My journey to a new life

Okay guys… so here I am.
First day was yesterday, June 4th, 2022.
ZP Ultimate Artist/ZP WANTED, 1 loop each.
Just feeling great about having started this. Feeling enthusiastic, backpain gone, but that doesn’t mean anything.
June 5th
Resting day, just enjoying my vacation here in Venice/Italy, feeling great.


@Alberlin1 Venice! Excellent, have fun and enjoy your vacation. I would love to go back there one day.


Mon, Jun 6 2022
Day3: First listening to Ascended Mogul (1 loop)

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Wed, Jun 8, 2022
Day 5 - ZP Ultimate Artist + ZP WANTED, 1 loop each, first thing in the morning, listening in bed before getting up. I feel like I sleep better than before I started the Subs, slept right through until the morning without any interruptions. Yesterday was resting day, so I meditated on my goals and their priorities:

  • Write a bestseller novel (Ultimate Artist)

  • Triple my income (Ascended Mogul)

  • Stay healthy and attractive being 64 (Wanted)

Goal at the end of this first circle of 21 days:

  • Finish the Exposé of the novel, send it to my coach, have it approved (hopefully)

Goal until the end of the year:

  • Finish the first draft of the novel (ca. 300 pages)

Okay - let’s go!


So - my first cycle of 21 days is over tomorrow, followed by 5 days rest.

First results in these three weeks: YES!
Although it was not on my wish list, my singing voice has become MUCH stronger and has extended in its range. That’s wonderful and a manifestation of Ultimate Artist! I sing in a choir and we had an important concert yesterday (which was a great success). My fear of singing higher notes (I am Baritone) has completely disappeared! My voice is strong, sounds warm and good and can reach any note without effort. That’s fantastic!

Writing: I finished my goal of writing the exposé of my novel and turning it in to my coach, but she has not reacted yet.

Manifestations from WANTED: Not too many so far, but I was just too busy to look for sex. Feeling good though.

More update coming up when I start my second cycle of this stack:

Day 1: Ultimate Artist, Wanted (1 loop each)
Day 2: off
Day 3: Ascended Mogul (1 loop)
Day 4: off
and so on…


UPDATE: My coach called me, saying the exposé is perfect. YEAHHH!!! Mission accomplished -
Ultimate Artist rulezzzz!!!

Will start writing the text now.


congrats :+1:


Thank you!

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Started 2nd cycle yesterday (Thur, June 30 2022)

Day 1, 1 loop each:

Day 2 -Pause

Day 3, 1 loop

Day 4 - Pause

Looking forward to great manifestations in gratitude and joy :sunglasses: