New Support Article: Is “Mind Control” Possible With Subliminal Audio?

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Very important read.

Even if you don’t believe in the mind control there is a lot to learn about the subs :clap::clap:

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You cannot, through subliminal audio suggestions, compel an individual to do something they don’t want to do. This is why many struggle with romance and money titles. While they may consciously WANT more romantic encounters or make more money, there are subconscious traumatic experiences that prevents them from doing so. And so, they simply ignore or stonewall the script.

So anyone should run healing titles every now and then?

I did notice after a Regen & rebirth stint I got that feeling of (enough healing, let’s build) in my mind :grin:



In 2021 spring, while running RICH and a lot of money modules and other manifestation modules, I’ve just started to play on crypto, and I wasn’t aware of anything (market, charts etc).
At some point, one day Safemoon got so high as I could press one button in my token wallet and could have in my bank account a 6 figures sum. But I didn’t.
In following days/weeks it got lower and finally when I decided to withdraw it was a smaller 5 figures sum.

So, the manifestation was there. The pathways have opened to bring those money to my door.
But I haven’t decided to act on it.


I think this will be addressed in the upcoming Masterclass. Maybe some explanation or advice on how to get the best of any title. For example, if you are not getting results with the money title with which you would be satisfied try two cycles of LD or Rebirth instead to clear pathways for that or something similar.


So the only solution to this is healing, healing and more healing?

I hope these is addressed in the Masterclass with solutions on how to deal with it.

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Awareness alone is curative.

Being aware of issues is a good start.

Healing subs accelerate it.

No, take action. The quickest way to heal is actually taking action and seeing results in the now.


Action. Action. Action. That’s the key. New experiences to shape perception


„Action is healing.“ — SaintSovereign, 2023


I still don’t get it. You start an online business and it works great, but if it fails after a couple of months. What healing do you get from that?
Is the goalpost “action” or do you need to find satisfaction in doing whatever the result you got? or maybe reframe what failures means with action? Maybe I am going beyond subs now.

my 2c:

Pinning happiness/self worth/value on an external thing… whether it’s financial success, romantic success, career or academic achievements, etc is a surefire path to disappointment at some point.

I’ve had failures, for sure… but I only felt the failure for some of them. If I half-assed something and it failed, then that’s probably my fault. If I gave it my best though… then yes while it might suck, if I couldn’t have done any better than I did at that moment, I get over it more quickly as I don’t have the aspect of beating myself up over it to keep me wallowing in the failure.

Take action. Iterate and improve over your past performance… improve yourself, and be proud when you do. That’s the goal, IMHO… not basing anything else on external results, which… let’s be honest… are very often dependent on factors out of your control.

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I think you might be over-complicating it.

Many people who need basic business-related healing feel that they are not able to start an online business. So, in your example, the person is already past the most basic stage of healing.

For a person in need of fundamental, basic business-related healing just going through the steps to try to start an online business would be an incredible healing leap forward.

Healing-related Question:
Where are you paralyzed by your own inaccurate, fear-based predictions of failure or disaster?

There’s a decent chance that you’re not even getting the chance to fail in such an area; because you may not be doing very much at all.

(What’s the point of even trying anything when you’re already so “certain” that nothing’s going to work?)

I think we’d agree that elite professional athletes are, in general, successful in their chosen areas. And yet, every time that they come together to compete only one individual or one team wins. The others lose.

Yet they’re all still considered elite. And they are elite.

They are elite based on their capacities to take masterful, competent action in their chosen areas of endeavor. And they prove this by going out and taking action to play their events at high levels of performance.

Other than that, sometimes they win and sometimes they lose.

Now if there were a would-be professional athlete who was not practicing, not training, not competing; all because they kept telling themselves that “there’s no hope for me”…that’s someone who could benefit from running a basic healing subliminal.

And, for our hypothetical would -be athlete, one crucial element of working with that healing subliminal would be to get outside and train. The healing is not the same as the performance outcome.

Healing will manifest as a growing sense of self-efficacy and realistic, enthusiastic expectation about your potential and what you can achieve.


Businesses just don’t “fail.” Where did you screw up? Resolve that issue and try again. There, you will find your healing.

Your business is an extension of the self, with all its flaws being reflected into the business. If those flaws are deep enough to cause failure, through introspection, you can discover what caused things to collapse, resolve that issue and rebuild, this time with a stronger foundation.


Never thought of it that way. Well said.

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Can I get a tldr version? :sweat_smile:


agree. I legit mouse scrolled at least 4-5 full pages to get through it :rofl:


Lesson I learned after failing 12 businesses (or never even getting them off the ground) and the lesson ANY successful person will tell you:
FAILURES are the best thing you can do.

They are your guiding light.

This is what SC does: iteration.
Iteration is achieved by failing FORWARD.
You try something. It doesn’t fully work. You try something else. You cut out the bad thing. Double down on what works.
This way you refine the product/brand/message.

It’s the scientific process.

Yet, in school you’re never taught this. In fact, school hinders your entrepreneurship. Because in school you’re best if you make as few mistakes as possible. To pass your exam.
In the real world, you win if you make as many mistakes as possible and iterate from them.

Thus, in case of the subs.
You run them and take imperfect action over perfect inaction.
You just go at it.
Run a sexual sub? Just initiate. You’ll notice things that work and don’t work. Double down on what works.
The better you get, the more you heal the limiting belief that you suck at sex.
If you give her 5 orgasms, you can hardly be bad at sex, right?
But you won’t give her that by just thinking about it.
You need to go in there.