My life feel pointless

Every morning i wake up and i get this thought “why even get out of bed, i have nothing to do, i have no purpose”

I only get out of bed when i need to eat or go to my job or the gym, but my life feels pointless.

I dont know what do to.


Chosen from Within +Lovebomb for Humanity

You need to value your life and all the options you have.

Maybe include Ascension

But don’t do just 1 cycle
Stay on it for minimum 3 months

All the best to your life


This is not that unusual.

You’re probably not having many interactions with other people in which there’s anything at stake for you.

When things get extremely safe life starts to feel meaningless

What’s something that usually makes you feel nervous?

I don’t mean in the ridiculous Hollywood sense.

I mean a normal thing in life where you feel nervous or slightly worried about how you’ll do.

Write down some of those (that are healthy and not too stupid, of course).

Then go do them.

Not ‘think about doing them’. That’s about as useful as’ thinking about’ pouring water on a fire.

Some things you have to actually do for them to make a difference. Your imagination won’t predict them accurately in advance.

If you can choose some things that actually seem valuable or worthwhile to you that’s even better.

You’re probably feeling lonely and unstimulated or unchallenged. Try not to make too big of a deal out of it. Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s kind of a waste of time.

Just come up with some adventures, the more meaningful the better; the more interpersonal the better. Then start doing them.


I did ascension for 3 cycles, AM for 1 cycle and i started emperor and spartan not long ago

Fighting was an issue for me, so i started muay thai.

At the beginning it was thrilling and exiting but now not so much, it became just something i do, like weight lifting.

Im getting bored from stuff extremly fast and there are not a lot of things that makes me nervous.

But i will give this a shot and try to find challanging stuff to do, but it still looks pointless.

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Periods like this I think is fine, good opportunity to reflect. If it goes on for too long it might become a problem. I personally would do a dopamine detox, relax and journal on these things, these questions and thoughts about purpose and pointlessness.

If lasts more than a month or two I would seek professional help as it can I’ve seen evolve into depression. :pray:


Here’s a hunch.

Do something that involves communicating with, caring for, or helping other people.

Many people use fighting as a form of armor to escape from their vulnerability. That may describe you. And, by the way, that’s just fine.

But make sure there’s some part of your life where you’re standing at your vulnerable edge.

Could be as simple as going to the Grand Canyon.

Or it might involve telling a story to a kindergarten class.

Or telling your fears to another human being.

Or singing on a stage.

You’ll know which ones are for you.

It’s crazy but true. For the right person, singing a song can be scarier than getting into a physical brawl.


In other words, ‘challenging’ means challenging to you; not challenging to the average person on television.

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Maybe its a good idea to care for other people, i have been very apathic, cold and distanced from my family and friends lately.


I will start a detox today, its a great idea


What subs are you running?

Might also be time for a washout.

Emperor and spartan, i only started the stack last week and did a washout before.

Also took extra rest day this week.

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Are there any charity organizations near you?

Smells like recon. (Or something very like recon.)

In your first post, you write:

The only things you’re getting out of bed for are the exact same areas that are covered by the subs you’re playing. You notice that?

Probably just need some balance.

I have this theory that when the deeper levels of mind are preparing something for us, it first manifests in our awareness as a sense of lacking that thing.

So, in my view, your mind is preparing greater balance, meaning, and purpose for you. As a result, you’re currently experiencing a lack of these things and a desire for them. Your mind is actually preparing the space in you to receive these things.

You can help this process along on the subconscious level by playing some “Balancing” subs. @Dragon-Lesson recommended Love Bomb for Humanity. Others might be Sanguine, or even Revelation of Mind.

You can also help the process along by taking some balancing actions. As recommended by me and by @KingEsh .

Either way though, even if you do nothing at all, I’d wager that you’ll see some nice developments over the next 3-6 weeks. If so or if not, please come back to this thread and give us an update. In the meantime, of course we’ve got your (virtual) back. Talk it out as needed. We’ll give you a bunch of useless advice mixed in with real gems. But at the same time, we’ll listen.

Hang tight. Stay strong. :muscle:t5: And get some sleep.


What are you using?

That’s reconciliation you are asking your mind what your purpose is, and figuring it out, but you have used more mental alchemy than you are capable of handling.

And so now, that mental alchemy has tired you out so much that you are left with no significant power to get going.

It’s called inertia, it’s essentially the worst thing you can experience. But not to worry, not to worry!!!

Come here and your friends will give you some good advice.

Best is now to focus on activities that recharge you, and avoid those who drain you ou, stop using all subliminal programming because you will not be capable of acting on it without sufficient energy.

I hope that helps, I can talk days on this but I made sure it is deeply fixated on the concern you have now.

If you feel no joy and pleasure it means you are exhausted in both your sacral and solar plexus center …

Probably because all the energy is going to processing which is in the head area and because you are now not capable of enacting upon it because you are drained.

Always wise to have a good storage available and to go slow and easy or you will just crash like this and life will feel as if all the happiness has gone away

The truth about our experience is that the more our energetic system is developed the more deeply we can experience this life, the wider the centers are the more they can vacuum the universal rays of creation.

None is alike in this sense, if you look from the Spiritual and energetic worlds down, all things in the material creation are just reflections of the rays we store within our energy body and its 7 centers (there are more beyond)

But anyway… If you do too much listening and not enough action, depending on your energetic composition it create an “alchemical reaction” with the result of apathy and lethargy, in the long term this leads to inertia… Meaning you get stuck…

You have this now…

Don’t worry about it!!!

You can easily become happy and successful just follow the advice of those who are in the know and they will help you with it

Stop listening is step one,

Restore your energy is step two

Eat fruits yellow in colour find ways to restore your activity.

Can’t go too specific sadly because I don’t know you personally but there are a lot of ways for you to handle this problem

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If there is anything else you like to know you may always ask me

I really needed to read this, probably emperor is emphesising my lack of purpose in order to find purpose.

I will wait for it to unfold, meanwhile i will implement your tips, find chalange and dopamine detox.


I dont know, why?


Because taking care, helping, giving support can give a sense of self worth and meaning to life


By the way, if you start moving again (you will first need the energy for that though) then naturally the answers will come to you, you will figure out your purpose and will overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness for having broken through.

This is the danger of switching too much too quickly and using too much at once.

If you increase your energy and become great you will be able to make quick and powerful changes effortlessly almost never being overwhelmed by them ever