New here, please enlight on where to start


Hi all,
I’m not new to subliminals as I have been using a subliminal from another company for generating an Aura of sexual attraction. While the sub worked great however it is still in testing phase and the work seems slow around its development. That’s been said. I’m looking on other possibilities here.

What would you recommend something for sexual attraction? Maybe it’s a naive question.
Real question is, how can I go about choosing my Q stack? Should I consider what to stack together or I can choose any modules I like?

Another question, how is the fear issue is been handled? I know we have many fears that prevent our subconscious from achieving many goals. How is it handled? Is it proven to work?



Welcome to the community.
I would start with general healing to deal with traumas, fears, limits, negative emotions by using the stack RegenerationQ+ElixirU. Then if I wanted to focus on sexuality only I would go with Primal Seduction+RebirthQ for some time and then switch from RebirthU to LibertineU still running Primal Seduction. Or if you just wanted to shift your energy without any essential work just go for LibertineU straight away.


The SC product for sexual aura is Libertine Ultima.

You can read it’s reviews and discussions here.

Take a week’s break before you switch. Don’t use different company’s products together.


Thank you for suggestion. I’m looking to build a custom Q sub.
Can I stack ultimate libertine with other stuff? Maybe add a wealth element too (hopefully something specific to trading financial markets)


You can stack LibertineU with any custom you want. For building your custom you have to be very specific on your goals you would like to work towards and about the shortcomings you would like to work on. Post your objectives and things you want to work on on here and we’ll be able to help you swiftly, please?


Fair enough. Mainly I have few areas I want to focus on

I had many relationships in the past and currently involved with couple women. So it’s not like I’m lacking experience in these areas But I want to take to next level.

  • sexually attractive to women. Meaning I want women to actually notice me at first sight. I don’t want to have to grab their attention and work my way.

  • I want people to approach me (supplement to above point)

  • sexual performance. I would like to achieve mastery level in bed (meaning full control of my sexual energy like ejaculation control, multi orgasms or full body orgasm etc)

I have a good job. But in the other hand, I’m doing day trading financial market and for few years now, I am still not consistently profitable. And would like this to change.

I want to maintain a relaxed (kinda high feeling) state of mind. I don’t to feel shitty on some days for no obvious reasons. I want to completely eliminate anxiety and fear.


In your case I would start with a healing stack to eliminate anxiety, fear and mood swings. The best choice is Regeneration+Elixir. Then you could build your custom or just go with Emperor: the House of Medici to follow your path of trading, build necessary business connections and get a good alpha programming. You could stack that sub with Rebirth Ultima which destroys limits, reframe your identity to the archetype introduced in the sub you’re listening to (E:HoM). Then you could switch from Rebirth to Libertine (or you could use Libertine instead of Rebirth every time you want to attract a woman to have sex with). If you wanted me to advice you on building a custom anyway, I can do it for you.


Welcome dude!

I was new this year too so I know there’s a lot more choice now with customs and ultimas!

But to satisfy your goals I’d propose the following if this were me:

Have a custom sub to deal with internal stuff, feeling good, relasing negative beliefs and handling the wealth side of things and use Libertine U alongside it.

Ultimas are taxing on the mind so for a first time user I’d stick to this for now

Custom Sub:
Sex Mastery
As the 3 main cores

Then supplement them with what ever you like on the store

For sexuality you could have
Aura of Craving
Instant Spark
Sexiness Physicality enchancer etc

For wealth you have HOM and could add other wealth like modules too
Secrets of Akasha etc

Have fun building! Looking forward to see what you make and your journal to go with it


Primal Seduction would be better than Sex Mastery as one of your cores. Sex Mastery is about improving your bed skills not about getting/attracting women. That’s all if it comes to the cores. Sanguine is a very good choice.

If it comes to the rest, you can choose as you will taking into account your goals and the synergy between the modules. The modules suggested by Nemesis sound pretty well to me.



I’d buy Libertine Ultima and try that out for the sexual aura

I’d also hold out on buying a custom. It’s better to try the major programs on the website first before making your custom because there are no refunds on customs. Just for a little while.

Programs that you may want to look into:

I would go for Khan first, you may also stack them later. If you want you can also look at Emperor but I think Khan is more your style based on what I’m reading here. It also takes care of the sexual side. You may also wish to stack Khan and Mogul (because Mogul would take care of the wealth part more) / or Khan + Stark.


That’s the very best piece of advice in the thread. Thanks. How could I skip it even though I suggested stacking rather than building a custom.


Oh, why thank you =)! I’m glad to be of help.

Hopefully they turn into a super happy customer just like myself, and enjoy the ride here.


I started with Khan (2/3 of my loops) and Quantum Limitless (1/3 of my loops) and it is working out really well at the moment.

Khan is a program that has been used a lot, and I’ve only seen fantastic reviews.