My journey with Ascended Mogul


For the past few days, I have been running Ascended Mogul as much as I can while I wait for Primal Seduction to roll out. I then plan to try running Ascended Mogul and Primal Seduction simultaneously and see what happens.

Ascended Mogul is running well so far - I listen to the masked version on my mobile phone with my earphones as much as I can and throw two loops of rebirth every day. I have been feeling calmer and a bit more relaxed about things after running Ascended Mogul. Somehow I feel less of a sense of an urgency in doing things. Today, I also started feeling tired and a little bit drowsy.

I guess that every time I want to play these subliminals, I never had clear goals in mind and would just play the subliminals to see the effect, making it difficult for the effect of the subliminals to be fully maximised. This time round, I decided to list down my goals and objectives here in this journal here.

  1. I want to be financially free so that I can do the things I want to do and buy the things I want to buy for my loved ones. Money, as well as the ability to influence others, is important to me and it can solve a lot of problems. Unfortunately, I have neither, hence I place much faith in Ascended Mogul (and later Emperor) to help me out. At the moment, I have been struggling with my own one-man business where I am producing market research reports for an industry but having difficulties selling the reports. Deep in my heart, I know that my research reports will sell, but somehow no one is buying my stuff. I hope that with the help of Ascended Mogul, whatever is stopping me from making money from this business will be eliminated. Otherwise, at the moment, my best friends continue to be loneliness, depression and a lack of support and understanding for what I am doing.

My goal will be to generate minimum US$15,000 of income every month by the end of this year. It doesn’t really matter to me how - passive, salaried, self-employment or a combination of both. Ascended Mogul and Emperor will take care of the how and I just need to take the inspired action.

  1. I have a strong interest in a very niche area of photography and would like in the long-term to generate immense income from this area of photography both as a photographer and as a businessman. While in the short-term I foresee myself still carrying on in this report-selling business as well as other income generating ventures, I hope that this photography gig will be able to take over this business in a year’s time. Perhaps Ultimate Artist combined with Ascended Mogul (and perhaps later Emperor) might help in this goal, but will wait and see.

A key goal for me is to gain both local and international recognition of my photography skills and to have my photographs displayed in a gallery for all to see.

  1. My quest for financial freedom is tied in with a quest for personal freedom as well as the ideal place (home-ownership ultimately)for myself to live in so that I can choose the lifestyle I want. At the moment, financial constraints prevent me from doing this - so back to running Ascended Mogul and later Emperor.

  2. The reason why I want to run Primal Seduction along with Ascended Mogul would be an interest in improving my relationships with women, improving my romantic and sexual life, and in the long run be in a position to choose the woman I want to spend my time with rather than the other way round. To be, money is a key driver to achieving this goal, and therefore I will run Primal Seduction with Ascended Mogul. Primal Seduction and Emperor might be another plan of mine when I have built the foundations for Emperor with Ascended Mogul.

Will put Primal Seduction on the side for now - Emperor can achieve these goals for me . I was attracted to Primal Seduction due to the modules it contains but I am sure a similar set of modules is found in Ultimate Artist. I will therefore focus on Ascended Mogul, Emperor and Ultimate Artist

  1. Finally, I want to develop my imaginative skills to achieve my goals- to be as good imaginators as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. So perhaps Ultimate Artist with support from Limitless will also help in this aspect.

I am in my late 30s, and feel that my life experience so far has been lacklustre with little achievements to boast of, and want to kick-start my life again with these few subliminals.


Success with women tends to boost results in any area of life :slight_smile:


That I agree. The end desire to be successful with women is a often driving factor for a man’s quest to succeed - gaining financial success is often a means to that end…

One of my other desired outputs from the two subliminals is also to become successful dealing with the opposite sex in the business world and getting them to bend backwards for me because they like me.


I have been running Primal Seduction for much of the past 24 hours,and ran about 4-5 loops of PS and the same amount of loops for Ascended Mogul while I slept in the night.

Cant say much has happened, though I get this occasional warm feeling in my face when listening to PS. I had some vivid dream with some sexual content but I can’t remember the exact details at the moment.


Still early days my friend :slight_smile:


I actually have a very specific company in another country where I would like to actually work in - be it as a full-time, part-time or independent consultant, while letting this research report business become something more like a side-project.

I had already sent my intentions to that company two weeks ago, and have yet to hear from them.

Does Ascended Mogul help with such specific goals?


Might as well put in some updates yesterday. Not really big or fantastic type of events - but maybe my mood and self-confidence had improved by 2% yesterday - after all, I hadn’t noticed anything significant for the past 7 days I had been running Ascended Mogul. I have been focusing on playing Ascended Mogul as much as possible - think Primal Seduction can come later as women are not the priority at the moment.


