New hear and curious to learn

I am new to subs and feel they hold real potential from my first days of trying. I look forward to learning more about it and improve life with it hopefully. Any general advice and tips for me as a beginner would be appreciated.


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The advice that’s helped me the most is to assume that any results or happenings you experience come from sub usage.

This builds a feedback loop of ever-increasing success as you acknowledge the results.


First and foremost, you MUST ask yourself and clarify yourself what you want to improve at the current moment. Then you can pick and ask the subs you need in this forum

Second, stick to your main subliminal for at least 6 months. This is my method and it’s never failed me, I seldom change to other subs so frequently in 6 months time frame

  1. Create a Google calendar for your main sub in 6 cycles.
  2. Add support sub (2nd or 3rd titles) as you like, you can buy up to 5 subs to assist the main sub.
  3. Adjust the order of 3 subs, how you want to listen in 6 months.
  4. Relax for a few days, then come back to review your 6 months plan again. Update and change where you feel needed.

Boom, you have a plan to listen for 6 months of 3 to 5 subs. You can listen and adjust on the go.

This method has helped me to stick to main sub as well as saved me so much money. With temptation of newly published sub, I need to check my plan if I can add it, most of the time, cannot. Save me money and make me become persistent :wink:

Thirdly, while listening, you should read thru all articles in support website: They are super helpful in the long-run, noone can deny that.

  • Listen less (<= 5mins) is more with new technology.

Ease of mind, happy results for you


Yes, don’t eat paint; erm, I mean, read the guides and take the warning seriously.

Start low and slow, take actions in proportions with the files you’re using. Drink water.


second @BlissAdventurer
as from myself, I would recommend you start with one sub for the first month. After one month (first cycle), depending on how you feel with your current sub (if are you having a heavy recon or you are okay), you may adjust your schedule by leaving the schedule as it is or adding a new additional sub.

for best results, there are two ways of stacking titles:

1st is choosing a main sub that’s objectives matches with your main and specific goal, and supporting the main sub by another one or two subs. Example: you want to increase your profit, hence you go with Mogul and RICH (+ The Executive if you want), where Mogul is the main sub and RICH and The Executive are supporting subs.

2nd is choosing a specific goal and picking 2 or 3 subs that support each other in a equal measure in compliance with that goal. Example: you want to clean up your physique, start to follow a healthy lifestyle, improve your health, and here you go with Spartan, Godlike Masculinity and Paragon. All of them are kinda main subs because they do a brilliant synergy between each other.

Please, be aware that the heavier is stack, the more time it takes to show results.

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Thank you so much for your detailed advice! May I ask which subs are your favourite/main?

My issue is I have alot of traumas, confidence, masculinity issues due to growing up narcissit mother and health challenges that lead to major challenges in my financial and social/relationship life.

So while maybe not specific enough, my major life areas are financial success despite my health limitation/disability(Which requires personal development, as Jim Rohn said "income rarely exceeds personal development) I have many ideas and could use some clarity.

And improved social life, relationships. In particular with women and sex. Ultimately my biggest wish is to settle in a monogamous soulmate lassting love relationship with a life partner, but I feel I need to become a high value man first to find and keep that woman, which is a challenge. Having limited health and limited financial situation makes it quite difficult on the relationship market.

If I could solve my financial situation, many other things including the right person would fall in place. I started an upward momentum with side hustles next to my living on social security, that I hope to increase with subs. I thought trying for a soulmate at the same time with Heartsong, but maybe it is better/easier to go for no commitment sex/fwb while I am working to become a high value man with financial success and then go for a soulmate/life partner.

So I am working with Ascended Mogul as main and love bomb for humanity first.

Plus there are many that I favourited, I find it difficult to pick one. They are all needs I have. I also don’t want to get into othe next shiny object syndrome and keep focussing on 2-3subs long term to really achieve deep changes. Could you recommend me some?

PS: I want to add that to me fullfilling healthy social and love life is the highest desire. I do feel lonely at times due to my disease. Good relationships in general, but particularly a romantic/intimate one. I prefer a serious deep soul mate love to an affair anytime. But I’m unsure if this is the right situation I’m in for. The reason I am trying to achieve financial success is that it helps immensly for a man especially with health problems. So currently I am torn between focussing on becoming a financially succesful, better, high value man first, which I may or may not achieve and I might die trying or doing subs for both success and love at once.

My preselection of subs

Thank you so much. What exactly is reckon, I have read about it a few times by now. How do I detect and avoid it? I have overdone free subliminals for a few days and was extremely tired and fatigued with occasional headache. I believe it was reckon symptoms. I am still learning. I have taken a break and now the symptoms are gone.

Also I have shared my personal situation in the post above. Starting with Ascended mogul + love bomb. Are there 2-3 other subs that you wouldd also recommend me?

I know my reality well and I have no doubt in my mind that the changes are due to the subs.


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this may help you.

And do not mix SC titles with other vendors’ titles.

