My Experience With Emperor Fitness Stage 1


@SaintSovereign I’m not hating just so you know however this is my experience with it and I rather be honest most people it probably worked very well but here’s my experience.

At first I taught it was recon so I took a break didn’t help I only listen to it once a day. I have the worst brain fog and the feeling of being dumb from it. My sleep became worst and when I workout I don’t feel like myself or like I could push more harder. It’s like this feeling telling me that this is bad idea and it’s everyday to the point that it’s unbearable weird thing is this never happened with starkq. Starkq was very good and I even gave a positive journal about it however I can’t say the same about this Emperor Fitness 1 it just really makes me feel horrible everyday.


No need to explain – I know you’re not hating. For whatever reason, Emperor Fitness sends you into deep reconciliation. It happens. We all have our weird triggers and traumas. For example, mine is any sub with cognitive enhancement. Limitless, Quantum Limitless and StarkQ sends me into the deepest dark night of the soul for weeks at the time. Yours is clearly related to fitness. Spartan may have been a better choice in this situation, as Emperor Fitness was built to push you to the absolute limit.

If you’re stacking Emperor Fitness with StarkQ, you might wanna drop the latter for awhile and run Emperor Fitness by itself. Honestly, I’d recommend stopping and trying Spartan instead. It’s also an intense sub, but it isn’t as intense as Emperor Fitness. If you purchased it within the last 30 days, enter a ticket and request a refund, then give Spartan a try.


If I use only Emperor Fitness stage 3 would that be better? The reason i’m asking is I already have 3 year of bodybuilding experience.


Yes, that may work too. Stage 1 is full of healing, as it’s designed to help you master whatever physical discipline you’re practicing. Everyone can benefit from healing, especially in a situation where you’re attempting to breakthrough all plateaus. The last time I had an IQ test, which was around 3 years ago, I tested exceptionally high, and yet I still experience terrible reconciliation on subs with cognitive enhancement. My theory is – it’s easier for a beginner to bodybuilding to run Emperor Fitness because their initial issues are largely surface level / easy to overcome. Stuff like, “I don’t want people to laugh at me in the gym.” At your level, any issues are much more deep seated, since you’ve most likely already overcome that surface level stuff. Hence, the sub ends up triggering reconciliation.

In my case, even though I test highly on intelligence and aptitude tests, I also have issues related to learning that stem back from negative childhood (and some workplace) experiences.