I received an unexpected whatsapp message from an ex-business associate I had a fondness for, and she said we should be remain friends even after we were not longer doing business together. I guess this was my intended outcome and so far, I had not wanted to be the one taking the initiative to say that we could still remain friends. I guess the action to be taken is that for now we have to keep in constant contact the very least.

I had a very fruitful and optimistic discussion with some other business associates about the development of a new business - prospects and plans were covered. There is opportunity for something to grow big even though I don’t foresee any income for this year since we decided that the first year of the company would not be expected to generate any significant business but who knows.

Did I get a tan on my face? Someone asked me that strange question - we had last seen each other a month back. Strange question as I had not been swimming or out in the sun very much recently.

Some project work appears to be coming in after a while - my dry spell may be starting to end.


This morning I wrote out a business plan as well as summary of discussions over a new company that I set up with two other partners and emailed it to my partners. I discussed the directions, goals, challenges and action plans to be taken.

I found myself writing very confidently and clearly about my thoughts and ideas and really feel like committing all my time to it - but the business isn’t going to generate any significant income for the first year and so I have still have to worry about my overall monthly cashflow. For this new business venture, I am the only local who has the right to operate the business in this country and my partners are just foreign shareholders but they hold the purse-strings.

However, on the upside, these means that as the sole local director of this company, I also have much decision on how I fast I want this business to develop and how much I can move this forward.

I also look forward to the separate consultancy project work that has been promised by my long-time client that is coming. I decided that working with her is the best option for me as while I have to keep secret the fact that I am working with her and that I charge for her work in the ailing pound sterling, working with her has been less stressful than working with anyone else. Just that projects don’t always come and as a freelance consultant - it’s a feast and famine thing. With her recent email to me about potential projects, my dry spell may be ending - keeping fingers crossed.

My market research reports continue to stay on the shelf - looking forward to the day they might sell like hot-cakes. Perhaps I am marketing them at the wrong time of the purchasing cycle.

So perhaps this is what Ascended Mogul can do.

Other than that, nothing else significant to report on Ascended Mogul for the time-being.

However, the past few days, I have become more aware of my anxiety over a lot of stuff (what people think about me, my position in society, money or the lack of it, the well-being of my loved ones, an aging grandmother who will die one day , etc). I realise all this anxiety has been killing me slowly and need to get over it.

I need to get over the mentality of “why are you sitting down there to meditate when your house is on fire?”. For most of my anxiety and guilt-ridden life, I have always had the perception that my house is on fire and I should not have time to sit down and think about stuff - doing that is amount to slacking and negligence. I do sit down and do nothing often, and it produces a lot of guilt that I am not doing anything. And then this guilt and anxiety over a perceived burning house just ruins me. I guess the key thing is that my house is not on fire. However, the environment I have been brought up in and the people who have surrounded me have always put pressure on me to convince me that my house is on fire.


Last night, before sleeping and while playing Rebirth and Ascended Mogul, I had a deep feeling of fear and worry suddenly popping up. It was different from the feelings of anxiety I usually have. This one was a deep fear about my future.

I felt good cancelling my Netflix subscription because I feel I am spending too much unnecessary time on it. I am also spending less time on social media - I have stopped looking at Instagram - and when I look at what’s on my Facebook page, I focus my concentration on content relating to New Thought (Neville Goddard, Law of Attraction, Quantum Theory, Dimensional Jumping) as well as photography and world news. Friend’s updates on Facebook hardly matter to me any more. My Facebook access is also limited to one device (my mobile phone) now.

My focus now seems to be on improving my financial situation by improving my side businesses and I am looking for full-time job opportunities - I need to have the confidence to move out of my comfort zone as my work is too specialised and jobs for my type of work in my industry here are rare. When things are more stable, I can start running Ultimate Artist and then later on Emperor.



I was asked by a friend to help her take photographs for her day-long event. It was quite out of the blue and I was a bit surprised but I treat it as an opportunity to improve my photographic skills and gain some exposure in event photography.


I have been running Ascended Mogul every day for about 3.5 weeks now. Though many of my goals have not been achieved yet, I am wondering recently if I should just move on to the next stage and run Emperor with Ultimate Artist.

Some realisation that has descended upon me after running Ascended Mogul for these 3.5 weeks is that I have become very reclusive and not interested in really socialising for the sake of socialising as I have to focus on saving money, working hard to make a living and developing my business. A lot of things don’t seem to interest me anymore.

I haven’t really been successful in securing full-time work for a while, and I believe that one underlying belief system that has been running in me is that I have never been really plugged into society -both professionally and socially - and due to my past history and present circumstances including my age and experience, going back to work for a company in a salaried position would not help me reach my eventual goals. For most of my working life, I never really felt that I was in a secure position with a definite and reachable career path like my peers when I was working for a company. I always felt special and out of place in terms of my background, my strengths and weaknesses. In particular, much of my time working in a full-time job has filled with anxiety, low self-esteem and insecurity.

