My subliminal journey


also i was actively thinking about how i keep looking for magic pills, excuses, someone to hold my hand and do the work for me, people approaching me, anything in order to not take action and be at the cause of life rather then the effect and im not gonna lie being at the effect is great and sub club should really make subs that make things happen to you and magical manifestations without doing much but i want to change this, its just that im scared, i feel a sub that pushes you to take action would be a great help, but im gonna try to push myself to take action and im gonna make sure i take action, no matter how small as long as im doing something atleast


also i know this might be offensive to some people so i would just like to put out a warning that this isnt meant to offend anyone, in fact none of my posts are, they are just about my views and my journey and if it does offend anyone i apologize in advance


Today nothing special happened, I got up late coz I slept late yesterday but I pushed myself to go to the gym coz I missed yesterday which usually I never do, if I miss I miss it, I missed half my workout coz I was late but I still went thinking I’ll do atleast something which is better than nothing, then after that was just chilling out all day nothing much, in the night I thought about studying for my test but then felt lazy and instead of pushing myself took a nap which sucks, then I got up and was feeling super horny, so I remembered this chick lives next to me who really likes me but is super super super super shy but I still pushed myself to go talk to her, see if anything happens, coz I owe it to myself to try rather than bitching out, she was about to sleep so I couldn’t talk to her but I’m happy I tried atleast


During my nap I had these dreams which I remember, don’t know if they mean anything
A had a dream where I moved close to home for a year as part of college transfer, like 15 mins away and I was living my normal uni life but then I went like, I’m living so close by, now u can make me food and send me everyday

Also I had a small one where My subconscious was like a tiny version of myself and was moving back and primal was a tiger and I said will you be nice to me and primal just clawed out


Also yesterday night I set up my playlist but today morning when I got up it was shut so either the app crashed or I shut it unconsciously, I’m leaning towards the first coz the app had been acting weird lately so I just decided to put it all on my itunes, it was a really weird process coz my phone was acting strange but I managed to do it finally


since a few days i have taken it upon myself to read everything in this forum in order to find things that might help me in my journey and this is one thing i realised, i dont see much results since i dont take much action, but im so scared at just the thought of going out and approaching a bunch of chicks,getting rejected, controlling the conversation and the whole interaction for a long time until i finally manage to pull her and even then doing everything so that it finally leads to sex. i am just 18 and all my life i have had everything handed down to me and now the thought of taking all responsibility of my life and doing soooo much not only in game but also in so many other areas really scares the crap out of me


lol i think that was regen that brought that out of me


ok that was definitely regen, i feel my body shaking and my breathing just turned super heavy


i am now eating a lot coz food has always been my way to deal with feelings, i keep feeling like im hungry and i must eat something, i also got super reactive and lashed out at some stupid troll on the internet who has basically amounted to nothing his entire life, i usually never react to such stuff but idk i just lost control, and im still mad about it and its really triggering me


I literally have just been sleeping most of the day in order to process regen, I added in a few more loops coz I was asleep. In my sleep I had a bunch of dreams, the only noticeable one is where I was out in the society meeting and this chick is super physical on me like she was leaning on me and trying to hide, we were playing some paper football and I even won the game but this other guy who hates me said that someone else did better then me so I had to return the price and get the second place one even though people were saying that I did win, including that guy that I keep talking about. Then I started talking to this chick and she’s like u know me I’m just like this other chick that I know who is obsessed with me but she looks really bad so I’m not interested in her and have her as my game practice and a friend, but I’m better and a little cuter. So then I added her on ig and she left. I got up and I literally got a friend request from the chick I know who made a new fb account


I’m finding that regeneration is either making me more attractive because I’m emotionally healthy or it’s “unlocking” some of the programming that my unconscious may have not wanted to process before.


