Neville Goddard, Reality Transurfing, Joseph Murphy


Was wondering whether anyone is actually familiar of all three manifestation development methods and can share why he chose one out of the three.

I know a bit about the Russian dude’s books having read through them but find it still find it hard to apply.

Esp paging @Simon @SubliminalUser


They’re not the only ones. I’m also familiar with Florence Shinn, Lester Levenson, Zivorad Slavinski, Fred Dodson … and many alternate routes too, like Marc Allen, Trevor Blake, Tosha Silver, Jean Slatter, Gallery of Magick, The Essassani, Seth, Paul Selig, Luck Factor, and more.

I have not studied Joseph Murphy, but I think he was also a student of Abdullah, so not sure how different in principles would he be from Neville!

I did not choose ONE. I use principles & techniques from ALL.

Dragon guided me to learn from Vadim, because my Introverted Thinking likes to work with big picture Frameworks.

Reality Transurfing is NOT a method for manifestation, but a coherent philosophy that helps incorporate all the teachers & tools into a single applicable framework.

It’s study is optional though. One can get whatever they want following ANY of the above.



Yeah, RT books do not contain techniques.

If you’re willing, check out his newer & shorter book – Tufti, The Priestess (also freely available on youtube). I hear that it teaches actionable processes.

I haven’t gotten to it myself though.


I tried listen to the Reality Transurfing audiobook last night but the logical part of my brain kept asking WTF? The guy who wrote the book is apparently a physicist. To me it’s just another way of attempting to give some sort of scientific validation to something with no mathematical or scientific basis similar to this person on YouTube and Facebook named Morgue who talks about Hyperianism.


To me, its a combining of many eastern & western ideas into a complete picture.
The word choices is weird, and doesn’t give credit where due – possibly because Vadim must have written it to communicate with Russians. What we’re reading is a translation.

Science leaning people should read Lynne McTaggart and Pam Grout. Maybe Joe Dispenza too.

Parallel Universes is so 1990s anyway. :smile:


Are you referring to Fred Dodson’s Parallel Universes of Self?


I would probably be willing to accept some of what is taught or written if there was verifiable evidence that someone applied these techniques or teachings to achieve extraordinary or impossible goals


One big difference is Murphy taught the use of affirmations where Neville skips right over them as being unnecessary since “Feeling is the secret.”


I was jokingly replying to Jcast’s mention of the physics/science behind Transurfing.
My context was RT, but is equally applicable to Dodson, Bashar, or anyone else who talks about there being several versions of you.


Commonly referred to in psychiatry as schizophrenia


I understand. Many Neville followers are big on Imagining too, while I tend to skip over it, focusing on the Feeling of Faith instead. :blush:


I know you’re joking, but for other readers…

"versions of you in parallel universes" should not be confused with “personalities of you in your own body/mind.”


Thoughts in alignment with congruent Feelings is the actual Secret.


Ive studied reality transurfing the books are really deep there is a youtuber arron doughty who explains them well look him up i recommend his videos he explains them in laymen terms type in arron doughty reality transurfing on youtube one of his vids below


Aaron doesn’t give me good vibes.


Not according to Neville :wink:


Check out Real Magic by Dean Radin, it touches on related points and summarizes peer-reviewed and controlled studies rather than anecdotes.


@Simon Isn’t a lot of what the Reality Transurfing internal importance just about believing you’re worthy of whatever it is you want but also being detached or indifferent to it as well?
Basically outcome independence?
I think that’s why so many people struggle financially. They have this disturbing hatred towards anyone with a lot of money and are always telling themselves and others how broke they are that being poor , in poverty, and lacking defines their entire life



@King funny, didn’t expect this thread to pick up that much. Thanks for pinging me btw.

I know about all three to varying levels.

  • Reality Transurfing: Read the whole thing in a few months, have watched countless videos on it (including from Aaron Doughty who has been mentioned) and applied it for a while. Ideas have a long-lasting impact (I can trace back the development of such practices as intermittent fasting back to this—pendulums, “stars of pendulums”, excess potential)
  • Joseph Murphy: Heard about it in passing
  • Neville Goddard: Current exploration. Very delighted with it so far, looking to internalize it.

Spot on. RT is a philosophy/framework.