I know that , in spite of the above, I still have an underlying belief in wanting to get a full-time permanent position somewhere because I want to feel financially secure , validated by my family and the wider society and feel the satisfaction in conforming to society’s norms - entrepreneurship and freelancing is not something that my family and peers feel that I am up to, and honestly, it has been a struggle.

So, to me right now, one of my end goals is financial success and having lots of money, and I am beginning to believe that I should drop off all those comments and thoughts that block me to achieve my goals, such as

  1. “You should just work like a dog for someone to gain financial success”
  2. “Just follow the blue-print of the guys who have worked hard in traditional jobs and succeeded in life”
  3. “God wants you to remain poor and work in a mediocre role as humility and obedience (as well as your soul) are more important in life than anything else”
  4. “It is not in your destiny that you will be successful in this life”
  5. “Your present situation is a punishment by God”
  6. “In this life, you are destined to have a disconnect between your physical body, subconscious mind and conscious mind translating into problems with relaxation, vision as well as visualization. Live with it.”
  7. “Your loved ones want you to work hard in a conventional role and they (as well as society) will be proud of you for that. After all, you are bringing in stable income”

Having worked out that I have these blockages, at least I feel better now. I understand that we are all different and react to subliminals in different ways. Looking at myself after 3.5 weeks, I guess I will still continue running Ascended Mogul for about 1 more week - then switch to Emperor and Ultimate Artist.

Looking at my current situation - I am not too old but not young either and don’t have much time left or the required experience to reach to the top in any company going through traditional path used by most of society, so I guess I would like to go the Emperor route, shape my own reality, and forge my own path. I don’t want to be a slave to the rules of my current society and I want the world to listen to me. So to Emperor it is, after 10 more days.


Hm very interesting! Switching to Emperor will definitely help you build that independent and respected lifestyle that you are seeking. I’ve been running Ascension and Mogul separately in my stack for 2.5 weeks now and I’ve definitely started to notice more of a push coming out of me and that I have been resolving the blockages as they come up slowly. It is easier for me to identify what I do right and wrong in given situations to adapt for the future.

What kind of entrepreneurship are you interested in? What kind of business? What kind of action plan do you have outside of running your subs?


I have been working on freelance consulting projects in a certain sector and I suppose my dry spell is ending with more of these projects starting to come in soon.

Those projects have been my bread and butter traditionally and I think I plan to continue working with my associates on them since I feel comfortable doing stuff for her more than anyone else and she is one of the nicest persons to work with.

Otherwise, I am still producing commercial benchmarking reports and am finding them hard to sell… but these reports are something that I have always wanted to do and whether they sell or not in the short-term, I am proud of my achievements.

Some time in the past few weeks, I became a local partner for a new company that is aimed at facilitating trade and tourism between my country and a Nordic country. Being the only local director I have to make lots of decisions and do the groundwork with a minimal budget for now.

Finally, I want to start a photography business one day and perhaps own my own studio. I am focusing on my photography skills at the moment now - Ultimate Artist will be run alongside Emperor for this.


Oh wow! Okay so a couple of things. First, I love your ambition! You’ve got so much going on, you’ve really got room to expand out in multiple directions. You’re definitely like me, in that you’re the type of person who likes to learn and do lots of different things. Second, I think a part of the problem you might be having is that you are actually TOO ambitious. What do I mean by this? You’re spreading yourself out very thin. You talk about one project + another + another + another. You’re not giving yourself a focus. This is a problem I have to and am starting to move away from a similar pattern. You say you love the commercial reports, great! Seems like a passion to me. What are your metrics for measuring success in that avenue? What do you need to increase your success? What are the blocks?

If not the commercial reports then find something else. You don’t have to ditch everything else all together, some if not most things can stay in minimum priority mode - doing just enough to keep it afloat. Cut out anything that isn’t directly serving you right now though. Pick one focus to pay the bills and save money, and a separate focus for your free time that you are passionate about which you can monetize eventually (assuming those are not already one in the same already). Passive income streams are incredibly useful and all opportunities for them should (in my opinion) be considered seriously.

I hope that helps! Try my suggestion while running AM a few more weeks and see what happens :slight_smile:


Damn how did u come up with all these blockages I find it so hard to find mine


I spent the last two days basically going for long walks - I must have walked more than 10 kilometres in two days but it was refreshing at the end since I had not gone for long walks for a very long time.

My body is still sore and I have difficulty walking. I shook and shivered for a while last night when I put on my earphones to listen to Ascended Mogul. I will switch to Emperor soon in a few days time.

Anyway, yesterday morning as I got out of my house, I saw a 10 dollar note on the ground - perhaps some money is starting to manifest? I also ran into an old classmate living in the area a few hours later.

