My first night with Regeneration


Just ran regeneration on masked on one loop on my mobile then on ultrasonic through my speaker overnight.

Regeneration seems to be different from other subliminals I have used with this one giving me a very smooth calming feeling - first time I am actually feeling something like this from a subliminal.

I had a strange dream last night - I have been reading the blog of a certain man named Joseph Alai, who writes about the power of imagination based on the teachings of Neville Goddard, a teacher of the New Thought and Hermetic principles.( Somehow when I ran the ultrasonic subliminal and was sleeping, I had a dream about this forum - a very vivid dream - and somebody was writing about this guy and his blog and the forum. That person wrote about how he was reading Joseph Alai’s blog and that Subliminal Club had a strong understanding of those principles.

Today, waking up, I know that I have decades of dysthymia (undiagnosed), anxiety and low self-confidence which snowballs every year and makes my confidence lower, but now I think there is hope that regeneration is one of the only things that can help me.

I will run Regeneration and Elixir for a week at least to get the healing done so that I can move on to other goals.

Looking forward to using Elixir.

How To Cultivate The Mind's Eye?

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Thank you very much.


I am continuing listening to Regeneration along with Elixir (once a day). I have also added in Mogul v2 into my mix as my financial situation hasn’t improved - and every day I live in a fear of a big financial crisis hitting me. I would really love to get out of this anxious mood, but I feel that it doesn’t help that my mum keeps on telling me what I should do about my life when all she has done is to add on to my anxiety through her constant nagging.

Also, as I mentioned earlier in this post about the type of philosophy I have been following - that of Neville Goddard - where imagination creates reality. However, I still need to learn how to be calm to get into a meditative state to reach my goals, and I am willing to helped by Subliminal Club’s products to achieve my ultimate goal, which is to be able to manifest anything I want and fully control and utilise the power of my subconscious mind. Psychic abilities like telepathy and remote influence are also one of my long-term goals.

Perhaps I could seek some advice from any one here on the best stacks to achieve that. I tried using Emperor v2 for 3 weeks last month but it seems that something else in me has to be worked on. Betting on regeneration, rebirth and limits destroyer for now.


Just to add I want to believe that I am control of my personal reality and I can shape it in anyway I want, and not be subject to the whims and fancies of society, religion and businesses.

I know SC talks about reconciliation of the subconscious and conscious minds - it doesn’t tell people what to believe in through its subliminals so I hope eventually I will get there.