My contribution to you all

Practice semen retention. It will cause your subliminal results to explode because the energy from retaining your seed will go into the subliminal changing you.

Not to mention, Porn and masturbation overall clogs your brain… further hindering your results.

When I got on semen retention, my results from Primal and Ascension v2 have been near instant (1-2 days) and I felt them thoroughly (your perception and awareness also increases with semen retention.


Not to mention, semen retention massively improves your life.

Head to semen retention on reddit and you start your semen retention journey to start changing your life for real.

Bye bye.

So no ejaculating during sex?

How do you stay away from Porn? how do you control the urges? let’s say you get a lone time how do you refrain from it? Will you not succumb to it…

I think subs will help in that case…

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This gentleman would like to have a word with you:


If this was a standalone would have bought and run it. I have no ideas of building a stack as I want full effects of the original Emperor.


Try regeneration …
It will pick your self-esteem up and lots more and this will intern stop all bad habits…

Just my two cents

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Yes I would, but still some people have seen in their Emperor’s journal that over the period of time they are loosing it slowly. Mine has reduced to 40%. Still hoping and greedy to cut it out completely.

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The common answer you will find from this is to redirect the energy somewhere, but we have the issue of jumping into the fire and getting burned. Porn consumption is a reasonable consumption habit, unless there is issues. Try to find activities to consume your energy before you think about switching behavior.

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Yo I can confirm that module is some CLASS A stuff


The reason you feel sexual excitement in your private part when you look at a woman is because your energy is down below, around your waist.
You need to transfer that energy up above, so that instead of it being used for lustful things, it used for noble endeavors. Such as intuition, higher awareness, higher intelligence, feeling less like an animal etc.
Do headstands for 20+ min. It will bring your energy up. Like I said, look at the link I posted and read the two books the guy posted.

No woman on this planet can seduce me right now because my energy is not down below where my animalistic impulses lie.
Avoiding porn is easy. I find it disgusting. Because my consicousness has been elevated. And all the thanks is To Allah.


Human beings are SUPERIOR to ANGELS at their BEST.
And worse than pigs at their worst.

@Magneto Yup.

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@IcyDreaming Mashallah bro, I also practice SR! Been a year and now I’m in the longest streak. Now though I made it a lifestyle and definitely not going back to porn or even masturbation Alhamdulilah. There is a reason why in all major religions it’s not allowed, not even masturbation. Fasting helps a lot to kill urges btw.


How so? How did you benefit?

@Sigma11, @IcyDreaming do you have PoMaQ in a custom?

No I have not ordered any customs, and I won’t need that tbh. I just kicked the habit of watching porn and masturbating. It’ll take time if you do it compulsively but it’s definitely doable. There is many platforms and readings that can motivate you but not only that it helps you realize how harmful it is. Not to mention the benefits and overall feeling you get after 30 days. I wouldn’t wanna ever go back to my PMO days now. My energy levels, clarity of mind, and overall grounded feeling is something can only be explained and understood once you also go on the path of SR.


Are you familiar with any specific sources related to this, I would be interested in anything you post, something specific to muslim/islamic culture and comparisons to lower order animals.

Is this in the Koran?

Any other exercises to transfer sexual energy upwards for those who cant do hand stands?

Really, energy is heavy enough to be affected by gravity? Sure it isn’t the increased blood flow causing lightness?

He said head-stands. It’s where you essentially rest on your forearms, taking most of the pressure away from the head and neck. Often actually considered a more important pose than handstands and surprisingly easy to learn. Before that comes shoulderstands, where you (as comfortably as possible) lift up everything below the shoulders, then supporting your body with your hands, keeping it propped up.

Still, inversions have many contra-indications, mostly because of the massive increase in blood pressure in your head. So getting to 20 minutes may take a long time. I myself usually use an inversion table to hang upside down for 5 minutes daily (or whenever I need to wake up, a creativity boost or just want some more blood to my scalp in an effort to keep my hair). At some point I’ll probably get some inversion boots and hang freely from my pullup bar. It’s very good for the spine, since it allows gravity to decompress everything.

But the last time I did a proper handstand or even headstand is a while ago.

Without any inversions, practices like Qigong where you learn how to sense and guide the energy flowing in your body can help with this as well. You can sense the energy migrating to the groin and through some conscious breathing actually guide it back up, or at least away from there back to the spine. That often gives relief from the urge to climax or even have sex. I use it during sex to last longer (inverted sex is awkward). It takes a lot more practice to guide the energy towards more useful pursuits though.

Meditation, Qi qong, the 8 brocades …look them up all on YT