I have lost a lot of my social anxiety since I have begun subliminals, can’t exactly say which one but I’m guessing it’s a mixture of all, nowadays I still feel anxiety but it’s a lot more lesser, just a lingering thought in my head that I can easily move away from, now I just need to push myself to talk to more people which is the hard part for me :sweat:
Today I noticed a waitress lingering around our table a lot and I was told to speak to a new person in our accommodation and although was feeling a little nervous was able to do it really easily
Also since regen I have noticed getting angry really easily, usually I could be unreactive and just bottle my anger in, in order to seem cool like nothing phases me but today it came out super easily, and I could control it a bit but it was sleeping out, I’m just afraid that I don’t end up doing something stupid that can cause me a lot of harm


Holy shit this sub is suppper scary, just had a bunch of scary af nightmares, my head feels super heavy, kinda like I kept having a dream in a dream, I remember the most recent one I got up coz of so many dreams, lights r not working, my phone is taking too long to start, bathroom lights not working and I just need some lights in my eyes so I stick out my head and the censor switches on and finally I get some lights in my eyes, and I’m drenched in sweat,and it’s suddenly as if I have a mixture of my current flatmates and the ones I had in grade 10 from my hostel, I saw this repeat like 5 times before a bunch of other dreams
I wake up to check everything is working but I’m drenched in sweat
Is something so strong Common or should I stop @SaintSovereign @Fire
I’d like to know if this is harming me and should I switch immediately or should I fight through this


I just got up, it’s 4 am here and I’m feeling mixed like a little bit of headache but also a little light headed, I’m full of sweat and I don’t really feel my heart racing like it was in the dreams


Update, my body was shaking for a few mins but it stopped, also in the dream when I checked my phone after I got light in my eyes it was 5:25 don’t know if that’s relevant or not, this happened when loop one of my stack of regen was running, I removed the other loops and replaced it with primal


today was fine, i still had anger coming out at random points, i slept after i came back from class coz of yesterday night and i missed gym but when i got up i pushed myself and made myself go even though i didnt want to coz i knew i had to, in the gym i spoke to the chick again who i met last time and got to know a lot of stuff about her, she was engaging a lot and opening up a lot but she kept mentioning she has a daughter as a way to like say shes not interested, i have been focusing soo much on getting laid since i started the subs that i didnt take much notice of what primal is doing to me, it has barely been 3 weeks and the changes in terms of social skills have been phenominal, i get noticed waaay more, can talk to people with less anxiety in certain situations, feel more comfortable opening up, still havent deveoped any social skills yet but im much better off in terms of anxiety. in terms of getting laid i need to take action and make it happen myself or it will not happen, im slowing moving to the point where im getting more and more comfortable taking action


Yeah, social skills for me have increased a lot in the first weeks of using primal (just finished my third week…! but my first week I had to take some benadryl to sleep because I had so much anxiety… didn’t realized that benadryl impair memory developpment…) now I am mixing primal and SS with a 50% ration as of this week! Love the transformation in terms of social skills :slight_smile:

Keep it up with your journal bro!


Today I went for a personal development event from my uni, wasn’t really much new stuff since I know most of it but was still a fun experience, I actually made an effort to speak to people and even though initially I felt a little resistance going up to people I wanted to go up to, the ones I persieved as cool, I pushed through and by the end of the day had pretty much spoken to all of them except for one or two, still thought a lot about oh I can bang this chick or that one but until I consciously learn game and apply it the results will not magically come to me, still I spoke to all people and in our group exercise I naturally was assumed the leader of the group, I did notice however that now I’m at the point where I can push through and approach mostly but I run out of things to say and I also get nervous during the interaction so I start talking fast or just leave the interaction fast so those r my next things to work on, other than that I was supposed to go for boxing but I let my laziness and tiredness get the better of me and ended up not going :cry:, I’m planning to switch up the order of the stack I’m running so now I’ll run regen and rebirth first as they will clear my subconscious and then run primal and limit destroyer to add new mindsets for the empty space that was cleared by regen and rebirth, let’s see how it goes, still going light on regen coz I wanna ease into it since it seems strong, I’m also starting elixir finally as it is out now


