New to forum UA/Seductress

Hello I’m new to the subclub forum as far as posting I’ve been on here a lot lately reading others journals/questions I finally decided its time for me to participate. I’m an Artist/Reiki Practitioner I can’t remember how I was led to subclub but I believe it was something that was meant to be in my life before finding subclub I use to listen to affirmations and binaural frequencies and they weren’t doing much for me. Right around the time I found subclub I resigned from my job in the insurance industry and decided to dive full force into my purpose and passion of starting up a reiki practice which incorporated my artwork unfortunately as soon as I resigned I was hit with some challenges, creative blockages, guilt and shame feeling that I am made the wrong decision financial worries and ect… The first 2 programs I used were ultimate artist and seductress
Ultimate artist was to help with my creativity and to strengthen my artistic abilities I decided seductress would be a good fit as well to help gain confidence help with my image and my communication skills to start my business and gain a following on social media.
Ultimate artist had me lit I found my technique my creativity was on fire and everyday I woke up feeling I need to produce artwork i craved it. I built my website for my business in 2 days and started posting my work on social media. Seductress had my confidence up everyone would tell me I’m glowing my body was toning up I felt beautiful and ready to conquer the world. Well when my artwork was not selling and I noticed no one was visiting my site I got a bit discouraged and depressed I’ve been having some internal issues with putting myself out there I have not been putting the full effort in my business.I spend a lot of time with my 2 daughters which is definitely not a bad thing they need mommy they are still young and didnt have a lot of time with me when i was working my insurance job so im trying to make uo for it . The only problem is that the money flow is not coming i also had taken a break from listening to the subs which I should not have done even tho they were working for me I built up this weird resistance I just didn’t want to listen part of it was probably the uncomfortable earbuds I have. But now I’m ready to go back in full effect I even ordered some nuraphones which will be arriving soon I hope they work because I don’t have solace yet and if I remember correctly they were only approved for solace but I’m sure they are better than the cheap 17 dollar ones I have been using. I also have a custom but I actually feel the effect more from the already made programs I’m wondering if my custom was just too all over the place to be effective. I started listening to seductress and UA this week and I’m starting to feel better. Posting on the forum was one of my goals to be more proactive in my SC journey so here I am!!! Looking forward to being part of such a wonderful community peace and blessings!
Oh and I also have the alchemist program I haven’t listened to it yet because it’s 4 stages and not sure if It would be better to do a program like that solo


hey welcome to the forum

the custom issue might be due lots of modules you put in maybe?

its recommended here that your custom to be well focused,
like for example the one ill be building in the future contains 9 -10 modules, and theyre almost aligned with each other,

but i cant comment any further on that since i havent tried customs so i cant be sure about my experience so far

Good luck on your journey


Thank you I appreciate it and I agree I felt like a kid in the candy store when looking through the modules and I went a bit overboard but you live and you learn I’m confident I will have more self control when building my next one :sweat_smile: I think the mosaic module helps to make things flow together better if I remember correctly so I might add that one to my next one. Good luck to you hope to see your post whenever you do decide to make a custom :blush:


If I were you I would stick only to normal titles without customs, it is easier to run and to see results :).


Welcome, @BeautifulSoulGoddess. It’s inspiring to read the changes in your personality and physical shifting thanks to UA and Seductress.

Despite the money troubles, I urge you to stick to UA. Especially since we can expect the next version of it (ZP) to come within the month, which will push your art and wealth to the next level.

Meanwhile, I would recommend running RICH ZP alongside your current stack to help manifest money.

Listen in this way:

Day 1: Ultimate Artist Qv2 x1, Seductress Qv2 x1
Day 2: Rest Day
Day 3: RICH ZP x1
Day 4: Rest Day
Day 5: Ultimate Artist Qv2 x1, Seductress Qv2 x1
Day 6: Rest Day
Day 7: RICH ZP x1
Day 8: Rest Day

You will have to be a bit patient but once the subliminal kicks off, it will be worth the wait. All the best!


Oh wow thank you for this confirmation I just noticed about an hour ago that they had a RICH zp version and I got super excited I have RICH in my custom but you already know about my custom experience so I will just leave it at that lol. But I definitely like the stack you recommended its perfect this week I’ve been listening to to:
Ultimate Artist×1

So I’m definitely going to switch it around to what you suggested I wasn’t sure if i was ready for zp but I think it’s time I started listening to subs in June but around October I started to become a bit inconsistent with my loops and listening I’ve seen what these subs can do and not just me everyone around me noticed a difference to it would be crazy for me not to go all in and stay disciplined with it I’m ready !!! I appreciate your reply so much!


thats how it feels truly, but going into a perspective and a birdview on whats really your weakpoints and what are you lacking in life what stuff is blocking you, that seems like a healthy way of looking at subs

for example i really love stark, im more of a social person and i love fun and hanging out.

but what i really lack is discipline, self discipline, so the best choice for me is Ascension, and like that you can choose what is best for you

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really? i thought its gonna take more time to release other titles since its been 9 days till the ZP preview

my guess maybe small titles are going first then we getting the big guys like Ascension and stark and emperor

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Am I overlooking something I don’t see RICH zp for sale is it available to everyone?

Purchase RICH Ultima and you get the ZP version too.


i think when you buy RICH you get ZP in the downloads, however im not sure

id ask @RVconsultant or @DarkPhilosopher maybe they can help :slight_smile:

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that’s true.

Creative seduction, interesting concept. People won’t even suspect they are being seduced, they become part of the art. :slightly_smiling_face:

And yes, ZP Previews should automagically appear with the rest of the downloads.


Or The Art of Seduction

Or The Seduction of Art

Or Seductive Artist :wink:

I’ve always loved how Mystery calls it the Venusian Arts.


Now that’s an idea! The Venusian Artist

Thank you I like that creative seduction it’s funny you mentioned that because I infuse all my artwork with reiki energy and I wonder if seductress has some aura scripting in it which would make my energy more potent I don’t really use my art work to seduce per say the goal is to heal others and align and unblock their Chakra system but it could definitely help draw people in to buy my work. Thanks for you comment I appreciate it :pray:t4:

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Ok now your talking venus is my planet o don’t think i mentioned this here I did another post but I’ve been studying the occult for the past 3 years maickal systems, astrology (tropical &vedic) metaphysics solomonic magick planetary energies tons more I enjoy learning about hidden knowledge but I work closely with the energies of venus. Especially because I’m an artist. So that name is a perfect for. I’m so glad I started posting on here so many synchronicities already. I also discovered that the same time I started my Venus mahadasha (great period)is the same time I got this urge to start creating art again which was last year a month after I started this It was my first time painting or doing any art work in 10 years.


I don’t know personally, but it was written after the aura scripting had been perfected I believe. So I wouldn’t be surprised. @RVconsultant do you know?

Interesting idea about infusing/attuning your art with Reiki. I’ve never considered doing anything other than healing with it. Although I admit having those warm love-radiating hands on my partner’s body before and after sex is always a big hit. Right over Anahata afterwards for that warm connected feeling especially.

PS Painting looks nice, it kind of “jumps out” at me.


I’ve been thinking along the same lines re: infusing items I put my creative energies into with reiki or other spiritual energy as well. I think it’s an incredibly exciting avenue to explore! For example I’ve noticed using reiki to mix and prepare fertilizers (I make my own for gardening) has a notable impact on my plants and I only started doing that 3/4ths the way through growing season here.

Very excited to see how it works for you!

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