New Support Article: What is a Subliminal Washout and When Should I Do One?

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Gah, I broke my washout (I’ve done like a loop of Heartsong but not my normal stack), should I take an extra week out or will it not be too much? I was aiming for a two week minimum anyway but Heartsong sang it’s way to me and I did a week and 2 days.

It’s up to you. There’s no hard and fast rule regarding washouts. While we recommend no subliminal input, if you feel that reduced input is just as effective as going cold turkey, go ahead and continue doing that.


Great article. I’m currently doing a two week washout. After I get back to listening I plan to listen to my custom for the next year but add in a major program to supplement secondary goals each month. Let’s say I planned to listen to my custom and one major programs for four weeks, doing 1 loop each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then do a washout on the 5th week. Would that be a good pattern to follow?

Possibly. I might would go a bit longer before doing a washout. My current washout (which ended the other day when I had to test some programs) began after I ran my stack for about 3 and a half months straight. I’d say two - three months is good before going for the washout.


I went a bit overboard with the loops and also played them overnight. I stopped having real dreams and instead had constant thoughts rushing through my head while asleep: „What I should do, what I should not do, how to solve problem X etc“. All simultaneously. To the point, that I was waking up from it and got really disturbed.

Now I took a washout for a week and after around 2 days, the rush of thoughts stopped. After around 5 days, my normal dreams came back. Is that a sign that I can go back to running the sub? Now is day 7.


Possibly. I’d cut back on the loops a bit, then ramp up as needed.

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Great article!

You could maybe add to the first paragraph where you say a washout is “not listening to ALL” subliminal that this also includes the superchargers and the Lifecharger app. Because I’ve been asked about that.

“ALL” does cover this, but idk if people are aware that subliminal messaging is in the superchargers.

What’s your take on listening on weekends and taking the week off to process?
Like 2 loop over the weekend and no subliminal input during the week(5 days)

I found that even one loop a day for 5 days becomes very taxing and doesn’t give the mind a chance to process and execute the script.


Super helpful article, amazing detail, covered everything cohesively.

It’s a good experiment to try and could enhance results, but it’s not a substitute for a full washout from time to time. Whatever works.