretending to be hypnotized.

Maybe coming at it from your angle of a hypnotist combined with the description of degenerate I only considered the actual hypnosis which led me to that dark corner of erotic hypnosis.

There are some sources for real erotic hypnosis, but I wouldn’t call that degenerate, since it almost never involves intercourse. Usually just orgasm triggers and things like becoming different personalities or suddenly seeing all the men in the room naked. Sometimes some girl-on-girl.

I did some erotic hypnosis in the past. It didn’t matter at all if I gave them control. In the end, it was still me that was responsible for allowing the to have more intense sexual experiences than any other guy. So they came back all by themselves.

I should get back into it some time.


The “weirdest” thing I’ve done, with the same parentheses girl…

She’d just finished reading the last of the Fifty Shades books. I had her zapped already for a session, so had her experience every scene of the books from the main chick’s perspective. She had a massive orgasm from that which lasted about 30-45 seconds. Fun stuff haha. ok I’ll quit derailing the thread now.


Right, that is one weird chapter of my mental wikipedia that I wasn’t aware was so extensive and is now making me feel quite embarrassed.

What was the thread about? :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh yeah. You should probably get Ascended Mogul, Strike. And be consistent with it, let the Ascended part do its magic. That will probably get you where you want to go.

If you’re constantly in the back of the shop, it would be an ideal opportunity to put the subs on headphones and just zone out. Your brain might get more changes done while zoned out and time will fly by.

As far as training is concerned, don’t phrase it like you want or need to go in the field, simply ask if there are opportunities to learn the skills you need so you can contribute more. Maybe they have workshops nearby. Since that costs them more money, it will be far more likely that they’ll send you into the field after all.


Leave it to Sheev to be the guy that figured how to mindfuck women into orgasm lmao. There’s definitely no problem with “that” kind of hypnosis.

To clarify what I meant by “degeneracy”, I’m unfortunately referring to the sissification type. I only saw the videos for a brief period of time (maybe 3 or 4 five minute videos over the course of 3 days) before my innate masculinity snapped me out of it. It was like a giant red flag went off in my subconscious like “CEASE. AND. FUCKING. DESIST.”


Damn straight, and like I said, it’s MK-Ultra tier levels of psyop mindfuckery. It wouldn’t surprise me if powerful men secretly fund this genre to make men as addicted and powerless as possible, but that’s enough tin-foil for the day lmao. Regardless, I went to church for the first time in years last Sunday, it happened to be an Orthodox Church. I can’t explain it, but all I can say is that I’m pretty sure whatever ceremony they performed worked. I don’t know if anyone has religious views around here, but I can confidently say that if this subliminal stuff actually helps achieve results, you bros are unironically doing God’s work, intentionally or not.