I think more importantly, I wanted to report on some dreams I had while running Ascended Mogul while I was sleeping.

In one of my dreams, a self-development and manifestation coach very well-known in his circle appeared mysteriously in my dream. I was in my sitting down doing something on a desk in my room when he appeared and offered me a choice of two manifestation coaching packages - one of which was on a pink sheet of paper and cost over US$1000. I had that feeling in my dream that was too expensive but took that package anyway. After that he left and I wonder how he even came into the room without anyone else in the house knowing.

Something else that I dreamt of consecutively for two nights was about the writings of a famous novelist. I couldn’t remember the details of the dream exactly, but in both nights, there seemed to be some discussion about how a few of the novels should be properly adapted into screen. But I have to note that I had been religiously following the tv adaptation of one of the novels that was broadcast quite recently and had been reading up on discussions online about how well the screen version had been adapted from the novel.


That tan on my face question was like a premonition,looking back. Now I really have a tan on my face after two days of long walks in the sun…


The time will come soon when I can focus on reality creation/manifestation through Emperor and I am confident that this time round, having built up a foundation by running Ascended Mogul for more than 12 hours a day on average for a month, Emperor will be much easier for me to run in contrast with the prevoous times when I lost patience with Emperor.

On the part of women,I would think that I have already found my queen -just that she is in a distant land and at the moment I hardly get the opportunity to know her better. I must bring her back into my reality.


It has been a couple of days since I ran Emperor from Ascended Mogul almost on a 24 hour basis - even when I sleep, I have the masked version running in my earbuds. I haven’t really felt anything yet apart from catching a bad cold from the day I ran it and I am still trying to recuperate from the cold. It has also been a time for me to decide what I really want in my life.

Anyway, this morning I went out to a mall to buy something and I found myself speaking slowly and more confidently to the shopkeeper and when somebody almost bumped into me by accident he apologised very profusely as if he had knocked me over. I didn’t really care and continued walking but took note of the person’s reaction.

I realise that I am running Emperor because I want to stop giving a flying fuck about how society likes to tell me what to do to succeed in life - and I need to get rid of the idea that my present situation and my future is determined by my past actions and achievements.

I don’t want to believe in that anymore- every time I look at the biographies,CVs and track records of successful people (especially on Linkedin), I end up feeling depressed because I feel that I have missed lots of opportunities to succeed in my life while other people seemed to have succeeded by taking the traditional path in life.

This should not be the case, but it has shaped me to the bad situation I am currently in. I cannot keep on believing in such nonsense anymore - that my past determines my future - past success is not equal to future success.

That has been the reason why I want to push on with Emperor, and not let my future be determined by my past anymore. Everyone reacts differently to subliminals,so I cannot compare the speed at which different people execute the subliminals. I will get there one day if I persist - I am running Emperor as much as I can be it masked or ultrasonic and will only add in Ultimate Artist once I have hit at least 500 hours (at least 25 days) on Emperor. I’ve tried so many self-development and healing modalities over the past 20 years with no effect - I will now just believe in this one.

My goals continue to be the same and the most important thing is still the financial freedom part, gaining the ability to influence people, as well as my ambitions in the world of photography - Ultimate Artist will be running alongside Emperor soon.

I would also state another end-goal as that of being able to control and shape my own reality through my imagination, and I believe Ultimate Artist also has that ability to improve my imaginative abilities. Thank you Subliminal Club - I think you guys are on the right track with regards to letting me achieve my goals without adopting another belief system.


I know I am becoming more and more aware of myself and my limiting beliefs especially with regards to money. To a large extent, it has been a lack of money that has resulted in my lack of confidence in many areas of my life.

For a long time, even when I was working, I have had problems with money. One important belief about money that has been so deeply ingrained in my mind is that it is God’s/The Universe’s/Destiny’s/Lady Luck’s will that I only earn a fixed amount of money each month through a normal and nothing else. If I don’t earn that fixed amount of amount of money through my job in that month, I will never earn anything else anywhere and the total amount of money I earn in this life is fixed. I think that has been ingrained in my mind through my parent’s and society’s beliefs - that I am no good in anything else, am a poor investor, vulnerable to scams, should be content with the scraps of meat off the table dispensed by God.

The fact that I am not even working in a permanent jobs reinforces such beliefs. These beliefs have somehow crystallised in a complex structure of limiting beliefs that I am finding hard to break. They have become even harder and more complex after previous subliminals (like many others here I have tried the subliminals of that one competitor with no effect) , previous alternative modes of therapy (reiki, theta healing, energy healing, hypnosis) and fervent prayers have failed to even make a dent in this belief system.

I guess I might have to spend more time running Rebirth and Regeneration apart from Emperor. I realise it is not due to trauma though - just a complex belief system. I have a little bit of hope that one day I can tell beginning subclub users, “I have been through this and succeeded. See you on the other side!”