My Limitless Experience!


Here I will post my observations about Limitless specifically. I was waiting for this kind of sub for a long time.

First of all, Limitless (both standard and X) induced a very intense dreams. Second thing I felt that Limitless is somehow integrates the results of Emperor and S&S in me. This is very hard to explain but…its like Limitless says to me: here what are the overall results of previous subs…and this explanation is in form of intuition or retrocognition just like «here are right answers to your questions». Very interesting phenomena.


Very obvious: pattern recognition. I feel that complex information volumes are much easier to deal with. Model creation, predictation.

Overall feeling: I feel smarter but in unsual and natural way, which makes this feeling even more amazing.

Additional: this feeling is very hard to explain but I feel Limitless is dealing with my subconscious in 240 degree way wide, S&S 180 degree wide and Emperor 120. Yes, Limitless engages metaphorical engine, guys :slight_smile:

And yes: no resistance to script detected. My favorite words: «my subconscious loves what it listens to».

Techically: using XS Max + AirPods. Sometimes I hear words spoken in Masked version of Limitless. I can’t understand them but hear it no less.


Off topic, but are the AirPods worth buying over using the included headset. How good do they sound? Just bought an iPhone XR and I love it this far, but the headset is a bit annoying.

As for the voices, the masked track uses an “audio illusion” that requires special software to achieve. The illusion hides the track in the difference between the high and low sounds of the mask. It’s impossible to completely hide everything without manually raising and lowering the volume at times when the voices comes through. If I did that, though, the track would be incredibly annoying to listen to, as the volume wouldn’t be uniform throughout.

Compromises, compromises :wink:


I think you should give AirPods a chance :slight_smile: AirPods sound quality to my “musical ears” are excellent, better than included ones. They are not ideally isolated but are enough to listen audio in our russian noisy underground metro.

Only downside, they need to be recharged in 2 hours (approx), that can be annoying but cute its charging case is chargen them fully for only 15 minutes.

Or you can wait for AirPods 2 that are rumored to be released in this year. Anyway AirPods is a God’s present - I can freely move in my appartments without tak8ng iPhone with me. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Up-to-date feelings about Limitless sub can be described by a quote from the movie “Limitless”:

"Vernon: So, Eddie, you are interested after all.

Eddie Morra: That stuff’s amazing.

Vernon: Works better if you’re already smart".


I decided to drop S&S and run emperor with limitless. I can only say that my ability to memorize complex. algorithums and the root cause of an issue in I.t has been amplified.

If you want to believe the sky is no imit combine limitless with emperor.


Hmm, wise choice, indeed.

And I experimenting with few formats:

  1. “Sandwich style” - Limitless->X (where is X is a variable sub)->Limitless and so on.

  2. Limitless+S&S+Ascended Mogul with “Sandwich”.

I found that using intuition what to play next is what gives me the most benefits and pleasure from SC subs. Thats why stacking idea is ingenious.


This is great. This is exactly what @Fire and I were hoping would occur when we launched Subliminal Club – that people would begin to experiment with and share their stacks, strategies and tactics. That’s part of the reason why we’ve avoided more of the “woo woo” marketing when it comes to sublimnals, even though I am an extremely spiritual and esoteric individual – we wanted to focus on the tech and biohacking side, so we could give eventually give subliminals a sense of legitimacy. Over the next year, as we add more services to PRIME (you guys are seriously going to love those offerings), we’re going to position ourselves as a tech company and lifestyle brand, inspiring a new generation of mental alchemists and digital entrepreneurs.


My blessings goes with you :slight_smile:

I’m glad that, finally, found a subliminal producers that have a “above and beyond” mindset.

Exelsior, as might Stan Lee (RIP) would say.

Those individually tailored (by user) stacks can benefit beyond what is possible right now. Personally, I don’t think that multistage or “one for all” solution can win this day.

Your stack philosophy definitely will :wink:


Stacking Limitless with S&S resulted in very interesting and intensive combo: I started to literally feel what seduction is. S&S2 definitely needs those optimizations.

Stacking Limitless with pure Ascension resulted in much more deeper and encompassing experience: like Ascension gave the main theme and Limitless made it wide and deep.


I had a weird dream last night whilst listening to Limitless. In the dream I saw Fire and Saint standing in front of a computer screen wearing white coats. They turned to me and then pointed at a CGI image of my brain.

Fire "I noticed an exponential increase in your brain size"S

Saint scratches his chin and nods replying “this is remarkable you are reaching fully consciousness it seems we have only scratched the surface”


:wink: interesting


Hah — this made my morning.


I dont know why I am getting this strange dreams. Perhaps I have put my faith in Sub club so much I am beginning to see these guys. Last night the theme of my dream was meeting both Fire and Saint. Like my last dream they were both dressed in white coats like they were doctors :slight_smile:.

I walk into their lab. Saint welcomes me and then shares some dialogue as he points to my xray results.

Saint: As you can see from the xrays before and after you are developing a more chiseled jaw line.

I gaze at the before and after xray photos and he is correct my jaw line looks more chiseled.

Fire scratches his chin and replies

“Astounding DNA alteration is possible”

Saint gives Fire a half smile “yes my friend soon we will change the world”.

The dream ended after that talk about strange !!.


Haha, thats pretty intense :slight_smile: during the dream you are leaving your body and astral travel to SC guys. Saint, Fire you need better secret protection system :smile: joking


Lol Dmitry. That would be awesome though.


That’s really cool. I was getting a lot of interesting dreams on Ascension and Emperor.
But it seems Limitless and SS don’t produce any dreams for me.
Could this be that the scripts of the technology used for Ascension and Emperor encouraged such dreams?


There could be any number of reasons why you’re not getting dreams. In this case, however, if I had to guess, it’d be the script’s subject matter. Emperor in particular has some pretty… interesting scripting that some may find hard to take. That would cause dreams.


Running Limitless with S&Sv2.1. Wow, PrimalTech is powerful but smooth. Excellent combination.

Not much to report but the overall state is great!


This night I ran S&Sv2.1 on autoplay. Gee, man! My whole body was burning, it was strange but okey feeling. I had a dream that I participated in new James Cameron’s movie as star, that was a mix of Avatar and Terminator. I woke up after 6 or 7 hours of exposure and turned sub off, it was quite intense :slight_smile: then I started Limitless X and study infomarketing. Definitely Limitless helps to dissolve any obstacles toward learning new information and my comprehension increased a lot as compared to my previous try to learn technical stuff.

I will continue mixed listening and report more later.

Still wonder Masked version of S&Sv2.1 be available and then.