New Support Article: Can I Run Less Loops to Alleviate Reconciliation?

Read it here: Can I Run Less Loops to Alleviate Reconciliation? - Subliminal Club Support Hub


I luv you
That is what we needed
Edit: I have a 3 core custom and I ran it 3 mins for a long time f me f me f me!:expressionless::man_facepalming:t2::angry:

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@SaintSovereign with less loops and less time isn’t that just delaying results?

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I’ve currently found through my own experimenting that less is more. The subconscious mind has time to execute the script by letting it rest. I’m literally running all my subs once per week. I know Friday is doing the same and he runs them once every 7-12 days I believe.


Thank you for replying. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around that idea or process. It just feels counterproductive .
Isn’t reconciliation just a necessary process ?

I tried 1 loop at day 1 and the next loop on day 4-5.

Result = more profound


Taking this as a sign! Had some major recon today. Deciding to take an extra day off and also reduce my subs moving forward to just 5 minutes each and check the results.

What? Really? Profound how?

Five minutes? How can anyone get results with listening for five minutes once a week?

As SaintSovereign said, more time to integrate and execute the script.


This pretty much gave me the go ahead to do two listening days a week.

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It’s true for drugs and foods; why can’t it also be true for subliminals?

There are plenty of drugs of which a person can ingest a very tiny amount and still be feeling the effects a week or more later.

It’s because of the potency and the chemical composition of the drug and because of how the body metabolizes that substance.

We can observe this very commonly with high-potency materials.

So, the logic is sound. What’s left is to explore how it works in your own individual experience; with your individual bodymind.


An old Chinese saying says: not the one who ate the most but the one who digested the most.

I use a boa constrictor strategy: I “eat” as much as I can (4 loops a day, five days a week+one day for running one loop of AC=the icing on the cake) and then let my mind do the work when digesting “the food” (one-week wash out). That works for me best.



I think that’s more likely an ancient Varunan proverb.

We should point out that this is an experimental exposure pattern by a user who has already run Sub Club subliminals for multiple years, has been through all of Dragon Reborn at least once, and is currently following a more individualized path.

Also, if it becomes too much, he’s wise enough to adjust it.


That’s right. One needs to get a feel of how Mental Alchemy works for them. The recommended pattern is universal and sticking with it yields good results as well and, first of all, it’s the best starting point for Zero Point.

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Honestly @JCast , in the nicest way possible, I’d suggest you just give it a try and see for your own experience.

I’ve noticed you have a harder time grasping certain concepts, which I do too, so the best way to counter that for this particular instance is give it a try and see for yourself.

When I played CFW more than once per week in January I had recon. When I played it once per week in August I could feel it healing me but I felt more of the love and positivity.

Same for the Dragon Reborn. I literally played DR once Monday last week and I felt the effects for 6 or so days. The stuff it bought up was crazy for one loop.

@friday and obviously Saint/Fire are onto something with the whole less loops. They’ve been saying it for a while.


I plan on five minutes every other day, not just once a week.

I based this decision on analyzing my current recon – I’m having good results besides the recent recon so this is an experiment to see if dropping the amount A) reduces the recon, B) still obtains results and C) are those results any stronger? I’ll update you on my findings :slight_smile:

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@JCast : Overthinking the process is the start of self-sabotage. Don’t do that to yourself.
This is simple. Start with 5 minutes every other day. If it’s easy to handle, then go to 7 minutes. When 7 minutes doesn’t feel like it’s creating reconciliation, gradually work your way to 15 minutes. Since your were talking about EOG1, you should probably run it for multiple rounds. I would do 5 minutes for the first round, 7 minutes for the second one, 9 minutes for the third round and 11 minutes for the 4 round and so on.

Just the run the sub and don’t overthink the process. I know what self-sabotage looks like. A lot of times it start with overthinking simple things.

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@ksub I will do that. I feel that without knowing how dense the script or sub itself is it just seems that five minutes wouldn’t do a whole lot. You’re correct in that I am definitely over thinking this.

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I used to think the same way. That’s why I never tried Mind’s Eye. I was always under the impression that it is a very dense sub. I was wasn’t sure how that could work with Emperor (that I was running at the time). Then not too long ago, I read that Mind’s Eye is actually a light script. Bottom line, I still don’t know how dense it is. Does it matter? Not really! The best I can do is too actually run it and see for myself. HoM is supposed to be one of the most dense sub but some people have had fast results with it. You just can’t know how you’d react to a sub until you run it. Just run it!!! :rofl: