Need some advice on Physical Healing


Okay guys. I need some advice. I have a couple of health issues foremost among them being my eyes.

I have had one session of stem cell treatment that helped my eyes but because of covid, it has stopped my travel plans to repeat the treatment anytime soon.

Am planning to run EF ST1 + Both the Aegis Covid and Aegis Survival Instinct to help me with this. So far EF ST1 has helped me with having more energy and Survival Instinct does push me to do more eye exercises.

Now in addition to doing these subs and following doctor’s orders, are there any healing Modalities that have personally helped you heal yourself?

Maybe EFT or Joe Dispenza or Silva Method or Law of Attraction or Meditation or anything else?

I wouldn’t mind advice on my subliminal stack either. Maybe add Mind’s Eye to this?


@hermit - would like to hear your advice on this


Are you suffering from myopia or only other health issues regarding the eye?

There are currently multiple things I use to heal my eyes:

#1 Go to And the practice what the author is teaching.

#2 Listen to [deleted]. This helped me immensely to heal my eyes. Sorry I know it is forbidden here to advise this guy but this field truly changes lives. I just hope you read that before it gets deleted.

#3 Order Performance Lab Multi-Vitamin & Vision. This is the best quality brand for everything related to supplements. I am just started testing the Vision Product 3 days ago, so I can’t say much. Though I am already seeing some great initial success. The multivitamin is a must for your health!


You have seen it, so I will just delete that producer now


One of mine is not pointing in the direction it should due to nerve damage. Lots of people with eye issues nowadays. You would figure they made research into things like glaucoma a priority.

PS. tsk, tsk, friday. :wink:


@DarkPhilosopher - yes. I wish the same.


If you don’t have them from this brand, then yours are not so good


@friday - will check them out.


@friday - am actually having multivitamins targeted for my issue. Like Vitamin A, Lutein, zinc, etc all in one tablet.


You can probably stack those two

I will send you some healing energies my friend. I am sure you will be able to treat it and recover soon.


I see we were just in time @raphael

DarkPhilosopher was already on his way to ban the forbidden the name :wink:

LOL I am actually already getting pms from people wanting to know what deleted producer got recommended hahah


Let’s just say I would have been very slow in deleting it. As long as it didn’t turn into yet another discussion about their effectiveness or ways. I myself am very much on the fence about the weaver of dreams…

In other news, I do believe Saint is figuring out if something can be written specifically for eyes. No idea when he’ll get around to it, he’s been running far too many creative subs that he can’t see the new ideas in the forest of existing ideas.


@DarkPhilosopher - must admit that i have been occasionally pestering SaintSovereign about it both on the forum and private message and he did say he is looking into it. I think there is a higher probability of it happening thanks to the Aegis line of titles. Would be eternally grateful for an Aegis Initiative: VisionQ (another Avenger like StarkQ and you all know who made Vision? Stark himself) :grin:


@friday - I really appreciate it, bro.


Soon enough you’ll be able to heal anything & everything throughout all of your bodily systems on all planes of your psyche. Be it of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nature. It would be fairly unnecessary to lead you in a direction now, taking into account the technological medicine that will be released throughout 2021.

If you want to see any progress now, I would follow @friday’s approach and make sure you’re thoroughly healthy. Your physical body has a mechanism to heal but it needs the fuel and state to do so. Furthermore a state of mind that allows those processes to be activated.


That’s real interesting, @Hermit. Thank you.


The last conference I went to this year, before COVID shut them all down, was an amazing futurism conference called Abundance 360. The presentations there about what’s about to hit the market for regenerative medicine were mind blowing. Organ and tissue regeneration with stem cells, xenotransplantation, total reversal of Alzheimer’s disease, etc.
Also, mind boggling AI demonstrations, augmented reality technologies (magic leap and others that aren’t launched yet etc), and more.

Read the book Abundance by Peter Diamandis if you want a glimpse of what’s coming… sooner rather than later.


Don’t even need to read beyond the first post to figure out who got recommended at this point. That recommendation is typical for queries asking about specific kinds of physical changes :slight_smile:


Haha, I remember back when I had no idea who that was… I still can’t figure out his deal; some stuff for sale, far more given away… and all with some rather fantastical claims. Some of which I have experienced myself, but far too little to endorse any of them.

Either way, that is over there, and SC stuff is over here. I don’t see those audios as competing with subs here, but there’s likely details that I’m just not privy to. In any case, this is SC’s forum, so “he who shall remain nameless” shall… remain nameless. :wink:


Well, we may all look different physically and have different ailments, but in the end we are all Homo Sapien. :wink:

Remember what I said, if this turns into another dialogue, I’m gonna have to cut it short.

The field of audio programming in any form is still a niche, and if some business practices (not necessarily all) are… sketchy, a certain amount of distance may be desirable even if there’s no competing. I know I’m being an ass by considering that to be the last word, but can we leave it here please?.

Personally I’m curious how far we can take the physical shifting and healing stuff. If you’ve got Netflix and you want to chill, watch this one:

We truly can heal ourselves from even chronic incurable things if our beliefs and programming align in that direction. Can SubClub take their subliminals to that level?