My subliminal journey


so basically I am using two subs emperor and rebirth. it has been a week now and 3 days in i added rebirth twice a day, morning and evening. heres what ive noticed so far, many times i get headaches and 2 days back i got a headache and my jaw was hurting so i ran rebirth once and then switched off the sub, felt better. i feel more motivated and feel like taking action, have noticed a few vivid dreams and bodily sensations but cant recall any now, today i was supposed to go to the gym but couldnt coz i didnt have gloves so i had inner motivation to do some sort of physical activity so i went for a boxing class and even during the class had certain energy rushes. i will be updating this journal daily with my progress but i have a few questions

  1. im running ultrasonic what volume should i use both subs in, i have an iphoneX and currently run it at (6 of the white boxes in terms of volume)
  2. how should i write this journal i have written this based on what i have read but would like a guideline in order to write my journal in better detail in order to help other guys out
  3. what should i do about my stack (what subs can i add in order to improve it) (what subs are compatible with each other and which ones arent supposed to be run with each other)


What exactly are your goals?

@dorfmeister you might be better at answering his questions lol


also ever since i started the subs my sinus has been blocked and i have a lot of problems with this i dont know if its coz of the sub or just coz of the climate in general maybe the mods can provide more insight into this.
ps in relation to my jaw pain from 2 days back i think its coz of rebirth as i always clench my jaw when im having any inner problems so maybe through rebirth it was getting released


also i have done death meditations twice and both times being closer to my family has come up and usually im really hostile towards them and we always fight but ever since i started the subs i can feel the relationship improving slowly and find myself caring more about them


also how long do i need to run a sub, is it forever or can i stop it after a period of time when the results will be ingrained forever, for example i want to eventually stop running emperor and focus on something like primal but how long do i need to wait before i do that


not really sure i have a bunch of goals i want to improve in terms of looks, money, game, social circle, inner game but no specific goals for listening to the subs other than rebirth in order to help with my inner game, i started emperor coz it was recommended to me and seems to be working pretty well so far


i had a very vivid dream but then shorty after i was awake i forgot about it, i guess its coz of my daily habit of checking social media after i get up, also yesterday i fapped and felt a little down about it but it was gone in a few mins, today morning i was taking a hot water shower and suddenly felt like this is making me feel lazy so without any thinking i just cranked up the shower, also whats with the headaches


Today nothing really special just was more focused in class then I usually am, not by much but enough to notice a difference. Also can I run emperor,limitless,primal with rebirth as a stack or is that too much


Also one thing I forgot to mention since I have been running emperor I made a tiny circle of friends who I chill with a lot, usually I’m all alone but since I ran emperor I actively talk to them, am way more open which I never was before and formed this circle myself


Today I went for an event, was feeling a little anxious but I unconsciously pushed myself and spoke to a few people and made some good acquaintances and kinda made a plan to hang out, was getting a few stares from the chicks over there, one thing I do is I keep wanting to approach but I never do it and so I beat myself up and I think that affects me


yesterday went for another event and spoke to a lot of people, however didnt socialise the way i expected it to be and didnt get the results i imagined i would get, i kinda feel like the effects are wearing down, anyone else facing this


@myspace123 which subs are you expecting the social effects from?

Emperor makes you get respected, but not really a social sub.

Primal is the one that makes you swagg and be social and have great conversations with people.

And yes, Emperor, Limitless, and Primal is too many subs. So either be willing to wait a while to get major results, or choose one, make it 4x or 5x + 1 Rebirth, and build that side of you.

I suggest Primal.


Thing is I already started emperor and don’t feel like stopping now I feel like I’ll wait 6 months then I’ll switch to primal and since it is helping me in a few areas why stop, currently I’m sticking to emperor and rebirth but I was thinking of adding limit destroyer is it a good idea


Today I spoke to a guy about my social anxiety and he helped me out a bit, he’s a really social guy and is super friendly and doesn’t care at all about being needy/cool and that helps a lot, we connected well and he said he would love to help me open up


That is pretty awesome man


Nothing really special happened today as I was asleep most of the day but I was thinking and I feel like taking a trip for like a day or two in order to just figure stuff out, make a plan of what exactly I want out of life and how do I work towards getting what I want, problem is I don’t have money so that really really limits me and part of me wants to make money so that I can get more access but part of me doesn’t coz then I’d be obsessed with it and not enjoy life and these r my main years In order to make the most out of it before I go into the real world


I already started emperor and don’t feel like stopping now

You’re one week in man, there’s still time to change things around :slight_smile:

But yeah as @AMASH said, if you want to be more social Primal is the way to go!
Emperor is supposed to give you a DGAF attitude and live “outside the conventional norms of society”, which goes against your “improve social circle” goal.

Keep up with the updates!


im so confused people keep telling me to switch and i read that dont switch in one of the discussions, thing is primal aligns with all my current goals except money which is not an immediate goal which is why its so tempting to switch but i have ran emperor for 2 weeks now i think and it has really helped me a lot so im confused what to do @AMASH,@SaintSovereign pls let me know if its ok to switch and if i should

on the side note, today i went boxing again even though i was feeling super lazy and during my class i wrote a paragraph that was kinda mean to the teacher and i felt bad and apologized even though she acted like she was taking it like a joke i could see she felt bad, i feel emperor has really made me more emotionally empathetic and like a better human being overall also when my piece was read out i had like a release where my whole body was shaking and i could feel it for a few mins until i kept taking long breaths in order to get it to stop, maybe thats coz of rebirth


Switching is fine, as long as you’re TRULY doing it to be more in alignment with what you want in life, and not just to escape.


Today was a tiring day I did so much more then I could have ever imagined, after class I did some shopping to make a good foundational wardrobe then went to the gym then an agm for all societies and students then boxing and then a party, I even felt some alpha ness come out got into a fight with a few people I know on text and could feel some tension and me acting different and more angry and masculine in general, however in the party I didn’t really socialise much and I feel so shit every time this happens coz I feel like I’m wasting my life but the problem is I’m so fuckin scared I don’t even know of what it’s just that the fear is there

Ps I checked the frequensee app and I’m not sure I did it right but I think I was using a lower volume then intended so I’m going to try increasing the volume and see if it helps

Also I’m feeling a lot of resistance to add primal into my stack idk why it’s just there, maybe coz this guy told me that if u add two main subs both will take longer to work or they might clash or smth but I know that all subs can be combined with each other
Fuck it I’ll just run emperor and primal on loop and add two loops of rebirth I guess that should be a good enough stack for now I’ll keep posting my results hopefully it all works out soon and I finally stop behaving like a pussy bitch and make some friends and get some pussy