Today I have a lot of stuff to share, first I’ll start with the use of elixir in the night, ran 3 loops and by the third loop I passed out, got up after a bit and the ultrasonic regen was running in my ears which was super scary, also had a vivid dream but didn’t remember what it was
As for the day I went for the workshop again I felt this push idk maybe coz of the subs, maybe coz of the workshop to approach people without fear and to talk whenever I wanted to share my views without much resistance, this got to the point where the teacher ignored me in order to give others a chance and I knew this but I felt really hurt and wanted to leave or like get food (comfort food to drown my feelings) I also noticed this thing about chicks that a lot of them if they don’t get actively perused, pick the most socially acceptable guy that they also find attractive and they approach the guy and rather than wait I think it’s better for me to do it myself but I find it really hard to do so yet but I am hoping to change that soon, at first I wanted an aura to attract chicks to me but now I feel it’s better if I learn to do it myself, especially after reading posts on the forums (I struggle a lot with this extremely neediness coz I don’t have results and also look for chicks as a way of validation, two problems I hope to cure as they can be sensed I think and that comes in my way coz I’m not comfortable enough with myself)
Also I have noticed it is way easier to game yes chicks who r already attracted to u, this happened with a chick today where she was attracted to me and so I was drawn to her coz it seemed like an easy target, we did have this one exercise to stay in silence and I looked at her calm like a rock and she felt really, really nervous but for me it was almost natural being so calm, she did try playing hard to get but couldn’t keep it up coz of the attraction
Also I have noticed primal and libertine does help in create a vibe when chicks r with me that helps with attraction but I don’t think it stays for long after they leave and I want to know how to make that happen
Also throughout the event I noticed myself thinking oh I need to talk to this person or get this persons contact info, but at some point I just shifted to thinking like I wanna talk to people just because to connect with them without needing anything and I did find myself feeling more authentic and thinking a lot about it
After sparks I was tired again so couldn’t go to the gym and instead stuffed myself which was bad as I should have exercised :angry:, later I got called to hang with a friend and he called this other chick and I was tired but I pushed through and stayed till the end, I also noticed I was comfortable in talking, even when the conversation lead to more sexual topics and also I was super calibrated and could sense everytime the chick felt uncomfortable and I tried to make it more comfortable for her, I had strong eye contact and the vibe again helped me but I don’t know if it will last


holy shit im starting to finally see the true effects of this sub, i notice this aura around me that cant help but draw everyone in, when i walk past people i almost feel like a celebrity i get soooooo much attention. literally everyone who is exposed to my vibe just melts almost and just submits without even trying, now its just that i am coming in my own way coz its almost scary how much power i have and my subconscious is not able to accept it. i have amazing body language, can approach people and have great social interactions with them, today during the event this one chick kept testing me soo much like it was as if it was her mission to destroy my frame and i barely flinched and every time i passed i got tested more but i could feel more and more attraction oozing out. only thing is last few days i have noticed feeling a little weak, tired and sick, around my nose and throat area and i have a hoarse voice and crave a lot of water but i can feel my voice becoming deeper. i also have heavier breathing to the point where i and others can hear me breathing from a few seats away although that might just be coz of my blocked nose. also about the event it was really good and an exercise we did where people complimented you 1 on 1 really hit home and made me feel super special, also one thing i noticed about myself is i do great in closed environments where there are commonalities and im not that afraid of rejection and the people seem friendly, throughout the event everyone just assumed i was the most confident person there, they naturally assumed im the leader, and super sociable even though i dont think i am from inside, i feel like this might come in my way coz i wont do these things coz i dont believe im them but people expect me to do it and they thing im not talking to them coz i dont like them, not coz im shy. overall im a little scared going forward because of the massive power of this subliminal but i am also excited to see what my future holds for me on this journey, and i know everyone says this but in the two years since i have begun my journey of personal development, nothing changed me as much as your prodcuts did @SaintSovereign @Fire and i will always be thankful to you guys for these changes and look forward to the rest of my journey

ps i feel a lack of motivation writing this journal these past few days coz it seems like just me writing in a book, in the past i used to look forward coz i had people reply to my posts and hence i would like to urge all my readers to make this journal more interactive, anything from opinions to suggestions, anything helps and makes me feel people are reading my journal and makes me motivated to keep working on it, so pls reply to my posts and make this journal more interactive