New Support Article: How “It Could’ve Happened Without the Sub” Hurts Your Results

Read it here: How "It Could've Happened Without the Sub" Hurts Your Results - Subliminal Club Support Hub


Thanks for the article, that was very informative!

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I’ve seen to many things shift in my favor recently to help me out in a big way, even tho before I didn’t doubt the result. Recently event have show me how powerful sub can really be.

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Any ONE of the results I’ve COULD have happened without the sub. However, the clusters of results I often get would defy reason.
I do tend to give the sub (and myself) credit whenever I can for just the reasons you state. If something is just dumb luck, but I convince myself that I made it happen, it should make it easier to actually make things like that happen.

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very interesting article

so essentially, (and correct me if I’m wrong) when someone says “it could have happened without the sub” they are limiting their imagination on how reality can be for them. But one of the purposes of the sub is to steadily increase your imagination on how great life can be in a given area.

reminds me of the story with Ferdinand Magellan and the native tribes.
the story goes, Magellan was a world traveler and was visiting this native tribe that was across the ocean. The tribe was asking how they got across the ocean. Magellan pointed to the big ships out on the ocean. But the natives couldn’t see the ships. They saw right through them because it was outside of their imagination. however, they did see the small ships (dinghies) because that was something that they could handle.

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From my experience it is true.

I started getting results when I just decided that the subs worked for me. I stopped questioning could this or that be just coincidence. I don’t know if it’s the correct way to say that I did on blind faith. But I think that was the key for me.


i liked the part for the " Lust for results" and putting constant preasure and worrying too much, honestly that can be me sometime, but i think the best way ever to deal with a subliminal is just to work and forget that youre listening to one,

of course after 1 month or 2 months do some analyzing, and check your journal and thats how you evaluate if the sub is working or not ,

nice article


:pray:t6: :pray:t6: :pray:t6:

I feel this way too.

It’s a subliminal. Let it be subliminal.

Resist the urge to dig up your seeds to see if they’re growing. That’s bad medicine.

Or even better,

just assume that it’s working

they work.

Treat it as one more incredible miracle. Like the fact that anything is here at all. (It’s a little crazy if you think about it very long.)

And just like we do with all of the other miracles: feel grateful on those occasions when you remember it, and go on living your life.


its very destructive, to be dependent on the subliminal its very scary and to wait for results to drop from the sky, ive fallen into this trap many many times when i couldve pushed myself more but i said tmw the sub will push me , human mistakes am i right?

but i think thats the strongest sub advice ever, is to listen like your not listening and pursue your goals like before you did on subs,

this is beautiful, hahahah i swear thats so me i think if ive planted a seed i would check her out from time to time hahahah to see if shes gone bad or not, :rofl: :rofl:

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Thank you for the article. This is something I’ve been struggling with less since I started on ZP.

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I don’t look at results as big or small anymore each result has a significant purpose. To me a result is a result I can look back at all the things I’ve manifested and see the synchronicities and how everything was orchestrated to lead me to what it was that I desired, that is when I started to be grateful for all the little things . Since ive started using subs im even more aware i love watching things play out and align. Enjoy the process!That’s also why Journaling is such a powerful tool. Loved the article and the explanation of the alchemical process :pray:t4: :blush:


Yeah, these things could have happened without the sub, but they had not been. Apply stimulus get result, keep applying stimulus!

The example of living in poverty or debt was a good reminder for me. I have so many unhealthy and messed up beliefs about wealth and money that I should know this will take time.


Here is my take on it.


The funny thing is, ten years ago, had someone shown me subliminal audio, I would’ve laughed at them and told them to get away.