New EXPERIMENTAL Support Article: Zero Point Stack Rotation

Read it here: EXPERIMENTAL: Zero Point Stack Rotation - Subliminal Club Support Hub


Let’s say one has a change in life goals and they suddenly decide to go in an entirely different direction, how long should they wait before changing out their stack?


Interesting article, and a good reminder for many of us (including me).

I recently have been running way too many subs, now that I have my custom I definitely decided on sticking with them.

However, before I DID think you can easily swap out your ENTIRE stack after 21-5 days.

Because I’ve been doing the “rotate the entire stack each month” idea to get the blooms of the old ones.
Which means:
First Month:
3 subs
Second Month:
Third Month:
3 Subs from the First Month

etc etc

I did this because when I add the new subs the old ones usually start to bloom.
However, I DID notice some overexposure effects, simply because ZP really sticks around for a while.
Not recommended or HIGHLY NOT TO BE DONE? :wink:

Let’s say I want to change my whole stack. Do I do a full 4 week washout before swapping or what would you recommend if one decides to do that? I guess it’s the same question as @Dark asked.


I used to do the same thing. I guess almost everyone did lol. Many even changed titles the very next day.

I think this is why the new stack takes some time to show results when we immediately swap (1 to 5 days rest). Or show less results.

When I was reading the article, I realized the importance of letting the previous subliminals or stack bloom and settle down. Especially when reading this:

Again, do not rotate more than one title. Rotating two at once can trigger reconciliation, stonewalling, etc. due to the amount of new scripting. This also applies if you’re listening to a stack of two titles. Don’t swap both at once.

And the washout period to rotate out a single title and bring in a new one is 12 days (which is close to 2 weeks).

Now imagine swapping out all 3 titles which is an entire stack.

In that case, the next time I swap out 2 titles, I will give them a washout of 3 weeks and if am swapping out 3 titles (aka changing my whole stack), I will give myself a washout of 4 weeks (a month).


I changed my stack basically every cycle since I’ve started ZP…:sweat_smile: This makes me wonder if some of the recon I’ve felt on certain stacks was caused by not letting my stack air out enough, like my recent recon with Wanted. Knowing this makes me want to try out those recon heavy subs properly.



It’s interesting though, because I also get heavy recon sometimes when washing out for longer than 5 days, and then running a sub again makes it vanish. However, I might just simply delay it / put it into the backlog and then it comes crashing down at some point lol

I remember Saint saying that the recon in longer washouts can be tough. But after all, recon is a necessary process…


Hmm. I’ve been rotating a title with nothing but my usual seven day washout. Not seen any problems.

Experimental so try this new recommendation out but don’t stick to it rigidly.

Try what works for you, ZP is about pushing reality through yourself so we results will differ obdistantly

Would this stack rotation instruction apply to multi-stage subs? I feel like you would WANT the previous stage to bloom while running the next one.


No it doesn’t since it is the same title. It’s clarified in the article.

So 5 days washout is enough between stages.

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@bombayduck - although there are particular instructions given in the article for when we have a multistage in our stack and when we want to rotate another single stage title out and put another in its place.

The essence of the article comes down to this:

  1. At any given time, you want to have no more than 3 subliminal tracks very actively processing.

  2. It takes 12 days for any subliminal track to not be very actively processing.

Everything else can be figured out from those two points.


There’s a possible third point to keep in mind:

  1. Different stages of the same multi-stage should be thought of as independent tracks.

And that’s that.


12 days.

Note: Strictly speaking, we don’t have the answer to this question. But I’m just taking the simplest answer based on the guidelines provided.

In fact, this is a question for support.

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I did with great success a rotation/swap out that looks like that.

Day 1 custom 1&2
Day 3 custom 3
Day 5 custom 1&2
Day 7 custom 3

Then I decided that I don’t need more of custom 3 and have to replace it with a better choice.

So I did

Day 9 custom 1&2
Day 11custom 1
Day 13custom 1
Day 15 new custom 3
Day 17 custom 1&2
Day 19 new custom 3
Da, 21 custom 1&2

Works great for me

King of Simplicity thank you for this.

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Didn’t want to cut the post off but could we get a article with zp terminus squared listening pattern and also the max amount of those we can run.


So when you have a stack of 2 subs it is no problem to rotate one out and paar one in, with three the “mess” begins.
Changes my listening schedule, my stack and my approach to the subs.

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Thank you for putting out these new Experimental support articles, @SaintSovereign.

One more question related to this one is:

Do we have any similar estimates for Terminus or Terminus2 build programs?

On average, it will take approximately 12 days for a standard ZP program to subside to the point where it can be replaced in a stack. How about other build strengths?

I’ve no idea how difficult or easy it is to address this question.


@Malkuth : So basically, if I’m running EOG1 + LBFH + GLM right now, at the end of the 21-day cycle, I need to take 5 days off LBFH and GLM but an additional 7 days off EOG1. After 12 days off EOG1, I can switch it for EOG2. By the time I start EOG 2, LBFH and GLM would have been 7 days into the new cycle.
Is that correct?


Yes, and this is exactly the case with Zero Point more so than ever.

I also notice the recon during washout but then it vanishes when reintroducing a loop. This is why I prefer lesser dense programs because you can “overwrite” the reconciliation until inner and outer reality match!