New Support Article: Can I Use Ultima Cores in Q Customs and Vice Versa

Check it out here: Can I Use Ultima Cores in Q Customs and Vice Versa


Excellent! This makes using Q and Ultima Cores in any type of custom very clear.


Holy crap. Long term Paragon.

Paragon with Wanted, and maybe Emp St3 + Diamond.

This is a game changer :heart_eyes:


Emphasis on the Long :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But yeah, great physical shifting custom :+1:


Keep in mind, however, that adding a Q-Core to an Ultima formatted subliminal will not turn that core’s scripting into short-term programming. With this use case, you’re essentially creating a very, very powerful Q-Standard subliminal due to the fact that the Ultima format itself consists of a masked subliminal with an embedded ultrasonic file (among other optimizations).

Now, that’s very interesting. I’m strongly tempted by the idea of giving it a try.

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Anyone up for building WANTED Q Core in an Ultima AND Solace?

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I would build Dark Sovereign (10 modules) that way but it would be hard to give up on four of the modules (one of the core modules especially since two Q cores in an Ultima custom would be too much, I guess).

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If you have the money, make 2 Ultimas: Dark Sovereign and Darth Sovereign :wink:


Yeah, that’s an tantalizing idea… I could add in two more modules. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Dark Sovereign and Holy Patriarch :smiley:


Haha! Sweet! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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I get that the Q version of the Ultima Core will not be short term or a booster,
but will the long term version essentially mimic the short term effects or kick in just over time (as long as run) or are we looking at a different effect over time with the Q version of the Ultima core?


After I read the support hub, my guess was that a Q Core in an Ultima will give the long term effects of a Q Custom + the strength of an Ultima Custom (cause Ultimas are stronger than Q).

Just a guess. Only SaintSovereign, Fire can confirm


All Right! I can put Commander into my next custom!


@SaintSovereign im definitely curious about this, and also aside from customs, how this would work for DR ultima vs DR ST4

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Will the inclusion of an Ultima title into a Q Custom also remove the ultrasonic component completely?


Q versions of all ultimas possible???


RICH Qv2? :eyes:


I’m curious for the other way around -Ultima core in QV2

I can’t wrap my mind around the difference- it seems auras and short term boosting are diminished/lost in the conversion respectively, but are the long term results equivalent of the same strength of effect ultimately.

in another thread for Libertine and Love bomb in QV2 format

So will paragon have the same healing capacity long term-or just a good health sub but diminished effect

Same with RICH

It seems Q to Ultima might not have short term boosting-but clearly a strong Q sub as you said

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Yes. I think this is the case.

do you mean the case will be the long term results will be equivalent?

That would be my guess.

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I missed the “or” in the line “will paragon have the same healing capacity long term-or just a good health sub but diminished effect”. My guess is “and” replaces “or”.

So basically the Paragon Core in the Q Custom won’t be as strong as it is in Ultima but long term, the Q Custom will work just as well as the Ultima Custom.

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