New custom- Emperor Strikes Back and ZPs

Now that the test is over I am waiting for my custom that I ordered which I was going to get before.

so (1) qv2 custom and (2) zp

The custom is The Emperor Strikes Back

Emperor Q Core

Emperor: House of Medici Q Core

Power Can Corrupt Q Core

Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core

Instant Business Tactician

Secret Source

Secrets of Akasha - Wealth

The Way of ROI

True Sell

Organization Perfected

The Lines

The Streams

Voice Master

Dragon Tongue

Iron Frame

Wisdom Personified

Story Teller

Way of Understanding

Virtuoso di Matematica

Joie de Vivre


What’s in your custom and ZPs you running?

will no more about the Zps tommorow

That custom looks great :+1:t4:

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Custom is in.
For the zp

Will probably go for

Chosen Zp
Limitless Zp

Listened to my custom two days ago.

And, 15 min Wanted. Which I never got to try in the test.

I do miss the 30-60 minute zps

But yes the 15 minute wanted is a nice complement to my custom. This zp cooled me down.

And yes it amplifies qv2 custom, my mind was in overdrive, it’s like dr strange in infinity war looking at all possibilities, I think this is coming from quantumn limitless st4 and or the lines and the streams.

Wanted was back in action today in public. Man does it pull women to you or what. Glad to be back on this.

Oh and this woman(aunty type), keeps on calling like mad to hook me up. She always has low quality though so it’s very off putting. I dont even know where this woman got my number from, its gross.

Chosen zp later on.

I think I may try 3zp and qv2 custom but will have to do it in a tight way.

My mind is on overdrive though now, :exploding_head:. Think its holiday madness more than the subs.

The multiverse of madness

It’s the day off from subs but am tempted to listen to a zp or a qv2🤔

Tried new Limitlesszp, it gives a surge of confidence, feel like I can learn anything.

Gave such a energy boost was hard to sleep.
There seemed to be a surge of energy at back of head too.

Gives intense focus, this one seems better for earlier in the day.

Was looking at my custom qv2 I ordered the Solace version came. But the ultrasonic did not, that was unusual. Like the ultra Sonics too.

Listened to qv2 custom,

ZP blows out qv2 by miles, will look forward to zp customs next

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@Saintsovereign will I not be able to listen to emperor zp and my custom that has emperor at same time.

Also do you think you can make a sub or.module based on cialdini’s influence?

Also a sub for someone who is been gaslighted.

This post by username SaintSovereign might help clarify things.

Thanks @Seeker

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Tried the emperor zp yesterday after a nice washout,

was stuck because wanted to continue washout as am just still overall tired

But emperor is my sub and even in the test would have preferred that then wanted.

Immediately I felt like I am getting my power back.

Felt energized and after 15 minutes wondered shall I continue with another round or try later.
Had a nice nap after as rest is my priority.

Woke up had a haircut appointment, rang up the hairdresser to tell him I will be there soon.
Tells me to wait a hour, some woman walked in earlier and was still not finished.

That got me pissed, could feel the emperor surging. Told him you knew I had an appointment and should have told the other person to wait. Got told by people around me as I was raising my voice to be more humble, dont know how that makes sense, but anyhow did not want to wait an hour as that would be to late.

Wish if I could have napped more.

Ran chosen later, what the hell this brought up some anger wanted to get violent but I am the boss so I am going to always win and not do anything stupid.

Passive aggression was so high though.

Have noticed chosen makes me feel tired and weak.

Also feel like someone is stabbing me in the chest and back

Man am I glad I was in the Wanted test, can still feel its effects that I decided to add it again to my stack,

Yup it creates women to hover you, just got brushed today. Yesterday some woman was sticking her butt out to me like an open invitation but I had my mind on other things.

But I like how it makes me feel when I look at my self,

minus the bug though, the looping thoughts and convos I had with a person during spring lockdown. Dam is that a hindrance or what,the loop it seems to be normally at 3.5 but on wanted its at a 7-7.5.

I wonder if Limit destroyer Zp can take it to a 0, because it’s annoying as hell and really has no purpose going forward. Would like to run more cleaner, free from a cog in my reality.

@SaintSovereign any insights

Ran qv2 custom,

Qv2 seems so old tech. Zp kicks its ass by miles, only 15 minutes, waaaaay smoother and much better

How will Zp customs translate I am anticipating that next.

I kept anticipating ascension chamber to be out, and got Mind zp, listened to it.

Next day…

Still could not wait for the chamber so ended up doing a exercise which is similar to it.

Ended up with a dream with these cats coming out of my back. One was ginger/orange and as soon as it came out went straight into the top freezer above the fridge.

Never had such a crazy dream.

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Was watching Eternals last night when I saw Saint droped Chosen from Within

That’s the kind of sub I been hoping for, had been feeling broken from the inside for a while, hard to say in what way.

It felt like my heart was being repaired, at same time seemed like there was something eating me up.from the inside in that area.
Felt like there was something vampiric attached to me, sucking my blood.

After a while mind felt so steady, inner calm, all the chatter gone. It felt like being on a nice holiday which I have been wanting for a long time. It was a nice feeling, a feeling which I never wanted to end.

Woke up this morning, felt stomach crunching, took a dump, oh man had pins and needles across my legs, sweating like mad all three at same time and thought this was it.

At first thought this must have been from the undercooked pizza I had from one of my fav pizza places on sunday,they took so long to make it by the time i got home saw they took it out so quick and was hungry

It was creating a funny feeling since but not that bad.

Then again hope it’s not the virus😉

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That’s really strange. Are you into vampires?

Not at all

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I ran Love Bomb this morning and I had the weirdest vision/dream right as I was beginning to fall asleep. I saw like the shadow of what could have been a cat attached to my big toe by it’s teeth, so I shook it off. :smirk_cat:

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