Start with Ascended Mogul first. Start with 7 minutes of listening every two days for 21 days, like
1-Day: Ascended Mogul
2-Day: Rest day
3-Day: Ascended Mogul
4-Day: Rest Day

21-Day: …

Then, 22 - 25 days are washout days, when you do not exposure yourself with any subliminal title. So, the whole 26 days (21 days of listening + 5 days) are one cycle.
After one cycle of Ascended Mogul look at your experience and how you felt along the cycle. If it was light for you, you can add another title into your stack which in your case is Love Bomb For Humanity. If you feel it was heavy, you may delay LBFH for the moment until you are okay with Ascended Mogul OR you can cut the length of loops from 7 minutes to 3 minutes and add LBFH into the stack. Do the same with AM + LBFH, then personally I would recommend you dedicate your time to Regeneration since you have traumas.

Give 1 years to subs and see what happens. And, of course, the most important thing… TAKE ACTIONS. Subliminals are not magical pills, so you still must take actions to see results. Think actions without subs are like bicycle speed and actions with subs are like car speed.

One more tip: always try to decompose your needs and problems into small pieces. Many people got disappointed by that they are not satisfied with their life even tho they get what they want from subs. There’s difference between what we need and what we want. Seldomly do we not being able to understand that what we want is not what we need. Like example, I thought I needed Emperor, Stark, Wanted and other titles to be succeed and satisfied with my life, even though I felt myself very fatigued, tired and lost. You know, get money, girls and so on could help. But no, I needed only emphasize on sports and health. Really, after doing sports and going to a doctor, I’m feeling much better than even before. So, I’m considering buying Spartan and Paragon to even accelerate my chosen area’s growth. No Emperor, no Stark helped me with my discipline, willpower and, hence, productivity as doing general physical activities and keeping healthy lifestyle. To understand this, it took 2 years. Now, Emperor or Stark or any other sub title will bloom in another colors than before.
Here with you. You might think money can fix your position, but who knows, maybe you’re wrong and in reality you need something other? I’m not stating it as it’s true, I’m just giving you some my valuable experience to think about. Look completely detailed at your life, write our EVERYTHING you are not satisfied with and think about what you must fix first so you will get the best profit of it. Consider it as Domino.


Thank you so much for the elaborate response! Very helpful!
It absolutely makes sense to break down goals into smaller chunks and not to forget taking action, while the subs help. I loved the analogy with the car.

I have put alot of thought into it and summarized I have 4 life areas that I want. Health, Personal development, prosperity and love.(Romantic and social)

For me all of these areas are interconnected and interwoven. An improvement in one, helps improve the others. If I was comfortable financially, it would help me improve all other areas, but the same goes the other way around of course. I definitly need to look out for my health also as I’ve been doing already. It’s the most important aspect of all and foundational indeed, I invested alot in it and will continue to improve hopefully. Thanks for the reminder. Self care/love should actually be at least as high up on my priority list as business success.


You are doing super great here. I myself also used to live with a narcissist father in my first 18 years, so I can say that the root cause and most important issue people-live-with-narcissist need to tackle is to regain rebuild self-worth, self-love, self-confident. Nothing else matter. Picking Ascended Mogul, especially LBFH are the great start for you.

IMHO, you should listen to Ascended Mogul and LBFH for at least 6 - 9 months to rebuild & regain everything. It took me almost 3 years to heal myself and gain confidence and self-love.

After 6 - 9 months of Ascended Mogul and LBFH, your next sub is Khan. Why is Khan? Because there are quite many things in different areas, you want to achieve. Khan is the best choice for you.

  • How to share this with you about this? Although I share you can listen to Khan after 6 - 9 months, I believe you need more and enough time to heal yourself first, at least 1 year, then check back.
  • If you haven’t given enough time to heal yourself, even if you are in a relationship with Khan, you could mess it up. I shared from my experience, I messed it up 2 times in the past with 2 great girls I knew in my life. But you can do what you want until you learn :joy:

Wish you great healing with Ascended Mogul and LBFH.

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Thank you so much for confirming that I’m on the right path with Ascended Mogul and LBFH! I will take my time to heal and progress before I start with others. Which Khan do you mean though, as I found 2 in the shop, Khan Black or Multistage?

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Hey Feuerwerk,
I’m rather New to SC (two weeks in), but I’ve spent countless hours in here researching. For me, the most important tip was mentioned here already: take action.
Make a solid plan what needs to be done, be it business or health wise and then start executing.
I’m struggling a bit with the business part, but I lost almost two kg weight in the last week.
For the taking action part, I have a link to a text from Fire, one of the founders of SC

If you should be as German as your username I would recommend Robert Franz and his videos on YT for health tips. Saved my families life’s at least a dozen times.



Hi, interesting hair color he has there but I’ll check him out, always interested in alternative health subjects.

As for action, absolutely, thanks for the emphasis again. Sometimes I don’t take action due to subconscious blockages, fear of failure, timidity, feelings of unworthiness etc. So I hope SC will help me overcome these to get into action for my own plans.

I’m aware this isn’t going to get money raining on me, but I hope it will help me get into action and support it🙂

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It is Khan Multistage (Often called OG Khan in the forum) Khan Multistage: Build an Empire, Manifest Endless Wealth, Become the Alpha Male, Have Unlimited Sex Subliminal - SubliminalClub

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