New member stuck in snowy Japan... very lost on what to do

Hi everyone,

I’m new to sub club and have no idea where to start. If anyone could spare the time, I’d appreciate some advice on a subliminal or two to start with. I’ve read the instructions regarding the latest technology, ZP, and I’ve read a few of the other threads from people looking for advice, and it seems like keeping things dead simple and focused is the key.

Unfortunately, I want too much and I really feel stuck in finding the right one to start with. Ultimately, the two things I can’t stop thinking about right now are money and sex, because I severely lack both. Deep down I don’t really just want sex, but sex & love, but I’ve really given up hope on love or being loved and I can’t push down my thirst and ignore my desire anymore. So at least having sex would be better than zero.


  1. I’m a 30 year old male
  2. I live in a small, really cold, aging city in Japan, teaching English
  3. I am $10,500 in debt
  4. Haven’t had sex with non-escorts since 2018 (and at this point, haven’t had sex in almost a year)
  5. Haven’t had a proper girlfriend since 2015 (completely lost trust in girls, confidence obliterated, heart absolutely broken)

I really don’t like anything about my current living situation and feel stuck big time. My thinking is that I should solve the money problem first because that will unblock everything else and remove a ton of stress. But I’m getting too thirsty and desperate at this point and I can’t even focus on that properly without thinking I should be moving somewhere else and fixing my dating and sex life before I kill myself or become a complete porn zombie.

I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m honestly looking for a bit of a magic pill. I know they don’t exist, but I’m feeling desperate.

That being said, I have been doing some work. I’m just not seeing any results and it’s frustrating the hell out of me.


In terms of money, I have convinced my company to give me residuals for all sales I bring in. Because this city is basically dying, the obvious idea is to expand our reach online and target mainly Japanese people, but also anybody who is in Japan and wants to learn English. It’s a good business run by good people using outdated practices and relying too heavily on an increasingly outdated marketing channel.

To this end, in the last year I have:
-Renovated the building (cleaning, flooring, painting, reupholstery, etc.)
-Created two websites, and currently in the process of moving to a third, better option that I hopefully don’t have to change again in the near future.
-Started a newsletter to improve sales from our current students (January 2023)
-Started a live stream to hopefully attract more students (January 2023)

And so far since I officially got a contract signed and going in September I’ve only gotten ONE new student, earning me a whopping $20 per month. We haven’t recruited through the newsletter yet so it’s hard to tell the impact it will have. The stream has three regular members and averages four participants per session which is… terrible IMO considering we invited all of our students. Two of the regulars are non-students but I think they haven’t converted because they get everything they need from the stream since there are no other people to eat into their time.

Also, since this ultimately isn’t my business, I want to find some other business to start or some other way to make money. I have a background in software engineering but I don’t want to return to it professionally. I’ve tried making my own apps since coming here and have failed to complete three major attempts. I have a huge mental block against coding now. I just can’t stand the process anymore.

In terms of girls, I started off feeling confident when I moved here because I was getting better at Japanese, getting a bit more used to dealing with the girls here, going on dates but failing to get sex, being introduced to people… and then COVID hit and completely killed that. And then I started to run out of money and made a completely rash decision to move to where I am now, thinking that I would take the job for a year, take stock of my life and what to do next, and then either return to the previous city or go somewhere bigger like Tokyo. This is now my third winter up here.

In the beginning, I realized quickly that there just really weren’t many young people (20s,30s) here and the lifestyle, demographics, local culture – everything was completely and objectively worse than where I was before. Basically once kids graduate high school, especially the smart ones, they get the fuck out and don’t really seem to come back. I even tried online dating and got a few dates in the very beginning, but the overall pool of girls is small, let alone the pool of girls interested in me, and it just fizzled out. No interest in bars and clubs – especially not here. COVID is finally “ending” in May so I feel like I may have no excuse not to go, but I’ve never been much of a bar/club guy, and I really just have lost all of the hope and motivation that I had before. At least I will be able to see what people look like again.

I teach at a university and a specialized school too. I’ve gotten one student out on a lunch date so I could finally see her face (damn masks!) and she just wasn’t for me… And had one student approach me for a date, but thankfully I already knew how she looked so I declined. These girls are seriously all cute with masks on and not so much when they take them off. I’m super visual so this gap is hell. But I don’t want to date 19 year olds, would rather date fresh grads or mid 20s, and I really don’t want to be the creepy teacher or risk my job – I just don’t see much else of a choice.

Long story short… I’m tired of freezing my ass off, having no energy, having no money, having no sex, being an overall loser, and not accomplishing anything. In terms of money I at least have some systems I’m putting in place but am not getting any results and ultimately dealing with small numbers anyway. In everything else in my life I am completely failing.

Any ideas on where to start? Do you need any more information from me?


I would start with Primal and Ascension.

Primal will fix up any mental baggage you’ve got in terms of sex, uncovering exactly what you want sexually, and helping you accept that for yourself.

Ascension is more “outer game” depending who you ask.

Together they are a powerhouse.




Stark/Emperor and Love Bomb for Humanity.

Or… Ascension with Limit Destroyer is a nice potential stack with quickly noticeable results.


Thanks a lot for your advice. Just to make sure, you’re talking about PRIMAL and not Primal Seduction or Iron Throne, right?

and then Ascension found here:


Thanks for your reply.

Based on what I wrote, if you also agree that Primal and Ascension are a good start then I’ll just take your post as a second to what Palpatine said. I’m trying to not overthink the decision here and trust more experienced people because my own thinking has gotten me in this mess.

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Yep. Primal. Primal Seduction is excellent. I just recommend Primal before PS for the healing.


Much appreciated! :pray:t5:

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Same here

Ascension and Primal

If you lack self love then include Lovebomb for Humanity

All the best to your Journey


Thanks for your +1. Seems like you guys are all of the same opinion, so I’ve bought ascension and primal using the first time discount. I’m going to stick with those two because adding a third would complicate the schedule and I’m really just trying to make this as braindead and easy for me to follow as possible.

I’m going to start it tomorrow and will start a journal too.



Gambare Saint


I’ll try my best!


I’m also onboard the :lion: Primal + :necktie: Ascension train, it’s a great choice.

Down the line, I’d recommend adding :moneybag: Mogul to handle your money situation. If you don’t want to complicate it by making it 3 subs, you can “upgrade” (replace) :necktie: Ascension with :necktie: :moneybag: Ascended Mogul instead at some point - since you’re in debt and you need to start making serious money at some point to get in a better financial situation.

Also, :necktie: Ascension can change the trajectory of your life quite significantly if you keep it. The passion and direction you get is really useful as a beginner. There’s also quite decent sexual and romantic scripting in it that’s fairly underrated, I don’t feel the need to run any sexual/romantic subs when I’m running :necktie: Ascension.


Those two will do more than you can possibly imagine. You’re going to become a new man.


Thanks for the advice. I’m assuming I need to run these for at least 3~6 months… so I’ll take stock again at that point and consider what you said. Seems like there’s a reason everyone including you is saying start with ascension instead of ascended mogul even though I wrote about the money problems. So your idea of upgrading from ascension to mogul at some point makes a lot of sense.


Of course I have hopes but I’m trying my best to kill any expectations. Thanks for the warm words.

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One thing that will definitely sabotage your results is jumping from one sub to the other too fast. The one thing that will give you solid results is consistency. Pick you subs carefully and for 6 months don’t look back.


Yeah, I found SubClub early on but wasted years jumping around sub to sub every month or two and never really achieved any proper growth. Pretty big mistake to make.

Upgrade to :necktie: :moneybag: Ascended Mogul and :lion: :kiss: Primal Seduction in 6 - 12 months, then see what happens when you keep running those two for another year. Stick to the same subs so you don’t get stuck in :skull_and_crossbones: beginner purgatory like me.

Take action and journal too, those are very important parts of the equation :+1:


Roger that. Thanks for your advice.

OK, will do. So I’ll just aim for a full year with these two for now.

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I agree with them. Time is your best friend here, and soothing your ego during the process keeps it smooth running. A good year on foundations will be a great investment and also…. Very fun stack that would definitely be exciting :wink:


Alright – thanks for your input.

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